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Synnova Bjorndatter - Unowned, rent to own. 
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Post Synnova Bjorndatter - Unowned, rent to own.
Synnova has been sentenced to the untamed slave pens for being caught (on numerous occasions) stealing food from the establishment's kitchen as well as coin purses from unsuspecting patrons. The length of her sentence has been undecided; if someone wishes to purchase her during this sentence, no objections will be made by the house so long as the sum of gold is desirable and the new owner is suitable.

Basic Information

Full Name: Synnova Bjorndatter.

Nickname: Nova.

Name on Identification: "Synnova".

Age: Twenty-three years.

Gender: Female.

Species: Entirely human.

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Altogether, she’s a rather petite woman; standing no taller than 5’2” and fluctuating between 110-123lbs, depending upon her physical health and the season. She possesses a curvaceous hour glassed (mesomorph) figure with fully developed feminine curves often hidden beneath wool dresses, leathers, and furs. Her body is kept quite healthy and she’s femininely toned from repetitive chores – but toned muscles are not overly noticeable.

Physical Details: Silky, platinum silver-blonde hair framing her heart-shaped face is cropped short for easy management and is kept neatly styled, but not often fussed over. Although her complexion is naturally rosy-pale, she’s acquired a generous tan (along with the appropriate tan lines) throughout her many hours spent out in the sun. Overall her facial structure is delicately constructed, unlike most in her family; her cheek bones aren’t overly prominent, her nose is slightly long with a soft dip downwards at its bridge, and her lips are alluringly pouty and often left their natural rosy color. An easy claim to make is that her eyes are her most striking feature and most unique; slightly rounder and almond shaped, they both possess their own unique coloration. Her left eye is a deep electric blue with a ring of hazel surrounding her pupil, while her right eye is a crystalline ocean green with a ring of vibrant green surrounding the pupil.

Physical Markings:
  • A traditional Celtic shield tattooed in black ink at the point between her shoulder blades. The Celtic shield is often used to ward off evil spirits and also for protection.
  • “Bjorndatter” tattooed vertically, in black ink, down the underside of her left forearm in an elegant Old English font; it was a defensive tactic within her old village, so all within it knew that she was the daughter of the jarl Bjorn.
  • Both of her earlobes are pierced and often adorned with simple silver studs. They were never anything fancy or extravagant considering her lack of wealth and lifestyle. Anything fancy dangling from her ears would prove to be bothersome.
  • Over the years she’s acquired multiple small scars, mostly just from falls or accidents with equipment; most are located on her knees, shins, and elbows. They’re hardly noticeable unless one’s purposefully seeking them out.

Physical Drawbacks: She's entirely human, she therefore she has no sort of supernatural abilities. Being a petite woman with little combative training, therefore she's fairly vulnerable.

Current Infliction(s): Mentally, she's slightly unstable and becoming depressed due to her enslavement and insecurities held towards those surrounding her. Physically, she's a bit malnourished as she's been avoiding food due to her depression.
Note: with her recent positive rentals, she's beginning to show signs of improvement mentally and physically.

Physical Defenses: None, she's received no form of combative experience and she's relatively petite.

Appealing Attributes: She's quite attractive, altogether. Her eyes are quite uniquely colored and have been admired on numerous occasions. Throughout her life in her father's village, she acquired much household training and was also trained to perform tasks around the farm. When not concealed beneath her layers of clothing, she possesses a rather attractive feminine figure; it's very curvaceous, while still being quite fit.

Clothing: The slave's permitted to wear her attire of assorted leathers and furs that she carried over from her homeland. When misbehaving she's been forced to wear harem silks in order to expose herself to the patrons.

Other Items: She's required to wear a chastity belt at all times, for she's came to us as a virgin and quite a few patrons will pay top dollar for untouched purity.


Feral or Cultured: Relatively cultured, although, when she's frightened or in a foul mood she does become quite verbally disrespectful and isn't afraid to lash out physically.

  • Most inhuman creatures residing on the island.
  • Physical punishment.
  • More to be listed as they're discovered.

  • English is not her strongest suit.
  • Cannot read or write in English, but can now speak the language remarkably well.
  • She's currently anorexic.
  • More to be listed as they're discovered.

How do they present themselves: She does her best to duck down and remain unnoticed by those around her due to her fear of negative experiences with the patrons. She's presented a fondness towards those reigning from her homelands, despite their mannerisms. When she's disrespected or frightened she's quick to retaliate with physical violence or verbal assaults.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: She seems to be emotionless towards the matter.

Overall Attitude: She's resentful towards being enslaved and all of those that rent her. Although recent occurrences have her rethinking her mentality towards her situation. She's beginning to wonder if perhaps cooperation is what is required to get what she desires.

  • She tends to pick at her clothes a lot, it seems to be a nervous twitch. Whether it's a loose hem, a string, or simply the entirety of the materials themselves.
  • Another developing nervous habit is that she's begun to chew her lips, often cracking them and leaving them rather chapped.
  • She's got a nasty temper on her, and a short fuse to boot, she's quick to fly into fits of verbal rage. Often spewing profanities in her native tongue.
  • Refuses to eat when she's in a poor mood.
  • Speaks of others and curses in her native tongue.
  • More to come.

