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Gadadhara -Unowned War Elephant- 
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Post Gadadhara -Unowned War Elephant-

Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Gadadhara "One who has the mace as his weapon." - Hindi

Nickname: Gad.(own) noodle nose (by mocking slaves) snake face (by mocking slaves). Haj big guy (Mothi) Cover your face genitals (Elyra) Elephant in the room (most)

Name on Identification: Gadadhara

Age: Early 30's

Gender: Gelded Male - Sterile - Semi-castrated but still functional. Meaning his balls are missing not his shaft.

Species: Indian elephant

Sub Species/Breed: Mumakil

Physical Appearance

Body Type:Broad and muscular. Squarish shape but top heavy. Rows of abdominal canyons. Supported by buff legs and huge supportive feet. Extremely dense and heavy. 10 ft tall.

Physical Details: Elephant face with a mixture of human features. Absent most wrinkles giving him some rugged appeal without looking old like most elephants. Legs and arms are thick and sturdy. His feet are large and spacious as a base of his support, resembles a leathery padded cushion with four toe nails. Foot measurements: 47 cm long and 51 cm wide, circumference 1.57 m. Hands are more humanoid with five fingers with large hooflike nails.
Hide: Thick and grey
Eyes: Warm Brown. Beady deep set intelligent pupils.
Hair: None; usually covered by a headpiece or tasseled cap.
Tail: Stubby little thing with a tuft of brown (hidden under loincloth)

Physical Markings: A dark grey through out with pigment loss (pinkish/yellowish speckling) around trunk and ear tips.

Physical Drawbacks: None besides being cumbersome and large. Makes moving through crowds difficult.

Current Infliction(s): Often fresh/healing/or scarred wounds from battle. See rpr for updated medical reports.

Physical Defenses: His sheer size and weight. Double set of tusks: Upper tusks = sometimes 8 ft in length. Lowers = 4 foot in length. A prehensile trunk packed with muscle. Thick leathery hide tough to damage. He is for lack of a better term a siege weapon.

Appealing Attributes: For those who like large creatures. His size his toned muscle. His tusks are valuable ivory both long and heavy. Occasionally he is adorned in trinkets and jewelry from ear to tusk and sometimes painted which can make him more attractive to patrons.

Clothing: soft lamb leather harness over one shoulder and lamb loincloth with chaimaille. Bracers for wrists. All too soft to protect anything.

Other Items: Ornate howdah with luxurious cushions and canopy used for transportation. A pair of golden bronze khopesh swords. One morning star mace customized to fit over his trunk. Various tusk and ear piercings and spiked jewelry. Decorative headpieces.


Feral or Cultured: Cultured. More feral tendencies of a bull elephant in musk displayed in battle.

Phobias: Snakes. Fire. (secretly mice. He find it well though just ask the rats during the rampage in the underhalls)

Disorders:Sees 'red' when his face is attacked. Or anything foot related comes into contact with his face. It is a cultural quirk the head is seen as the most honored part of the body while feet are considered dirty.

How do they present themselves:Humble. Willing to put himself out there to grow in knowledge and experience. He can be a bit bold in going after what he wants. And thinking his skills above other slaves due to the fact he used to oversee other slaves. Especially other slaves that haven't proved themselves in his eyes. In battle he will try to be considerate but most times will get riled up and become ruthless. He respects honor above all and those who are dishonorable will lose credibility with him.

Feelings towards being owned / rented:Knows it is his lot in life and being pleasing to renters or owners will get you privileges and get you further in life. Under a person's coin he is protective. His guarding instincts come out. He will lay down his life or put himself in harm's way for them. (those he feels deserve a guard such as him)

Overall Attitude:Obedient thrall/bold warrior/fierce guardian.

Quirks:Hangs trunk over tusks. Goes berserk during a fight whenever someone attacks his face. Is obsessed with furry critters. Furre or feral.

Hobbies / Interests:carving, the arena, knowledge, enlightenment, architecture.

