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Minthe {Freed} 
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Post Minthe {Freed}
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Menthe, Minthe, Mentha, or Mintha. All variations in spelling are considered correct and accurate, though "Minthe" is heavily favored.

Nickname: None

Name on Identification: Minthe

Age: 21 years old (March 21st)

Gender: Female in sex and gender (save for a few traditionally masculine tendencies).

Species: Nymph

Sub Species/Breed: Naiad Nymph

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Endomorph body type- 5 feet and 6 inches in height with average body proportions. Neither thick nor thin in build, she's pleasantly plush in all of the right places: her bust is a budding C cup and her hips are noticeably wider than her shoulders. Her bottom is both bubble-shaped and perfectly padded, firm to the look and touch. Daily exercise and a carefully self-regulated diet is required to keep her hourglass figure from getting plump. Lower body is visibly more muscular than her upper body, which isn't unusual for females. Weight can fluctuate from season to season, though currently she is trim and toned, maintaining a healthy weight and peak physical condition.

Physical Details
Eyebrows, eyelashes, body hair, and head hair are all light and bright blonde. Her scalp is covered in a wild mass of untamed curls, its length easily reaching her tush. It isn't unusual for her to straighten the curls out, but it does not remain straight for more than a day and will slowly return to kinky curls if exposed to moisture or humidity. Eyebrows are a shade darker than her hair, but the difference isn't noticeable. On occasion she will pluck her brows. Eyelashes are the same shade of blonde as her eyebrows. Like the hair crowning her head, her eyelashes are long and thick, naturally curving upward.
Almond shaped eyes that are blue-green hazel in color. Depending on her clothes, background, or other prominent visual factors, her eyes may appear more blue, green, or even brown.
Pale or pasty in skin tone with a heavy dappling of freckles across her entire body, though they are especially prevalent in areas exposed to the sun (such as her face, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs). Prone to sun burns and peeling if exposed to the sun's rays for too long, and never seems to acquire a tan. While her skin type would be considered oily, her flesh is generally free of blemishes.

Physical Markings
-Naturally Occurring Markings
Plenty of freckles mottle her skin, but she's free of birthmarks, scars, and any other naturally occurring markings.
Lacks any sort of brandings or piercings at the moment, but features a very prominent depiction of mint blooms covering the majority of her back. Most assume it is a tattoo, though it is startlingly realistic and vivid. She will neither confirm nor deny any assumptions made by others.

Physical Drawbacks: Despite being physically fit, her fighting and defensive abilities are limited due to her lack of knowledge and training. The nymph is also notoriously graceless and prone to stumbling, slipping, tripping, and falling. Physical reflexes are poor, often visibly delayed.

Current Infliction(s): None currently, though she almost always features cuts and bruises on various parts of her body due to either her clumsy nature or frequent punishments in response to her defiant nature.

Physical Defenses: Strong teeth and jaws for biting, nails for scratching, fists for punching, arms for pulling, pushing, or blocking access to her face, and strong legs for kicking or running.

Appealing Attributes: Pretty face and bodacious body- otherwise, she's a complete nuisance. Very few find her often defiant, headstrong, and hyperactive nature endearing. Gardeners will definitely appreciate her ability to manipulate and encourage plant growth. Skills associated with slavery are extremely lacking at the moment.

Clothing: The nymph's wardrobe is limited almost entirely to white or light dresses of the following styles: chiton, peplos, and himation. She has also procured a hooded, black cloak that she will wear on rare occasions. Despite enjoying being barefooted, she will wear either a simple pair of brown sandals or an intimidating pair of black gladiator sandals when out amongst the public populace. All of these belongings are now in the Tether's care.

Other Items: A leather messenger bag to carry whatever supplies she may need while exploring the Tether. All of her belongings have been confiscated by the establishment. Minthe is almost always tailed by a bob tailed tabby cat with blue eyes and a talent for catching and killing the rats that roam the Tether's underhall and sewers.


Feral or Cultured: Will exhibit both feral and cultured behavior on a daily basis, dependent solely on the situation and her mood. She's definitely a far cry from refined, elegant, or graceful.

Phobia: Trypanophobia- Jesus help anyone that goes near the nymph with a needle. Expect a severe and violent reaction if you try to jab her with one.

-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Short attention span and displays both impulsive and hyperactive behaviors. Prone to fidgeting, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, and mood swings. She also has a horrible habit of starting a project and suddenly suspending it to start yet another project, only to leave it unfinished due to the sudden urge to pick up a different task.
-Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
It is difficult to tell whether the nymph is simply difficult due to her recent enslavement, or if this diagnosis would truly apply. Angry, irritable, argumentative, defiant, and vindictive- she can and will display these "symptoms" regularly. Most forms of punishment are met with heavy resistance and often prove futile. If you do not want an angry nymph, then proceed with caution.
-Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Everyday tasks, thoughts, or events can produce a sudden surge of anxiety, the feeling often lingering for the majority of the day (or more, in many cases). Crowds, social events or situations, loss of important items, and perceived failure or rejection are all very likely to trigger Minthe's anxiety. If given the chance, she will exhibit avoidant behavior and stay far from the source of stress.
-Major Depression
Persistent and pervasive feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and despair, paired with loss of interest. When suffering from depression, Minthe will isolate herself from everyone and remain hidden in her room or in the garden outside of her window, Ophelia (her cat) being the only visitor allowed into either space. She will also sleep for many more hours than recommended and feel groggy and lethargic when awake. Prone to bouts of crying or complete silence when depressed.