Hobbies / Interests:
  • She enjoys sitting by the ocean for endless periods of times.
  • She quite enjoys hunting and trapping.
  • It's been discovered that she does rather enjoy housekeeping.
  • Crafting jewelry out of gems and silver.
  • She has a talent for weaving, sewing, mending, and designing clothing and leather armor in the likes of her homeland.
  • More to come.

High or Low Maintenance: Slightly high maintenance due to uncooperative nature and foreign tongue, but easy to handle by those with experience or compassion.

Diet / Allergies: Quit finicky when in captivity. She's expressed that she enjoys numerous meats and fruits. No allergies have been uncovered thus far. Although she hasn't been eating much lately.


Language(s) Spoken: Primarily Norwegian and English.

Can they Read / Write: She can read and write exceptionally well in the Scandinavian languages, but can do neither in English.

Can your character produce magic: No.

Talents / Skills: in her homeland she's acquired adept knowledge and capabilities with numerous womanly tasks as well as various tasks involved in maintaining farmland.
  • Preparing meals and cooking.
  • Preparing numerous preserves.
  • Cleaning the household.
  • Weaving, spinning, sewing clothing.
  • Possesses herbal and medicinal knowledge.
  • Caring for the land and livestock.

  • She's been taught how to speak in the common tongue (English) in hopes that it would improve her willingness to cooperate.
  • She's been taught all of the Gorean slave positions.


Previous Owners: None.

Current Usage(s): Being rented on a day-to-day basis by Varro, but still available for rental when Varro is unavailable.

Previous Usage(s): None.

Previous status: A free person; a Jarl's runaway daughter.

For Rent or to Own: For rent only; will rent-to-own under the right circumstances, if there's a good plot line and long term role play potential.

Cost: 10 gold per night.

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: My hours of availability can vary. Generally, I'm online Sundays and Thursday all day long and then the evenings the rest of the week - all depending on the time I'm off work. I work work in a veterinary clinic and I'm a full-time technician student, so I'm often stuck working later than planned when emergencies come in.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: I'm really looking to develop Synnova as a character in as many ways as possible. She's quite an undeveloped character and hasn't been exposed to very many things. I have quite an open mind, so if you're interested in a scenario feel free to mention it to me! HOWEVER, I'm not into random yiffing! Any sexual scenes need to have IC context or history - otherwise it simply does not interest me. Synnova is a virgin and I intend on keeping it that way for a little while, until an interesting story line produces itself.

What are your allowances for your character: I'm relatively open-minded, as previously mentioned. I'm not against violence so long as it doesn't result in: severe mutilation, permanent (extreme) altercations, or the death of my character. Of course, I would like any extreme violence to be discussed OOC before happening and I have the right to exit the RP if I feel you're disrespecting me and my interests (this hasn't had to happen so far!). Sexual situations need to be mutually agreed upon.

Long Term/Short Term: Both are welcomed, but preferably long term.

General Information

Character Description: The petite Scandinavian woman was exotically featured; platinum blonde hair burned brilliantly beneath the firelight often illuminating her surroundings, her smooth complexion kissed by the brilliant rays of the sun leaving flesh alluringly contrasted against cascading silver waves and vibrant eyes. Her generously proportioned feminine curves were often left concealed behind traditionally woven clothing, leaving taunting tidbits of flesh exposed for the wandering eye. Studious eyes of heterochromatic hues eagerly sought opportunities to nurture her mind, body, and soul.


Arena Aspects: viewtopic.php?p=150693#p150693

Images: One, two.

Contact Details: I can be contacted through RPR, but the best bet is to contact me in-game through Synnova or Akaicia.

  • Synnova was pulled from the pens by Ameerah for disrespectful behavior directed towards patrons, and brought to the Rah's office. There, she was reprimanded: she received wounds to her hands, and sentenced to two days of complete nudity within the untamed pens.
  • She seems to have appealed to one of the patrons from her homeland, named Varro, and he has begun renting her on a day-to-day basis and has allowed her quite a slack leash - she's allowed to wander as she wills, has access to most of her belongings, stays in his private quarters instead of the pens, and simply must keep his home and tend to him when needed.

Akaicia | Synnova | Andino

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Post Re: Synnova Bjorndatter - Unowned, rent to own.
Update: Synnova was pulled from the pens by Ameerah for disrespectful behavior directed towards patrons, and brought to the Rah's office. There, she was reprimanded: she received wounds to her hands, and sentenced to two days of complete nudity within the untamed pens.

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Post Re: Synnova Bjorndatter - Unowned, rent to own.
Update: The slaves papers have been updated to reflect her growth as a slave, despite how minimal.

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Post Re: Synnova Bjorndatter - Unowned, rent to own.
Update: Slave papers have been updated to reflect progression and current rental status.

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