High or Low Maintenance:High maintenance. His dietary needs alone can eat plenty out of house and home. The elephant should only be taken on by someone who has the funding to take on his upkeep costs. He is large. He needs large housing. He also enjoys and strives to earn certain privileges that are more a keen to harem slaves. He needs to keep active or his muscles will turn to fat pretty quickly.

Diet / Allergies:Herbivore with a strong liking to curries and sugar cane. Fermented fruit makes a nice dessert and also baklava and dijeerling tea. Yum!


Language(s) Spoken: Hindu and Farsi (primary), Arabic (conversational) Common (basics; *speaking more eloquent from tutoring*)

Can they Read / Write:Thanks to Lucasta can read/write and math at the 2nd grade level. abc's 123's

Can your character produce magic: Once seal is broken can shift into a feral mumakil. 35 ft tall oliphant of doom and destruction. Hide is near impenetrable in this form. Can only be broken by extreme unbalanced emotional strife or a powerful mage or demon summoner. Rituals could probably bring it about also.

Talents / Skills:Ivory carving, siege weaponry and tactics, guarding, heavy labor

Seige lv 5
Khopesh lv 4
Mace lv 5
Etiquette lv 3
Ivory carving lv 3
Labor lv 4
Guard lv 4
Transportation lv 4
Academic lv 1
Positions lv 2
Doctore lv 3


Previous Owners: Persian King (npc) Labor plantation (npc)

Previous Usage(s): Labor, Transportation, guard, siege, doctore duties: processing slave stock, punishing slave stock under orders, ridding of useless slave stock under orders, training up other guards under orders.

Previous status: Peasant, labor slave, then Kingsguard/doctore/siege weapon

For Rent or to Own:Rent only

Cost: 10 gold.

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: sporadic thanks to work. But usually more weekdays then weekends in the evenings.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay:Development as a better slave. Seeking to become a Tether gladiator with any hope. Any and all experiences to use his skills or learn new ones.

What are your allowances for your character:No consent with exception of death and limb removal and the removal of the seal that holds back the feral mumakil side.

Long Term/Short Term: Short or Long term.

General Information

Character Description: Tender spirit of Ganesh emanates from the gentle giant. Intimidating presence only skin deep. A grey beast of tough hide. Colossal is an understatement for one elevated ten feet. Sheer weight carries in crushing steps from leathery soles. Muscles galore; rippling mountainous shoulders, chiseled valley of abdominals and thick columnesque limbs. Impressive mumakil styled set of ivory on either side of a sinew packed trunk. Jewelry is strung from tusks to wide ears. Skull crested with ornate cap. Harness of leather over chest and loincloth draped with chainmaille. Ostentatious as Xerxes and as imposing in combat. Morning star mace knows no bone it can not shatter.

Website: RPR

Images: can be found listed on first page of rpr and throughout site.

Contact Details: Whisper Gadadhara.

Notes:To harvest his tusks a patron must request staff to oversee it or it will be considered poaching the ivory from the Tether. Doing such will accrue fines or possible jail time. It is considered stealing from the Tether as long as h is owned by the establishment.

Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:45 pm
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Post Re: Gadadhara -Unowned War Elephant-
Slave review 11/19:
In the main hall this afternoon, Gadadhara fulfilled a task outside of his typical use with humble skill. It was requested of him, by Vivian Alexander, to acquire and serve her a cup of tea. Several other patrons, including the Rah, also ordered. The slave had a nuanced understanding of conversation, and thus was able to anticipate and provide for additional needs. He suggested the addition of baklava to the orders of Vivian and another patron. The up-sell was well received and the food and beverage were gracefully presented. His service was a fine embellishment on the afternoon.

Miss Alexander would recommend others explore and hone this additional use of the slave.

