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Remei Aoki - Rental Only 
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Post Remei Aoki - Rental Only
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name:
Remeille Kenji Aoki

Remei, Rem, Aoki

Name on Identification:
Remei Aoki
23 (looks approx)


Unknown Humanoid

Sub Species/Breed:

Physical Appearance

Body Type:

Physical Details:
Glass-like Hair (No Pigment); Heterochromatic Eyes. Left: Emerald, Right Cerulean. Glowing Skin. (Hair/Eyes/Skin/Etc)

Physical Markings:

Physical Drawbacks:
No real physical handicaps or drawbacks.

Current Infliction(s):

Physical Defenses: (If any.)

Appealing Attributes:
Remei is a unique and exotic woman who's enigmatic persona often intrigues some.
Rem is a natural beauty, makeup is not needed to maintain her 'cute girl-next-door' like persona.
Rem has an unnaturally rich and husky voice, candied with an Austrian-like accent, surprising for such a small person. Rem's voice is very breathy and frays sometimes depending on her fatigue. Some have been known to become entranced in her unique mix of proper, regal attitude and Austrian accent, or simply by her siren song which tends to get herself into more trouble than the listener.
Rem is musically inclined and is a master level string musician, in the same vein she has and could potentially again, perform.

A simple, black sundress draped from her shoulders over her modest breast. Other than some rather casual shoes, Rem had nothing more on her.
Other Items: (Remember slaves cannot have belongings let alone have them on them, they may be made available when rented / purchased.)
Remei has a guitar which has been taken from her by The Tether. No other known personal belongings.


Feral or Cultured:
Regally Cultured, though blissfully uncouth.
Rem has a phobia of the ocean at night.
Rem used to struggle with bi-polar schizophrenia-- however has been on a recovery streak the last year or two. Enough rattling and she could relapse...
How do they present themselves:
Rem presents herself as capable and headstrong woman, regardless of any position she is placed in.
Feelings towards being owned / rented:
Remei is not happy being owned by The Tether. Actively resists control and submission, even from those whom she deems 'friends'.
Overall Attitude:
Normally Carefree, Now slightly agitated and sharp-lipped.
Rem will look off to the side and go silent when she's getting upset or unhappy with situations, rather than speak her mind, sometimes.
Remei also has an affinity for drugs, especially opiates, stimulants and depressants. Perception-altering drugs, rem would avoid stating "...i remember wonderland fine thank you."
Hobbies / Interests:
Remei is a musician by trade, and a magical being by creation. Between constantly practicing her musical and magical talents (usually at once), Rem has been known to be a World Warrior-- traveling from place to place challenging the world's strongest gladiators.
High or Low Maintenance:
(Unsure where Remei falls, Will say Medium)
Diet / Allergies:
Rem can be fed anything, though she will not eat any 'salad' type foods that are white and have the consistency of goo if it is not sweet.


Language(s) Spoken:
Common, Romantic Languages: Latin, Spanish, French. Japanese, westernized-Kansai
Can they Read / Write:
Common, English (Queens), French, Spanish, Latin, Japanese
Can your character produce magic:
Talents / Skills:
Remei is incredibly musically inclined; her talent with stringed instruments are considered master level.
Remei has an analytic personality/talent. Tactically, Rem has been known to surprise even the saltiest of fighters or unprepared patron.
Remei has been trained in the art of hand to hand combat (Aikido and Boxing)
Remei has been trained in the art of Swordplay (Sword and shield/rapiers)

Current Owner:
Previous Owners: (If known.)
Previous Usage(s):
Previous status:
Free Woman
For Rent or to Own:
Rent Only
Cost: (Please see Slave Pricing in the Library for suggested prices.)
10 G - 1 Night

OOC Info/Notes
First time in these types of scenarios for this player and character.
Remei is not an 'easy' rental by any regard. Give her an inch and she WILL take a mile. That being said, she CAN BE manipulated with the correct incentives or threats.

Anytime the Avatar is online. Usually: 9pm-2am m-sat.
What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay:
I'm exploring all facets of the slave/slaver roleplay, so for now, I am interested in learning everything there is to know.
What are your allowances for your character:
I'm not sure, Pretty close to non-con, but no outright mutilation without asking.
Long Term/Short Term:
A mix of both is fine~!

General Information

Character Description:
A long-haired "human" walks past; locks of colorless hair glittering in the light like diamond dust. Remei's features were certainly exotic: her eyes especially heterochromatic, the left emerald and the right cerulean, each of which glowing abnormally even in the dark. Remei often wore an elegant black formal dress hat draped carelessly from her humble chest to her ankles, tight to her hips and torso, golden and silver bangles and earrings adorned her wrists and ears. Rem's face barely painted with a soft shade of crimson, her make-up carefully applied by someone else.

Contact Details:
skype: Remei Aoki
I draw in the backgrounds, so I can idle suddenly without warning. Ding me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:20 pm
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Post Re: Remei Aoki - Rental Only
Attached to the papers, would be a note baring no particular family crest, or company logo, simply a rather elegant penmanship written in common. A note left by a Zika Swifthooves on a rental with the slave:

My time with this slave showed me someone with potential that could be brought out with the right encouragement and valuing the sharp wit and intelligence she possesses. I would encourage anyone that rents her, to indeed heed the warning that she has some fire in her, but offer her a chance to honestly prove herself and rise to the occasion. And not simply seek to trick and level unfair, or needlessly cruel situations upon her for one's own amusement. Show her honesty, and get to know her, and you may find quite the pleasant time with her. Though, one should be prepared for her to teach you a few new ways to sharpen your own tongue, she was never truly insulting to me.

Thu Oct 27, 2016 2:08 pm
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Post Re: Remei Aoki - Rental Only
Under the order of the dragon Guard Jormun, this slave is to be gagged for three days when presented within the pens. (7th of December - 10th of December). Any patron caught attempting to interfere will be met with a heavy fine, and continued interruption will result in some jail time. Any slaves attempting to interfere will be punished appropriately.


Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:45 pm
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Post Re: Remei Aoki - Rental Only
A small note attached to the slaves paperwork reads:

On this 7th of December, Remeille, while gagged, decided to flip a rude gesture to Handler Fae as well as cause a disturbance within the pens. She has since been relieved of her hair as well as being under the orders of two hours per day, laying in the aisle, to allow patrons to wipe their feet upon her back. This is to persist until any member of staff deem her attitude adjusted.
-Handler Fae`iqa

Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:20 pm
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Post Re: Remei Aoki - Rental Only
A small note was posted along with papers.

Gorgeous little beauty, inside and out, so pleasantly obedient and well mannered. Sweet thing knows her place without a single fuss. I give my recommendation for anyone looking to relax and spoil themselves to take this one and to simply enjoy all she has to offer. I notice no fire of ill kind all the while I had a hold on her unless you count the desire to serve burning in her eyes.

- Lazelai Adaza


Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:25 am
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Post Re: Remei Aoki - Rental Only
This slave was obedient and considerate for both of the times I have rented her. She shows no grudge for the damage I inflicted upon her during an arena fight and showed no ill will against me or mine. I would recommend enjoying this ones time.
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