How do they present themselves: Quite charming when she's in need, but will also exhibit mischievous and defiant behavior on a whim. She's known to use crude and critical humor with those she feels closest, but it's all in good fun. Playful, charismatic, and hyper, she's considered a fairly benign soul. That said, she is known to have a prickly personality when placed in situations she deems undesirable. Dislikes authority and is more apt to stand up and fight than simply roll over.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Loathes the term and idea. Treating her kindly will earn an equal response, but treating her poorly will undoubtedly reveal her fiery temperament.

Overall Attitude: Benign yet often brash, known for her fervid displays of emotion and outspoken nature. Capable of displaying a wide range of emotion, generally favoring the extremes. She's seemingly genuine, caring, and thirsty for knowledge, ever eager to learn, explore, and discover all that this existence has to offer. Opinions and decisions are often dictated by emotion instead of rationality. Despite vehement denial, she's quite desperate for attention, approval, and affection from others.

Quirks: Bites her lower lip when bored, nervous, or unsure of herself. Picks both her lips and fingernails out of boredom and habit. Growls or bares her teeth when irritated or thoroughly enraged. Plays with her hair when unoccupied, just another bad habit she's picked up over time. Fidgets in various ways almost constantly, she feels the need to move some part of her body at all times.

Hobbies / Interests: She adores nature, gardening, frolicking through tall grass, and just simply being outdoors. Both flora and fauna of all types are welcome with her. Her cat Ophelia is her best friend, the duo are rarely separated by more than a few feet. Minimalist camping is fun and challenging for the nymph, though recently she hasn't been allowed to camp due to her multiple attempts to escape. Breaking down and rebuilding trinkets and gadgets is an extremely fascinating undertaking, though she rarely completes the rebuilding process. Daily exercise is extremely important to Minthe, and she is an avid fan of running and doing squats.

High or Low Maintenance: Compared to other females, she's relatively low maintenance, but considering the work she puts into maintaining her oral and overall hygiene, she'd be considered high maintenance.

Diet / Allergies: Strict vegetarian with no known allergies.


Language(s) Spoken: Common and Greek, considered completely fluent in both.

Can they Read / Write: Literate exclusively in the Greek language.

Can your character produce magic: While her powers are far from refined, she can manipulate flowers on fruit bearing trees into blossoming and blossoms into yielding fruit. Unbeknownst to her, she possesses the ability to communicate with all feral animals, but communication with herbivores is far easier. All of these powers are fairly limited due to her lack of practice and knowledge. Her abilities will strengthen considerably when exposed to the natural elements and upon obtaining optimal health. When properly hydrated, she can absorb water and expel it as fresh water. This is how she will occasionally filter fresh water rivers if contaminated by salt water or any other substance. If she's well watered and had been exposed to the sun, she can grow any type of foliage imaginable from her body. She possesses the ability to aid in seed/pollen dispersal and plant/tree growth. Currently, her human form sports a mural of mint blooms that most assume is an elaborate tattoo or body paint.

Talents / Skills: Very skilled survivalist, can cook, hunt, and fish if necessary, and build shelter out of what nature provides. Seems familiar with a wide range of plants and their properties, therefore she can distinguish what is edible, what is useful for a basic herbal remedies, etc. Skills that are associated with slavery are very poor, though she does well with house keeping, laundry, and other forms of cleaning.

Training: No formal slave training.


Current Owner: Free

Previous Owners: Nero Marius (Conceited), Bien √Čiredon (Bien) and Adele Ardouin (bought & freed 5/27/17)

Previous Usage(s): Companion, maid, housekeeper, gardener, farmer, and beginner gladiator.

Previous status: Free.

For Rent or to Own: Both, but I enforce the "rent to own" policy.

Cost: 50 gold pieces for ownership and 5 gold pieces for one night's rent.

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Evenings (FST/CST timezone).

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: A good time, bby. ;) SUPER interested in having her eventually molded into an arena fighter. Wanna help train or sponsor her? Whisper me on Furcadia or message me on RPR. If you can also help teach me how to work the TGT battle system and character statistics and all that shit, I'll adore you for life.

What are your allowances for your character: No consent save for the serious maiming or murder of my character.

Long Term/Short Term: Both please.

General Information

Character Description: {Please don't judge my lack of description.}


Images: (NSFW) (NSFW)

Contact Details: I'm Aba and Minthe on Furcadia and Carebear, Aba, and Minthe on RPR. Super friendly, super special, super fruity, so like me or I'll die inside.

A note on the character:
Keep in mind that this character is extremely hostile toward authority figures and will likely resist or refuse the demands of her superiors. She will openly display defiance and is prone to responding to perceived threats and punishments with violence. These decisions are generally rash, meaning she does not evaluate her actions or their consequences. Rarely will she ever recant or back down, and will often protest until incapacitated. Only those that are interested in exceptionally oppositional and difficult slaves should even consider interacting with Minthe. Violence and bloodshed are strong possibilities in some situations, so those that are opposed to such content need not apply. Kindness and bribery are the best methods to ensure Minthe's peaceful compliance, though it is never completely guaranteed.

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Post Re: Minthe {Unowned}
Though unowned, Minthe is under the employ of The Pit, resulting in her taking part in missions that require her presence off of the island. During this time she will be under my rental, and any reward she may receive from her missions will be split fifty percent to myself and fifty percent to the Tether until such a time she is purchased. Discussions will then be had with her owner as to whether or not she may continue her employment at the guild.

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Post Re: Minthe {Unowned}
Purchased on 5/27 by Adele Ardouin for the listed 50 gold sale price (converted from Sarelian Francs).

Manumitted on 5/27, at time of purchase.

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