Vivian's private thoughts on Gadadhara:
"Vivian took her tea and her pastry with reverence that returned and bolstered that belonging to the elephant, with which he served. It was clear that she was beyond pleased with the showing. “If you serve violence with the same competency, I should like to see you fight.” He’d taken their orders, and intentionally or otherwise, added of himself to them. The orange accents were the result of it, and indication that he could take one thing and make it more with his hands and his thoughts. If Gadadhara could take violence and blood and do the same, it would truly be a thing worth watching, more along the lines of art than rudimentary brutality."

Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:45 pm
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Post Re: Gadadhara -Unowned War Elephant-
-Letter of Commendation-
What How do you even spell his name right? Well, that titan's got taste when it comes to sweets. Nuts and the taste of oranges on a nice sweet cake.. thing. Bak a lava?

He tends to move a bit slowly, maybe he needs a bit more sleep?
Not.. sure what to put here really. Oh look, I'm still writing. Oh!
Main Suggestion, He'd look great with a sash.

Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:37 am
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Post Re: Gadadhara -Unowned War Elephant-
-Letter of Recommendation-

As Gadadhara's life-coach, healer (and secret lover) I can attest to this man being a gentle giant when not in the cage. He follows most orders without much protest and when there is protest, he accepts the punishment and understands what he has had done wrong. There is nothing I don't like about him. Quality individual with a life story that would make most slavers weep. He does move slow, but I think I've fixed that. He was a bit pent up the last time I've checked on him, but ailed him on that. He should be as good as new both in the cages and in the ring. He is healed but needs to learn to groom himself a bit better.


Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:45 am
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Post Re: Gadadhara -Unowned War Elephant-
Shaky handwriting of an artist who was still not used to the skill of writing, but who was getting better at it with every passing day. The letters seemed to have a painted quality to them, rather than being written. Unfortunatly, he still seemed to have the habbit of misspelling certain words, and he had not even attempted at spelling Gadadhara's name.

Slave rented as platform for large mural painting. Service rendered with eksquisit pasiens. Very good at standing still for a long time. Posible use as furniture?

Biers was not a man of many words, especially when writing.

Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:06 pm
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Post Re: Gadadhara -Unowned War Elephant-
Fine script, produced in blocky Latin letters, makes up this note:

Hunc producit fine important venalia, et est optimum socium. Doleo me contenderunt, commeatuque nostras brevis.

Below it, in an entirely different handwriting, sits the Common translation:

This man produces fine wares and is an excellent companion. I am sorry I had to cut our interaction short.

Tue Nov 24, 2015 6:50 pm
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Post Re: Gadadhara -Unowned War Elephant-
A note has been added. Biers's handwriting has obviously improved since last he made a comment on Gadadhara's papers.

"A weekly sponsorship will be set up. The gold can be collected every monday at my suite. This money may be used to allow Gadadhara more practice time in the arena, and/or better medical care. Upon two consecutive wins, this sponsorship will be re-evaluated, so that more privileges may be granted.


Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:15 pm
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Post Re: Gadadhara -Unowned War Elephant-
[IC Review from Takurasho Dralt]

Gadadhara was rented for combat on the eve of January twenty-first. He was both merciless and observant, and as requested, he offered applicable insight on how I might improve my combative stance. His proficiency and professionalism made him a favorable opponent. I will note, however, that the slave announced his intent to depart rather than requesting dismissal. This minor mistake aside, I was pleased with my purchase. I would recommend Gadadhara to any patron seeking a challenge in the arena.


Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:49 pm
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Post Re: Gadadhara -Unowned War Elephant-
A note has been left on the slave's papers, from Guard Jormun:

This slave displayed poor sportsmanship when attending Gladiator Grimm's Fight Night Tournament. He spoke disrespectfully to a patron that he had beaten in a match, and then grew agitated once given a verbal warning by both myself and Gladiator Grimm. Furthermore, the slave failed to show the following night at the Tournament's finale despite winning his match. This expresses poor ability to absorb criticism and a hubris unbecoming of a slave. I suggest extra work should be done to teach him humility and perhaps a revision of basic slave etiquette is in order.


Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:07 am
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