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Author:  Cakey [ Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Bruma

Name on Identification
Twenty four
Dapple Deer
Body Type
Lean, dancer-pear
Physical Details & Markings
Champagne dappling, silver snowfall eyes, dark champagne hooves
Physical Drawbacks
Due to smaller size, she does not have a lot of upper strength. She has bursts of energy, and easily burns out.
Current Infliction(s)

Physical Defenses
Appealing Attributes
Exotic breeding, lush curls, appealing yet soft features, tarnished sun marking on back
Loose sheer fabrics, with low backs and exposed legs.
Feral or Cultured
Immensely cultured
Tends to show signs of distress when fearing failure or punishment
Does not seem to enjoy closed dark places

Poised with excellence and grace. Seems to always be clean and up to par to the best of her abilities.
Docile, with a gentle and passive nature. Doe becomes shocked or easily spooked when caught off guard.
Flares tail when caught off guard, makes a clicking almost nickering sound when excited.
Upon renting or owning this doe, not all paper work from previous owner was handed to the Tether. Thus Doe appears suitable for the harem quarters as stated evaluation maybe needed upon further interests.

Hobbies / Interests
Pressed flower collecting
DIY paint making
Serving others
People watching
Finger painting

High or Low Maintenance
High maintenance
Diet / Allergies
Herbivore, dairy allergy--becomes sick when forced to eat any form of meat

Language(s) Spoken
Common, French and Spanish
Can translate Afrikaans and Latin (though not able to speak it properly)
Can they Read / Write
Can do both extremely well.

Unable to produce any sort of magic.
Talents / Skills
Ballroom, Belly, Culture worship(Sun, rain, fertilty), Exotic and Interpetive
Harp and Pianist
Creating paints, Finger painting(Upon body or canvas), Floral pieces and Modeling
Care Taker
Caring assistant, mid-wife and nanny-ing
Breads, pastries, sweets
House Keeping
Home maintenance and maid services
Conditioning and oiling of fur, flesh and hair
Humming sounds that are typically calm and pleasing to the ear.
Though able to sing--voice holds operatic tones to it.
(Slave does not seem to like singing in public)

Pleasuring (Entertainment based)

Training Seeking
Aerial dancing
Body core (Strengthening/Toning)
Grooming & Treatment (Leathery skin/Scales)
Herbal (medical level)
Workshops (Armor cleaning, business secretary skills, livestock care, medical aid, etc )

Previous Owners
Lady Amberlyn Del'Rose (npc)
Previous status
Slave born
Bred as exotic collection species, was sold to tether due to infertility purposes.

(available for rentals)
'Slave is prohibited from being rented by other Zykla.'
'Slave is prohibited from being topless or bottomless lest the payment received breaches 10 gold pieces.'
'Slave may not be rented out for the purpose of sexual satisfaction or gratification.'
'Slave nightly curfew is 11pm. Overnight rentals are to be discussed with the owner.'
'Slave must be returned by 6pm on nights of the full moon.'
'Slave cannot eat fish.'

10 Image
(For two hour rental)

What are your allowances for your character
No permanent disfigurement(without ooc discussion and cause)
No death.

Long Term/Short Term
Short term always accepted.
Long term preferred.

Author:  Biers [ Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bruma

A small note was made onto Bruma's paperwork, signed at the bottom by the equine handler, Biers.

It has come to my attention that the slave possession a raw talent for art. I am therefore allowing for her to practice in my own workshop for two hours every week, to advance this skill, and ask of my fellow staff to accomodate for this when assigning this slave chores. Futhermore, I make the reccomendation to the Gilded Cage that this slave would be a good one to put to work when decors or props are needed for performances of the Cage's entertainers. - Biers

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