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Elsa - Unowned 
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Post Elsa - Unowned
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Elsa Tiberia Carter

Nickname:  Elsa

Name on Identification:  Elsa Carter

Age: 24

Gender:  Female

Species: Storm Sylphine

Sub Species/Breed: Feline Peterbald Cat

Physical  Appearance

Body Type: Tall, and lean with muscle.

Physical Details:
- Elsa's hair is a rich reddish brown, and falls just past her shoulders. It has a slight wave to it, and is thick and soft.
- Elsa's eyes are a rather pale, silvery grey. They have a thick ring of black around the iris, to separate them from the whites. Her pupils are almond-shaped and nehave like a common cat's eyes do to light.
- Her fur is a dark steely blue-grey color. It is rather short, similar to velvet. It is marked with paler, icy blue markings. Her tail is far thicker than this, with long feathered fur.
- Elsa has rather large, feathery wings. They are large enough to carry her in flight for a while, but she can not sustain long-term flight due to not using them often. They are a very pale blue-white in color.
- Beneath her fur, her skin is a pale grey.

Physical Markings: Elsa has many scars upon her body from prior fights. The most obvious is a cut along the right side of her jaw and cheek. Others pepper her body, mostly around the hips and abdomen though there are a few on her shoulders and one along her left leg, cutting up from her knee and traveling up her inner thigh.

Physical Drawbacks: Her wings are heavy, and though she has learned to deal with the weight when they are closed, opening them makes her rather unwieldy. She prefers to only open them quickly when needed or while in combat to try and confuse an opponent.

Current Infliction(s): Wings clipped.

Physical Defenses: Her fingers are tipped with claws, and her feet have retractable claws. Her teeth are sharp, leaning more towards a wild feline's than a domesticated cat's in appearance and length.

Appealing Attributes: Besides her wings, which are grand and beautiful, Elsa is dressed and groomed to look like a proper body guard. She is well kept, well trained, and knows that her master or mistress is the star. She is well taught, having absorbed much of her old master's schooling while she was with him. Her markings and coloration are also rather pleasing to some.

- A heavy red coat with black lapels and large silver buttons.
- A white buttoned shirt beneath this, the bottom poking over her pants with the back falling to her knees, separating into twin tails.
- White pants.
- Black Gloves with small silver accents around large hems.
- Black boots Spat-styled boots, that leave her toes exposed and that reach to her knees.
- A white sash crossing over her chest from right to left.

Other Items: A simple flintlock pistol and a rapier with a slightly ornate silver hand guard.


Feral or Cultured: Cultured, though she has some feral tendencies lurking beneath that calm exterior.

Phobias: Hydrophobia; Mostly pertaining to deep water. Anything more than waist heights terrifies her, especially if there are creatures living in the water.

Disorders: None known

How do they present themselves: Stoic and calm, Elsa appears to be almost robotic. She understands her place in the world as is not too inclined to rise above it. She presents a willingness to learn new things, and has an air of professional loyalty.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Slightly uneasy, but willing.

Overall Attitude: Calm, stoic, intimidating.

- She has a tendency to use archaic words like calling someone dumb 'Beetle-Headed' or calling sailors "Jack Tars".
- When speaking, she thinks over everything and chooses her words carefully, often leading to her pausing before saying anything.
- She tends to ruffle her wings when nervous, or having some strong emotion.

Hobbies / Interests: Reading, protecting others, sparring, writing, musical appreciation, Order, Justice and shopping with her master or mistress.

High or Low Maintenance: Low, while Elsa is often lost when on her own, she can take care of herself. An owner does not need to monitor her like they might others.

Diet / Allergies: Obligate carnivore, while Elsa can eat other things, her diet must be rich in meat. She is allergic to Mold, Fleas and Nuts, the latter of which should be carefully avoided in her diet.


Language(s) Spoken: English, some French and some Spanish.

Can they Read / Write: Yes, but only English.

Can your character produce magic: Not any that is known of.

Talents / Skills: Elsa's skills lay mostly in combat. She has a high protective guard, and has been train specifically in combat using Rapiers and Flintlocks. She also is somewhat proficient in hand-to-hand combat, but prefers to avoid this due to not being a fighter based on strength. She also learned to fence.

Training: From the age of Four, Elsa was trained in speed. When she turned six, she joined her young master in Fencing training, then rapidly graduated to Rapiers after. Training using Flintlock pistols started when she was 8. Her combat training mostly revolved around protecting one specific target, and in wounding and incapacitating enemies instead of killing or crippling them.


Previous Owners: The Knight Household, purchased by Master Knight, and mostly served to protect Tiberius Knight.

Previous Usage(s): Bodyguard, companion, and caretaker of Young Master Tiberius Knight.

Previous status: Slave since birth, owned by the Knight Family.

For Rent or to Own:
Elsa is to be rented.

One nights Rental is 1Image
To own Elsa, it costs 20Image

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: My schedule seems rather erratic at the moment! I am weak in health, as well as I have a child. But I am almost ALWAYS available for RP if I am online!

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Primarily I seek character development! I'd actually like to SEE Elsa get some goals other than finding another charge. I'd like to get involved in plots as well!

What are your allowances for your character: She is Non-Consent, save for death. Anything sexual will be Fade-To-Black, with any major issues being discussed OoCly {Say if aftercare is needed, or pregnancy happenings. Though the Tether supplies the slaves with an herbal contraceptive, so the latter should not be attempted while she is under the Tether's care}

Long Term/Short Term: Either or.

General Information

Character Description:
> Large, soft looking wings graced her back, heavy in weight and purpose. The burden was carried with silence with silence, Elsa being a stoic statue, both expressionless and imposing. Cut from militant cloth and draped in protective history, she wore it the best she could. Bright red fought with pitch black for attention, all against a creamy white background. Silver gleamed not only against her chest, big, bright buttons, but also in her eyes, hooded by dark eyelids. Feline slash of black marred the pale color, waxing and waning as the mood needed. For feline she was, fur steely in color, a stormy mixture of gray and blue, marked with icy pale slashes and lines. Scars riddled her body, a history of battles unfolding against flesh.

Website: RPR

Images: X

Contact Details:
OoC: Blot
Sometimes used in the OoC, but actually a character: Oktober

And of course, you can whisper me on Elsa

None for the time being.

Oktober - 'Toby'; Medium in Disguise
Elsa - Militant Statue of Protection
Lye - Rabid Mutt
Inque - Spoiled Panda


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Post Re: Elsa - Unowned
A note has been added to the slave's papers, by Guard Jormun:

The slave known as Elsa will be henceforth trained how to fly by Guard Jormun. Every morning she will be required to exercise with him before any of her duties for the day, and failure to attend will result in punishment.


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