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Janus - Unowned. 
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Post Janus - Unowned.
Miss Congeniality, himself.

Basic Information

Full Name: Janus Acciai

Name Meaning: Acciai comes from accia, meaning 'axe'.
Janus means 'archway', and is the name of a Roman God.

Nicknames: Biter, Boogeyman

Name on Identification: Janus

Age: He claims not to know such things.
He looks to be in his mid-twenties.

Gender: Male

Species: 'Daggercorn', 'Murdercorn'
Equine, surgically fitted with a blade to his skull.

Sub Species/Breed: N/A

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Lean, mean, fighting machine.

Physical Details: Red irises, and red sclera, black hair, gold hooves, and marks of black and gold.

Physical Markings: On a white fur base, he is striped with multitudes of gold and black lines.

Physical Drawbacks: Janus cannot swim. Rocks tread water better than he does.

Current Inflictions: Nothing yet! Not this time. Come back and check later.

Physical Defenses: Sharp clawed fingernails, sharply filed teeth, pointed hooves, high stamina, high pain tolerance.

Appealing Attributes: He stands out in a crowd. The dagger 'horn', the crazed look to his eye.

Clothing: The Tether has provided him with a rather simple garment worn around the hips. (Seen here. An alternate outfit can be seen here.)

Other Items: Janus was delivered to The Golden Tether without any clothing or items on his person.


Feral or Cultured: Up for debate. His may have once been a civilized person, but he has been broken to the point that more beast than man remains.

Phobias: Curiously, Janus displays none of the usual fears. Further exposure testing may be necessary.

Disorders: His 'disorder' is that someone scrambled around in his brain when they attached the horn at such a young age. He displays textbook manifestations of a multitude of classic personality disorders. He suffers mood swings, paranoia, is prone to violent outbursts, and has been known to cause harm upon himself. He has a marked problem with authority, and does not play well with others. Simply put, the slave is rather deranged.

How do they present themselves: In one word, lunatic. Janus is an easily enraged, hyper violent creature that would sooner rip another slave to pieces with his bare hands than make small talk. He eyes other creatures like potential food platters.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: When asked about rentals, the slave spit in the questioning person's eye and told them, quote: go fuck yourself. He had to be restrained and subdued when asked about purchase.

Overall Attitude: Snarky, cruel, psychopath.

Quirks: When left enclosed in total darkness, Janus sings lullabies.
He is also prone to frequent nosebleeds, heavier through excess physical exertion.

Hobbies / Interests: Fighting, biting, provoking, scaring people.

High or Low Maintenance: Extremely high maintenance. Not at all ideal for beginners.

Diet / Allergies: By all rights he should be a herbivore, but he has been known to eat raw hearts.


Language(s) Spoken: The common tongue. He shows interest in learning another.

Can they Read / Write: No, he is totally illiterate. He 'writes' using pictographs. Sloppy ones at that.

Can your character produce magic: Luckily not. Janus is as magical as a lump of coal.

Talents / Skills: Shenanigans and other trouble, fighting. He has a high tolerance for pain.

Training: In an attempt from a novice to break his will, Janus's mind was broken instead. No training has held yet, and his every attempt at obedience is always twisted to somehow come across as defiance as well.


Current Owner: The Golden Tether

Previous Owners: A varied array of slave markets.

Previous Usage(s): First he was the 'bait dog', then he was the 'pitbull'.
All fights in which Janus was pitted against another was one to the death.

Previous status: Born in the slums to a whore mother, and sold at age four.

For Rent or to Own: For rent as long as the payer understands what they are getting into.

Cost: Two gold to rent. Likely worth haggling down. He is unavailable for purchase at this time.

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Daily, on varying time schedules (player based in EST).

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Advancement through plot. Development for use.

What are your allowances for your character: Everything short of death. Just make sure to warn me if you want to take a limb, or something.

Long Term/Short Term: Long term, always.

General Information

Character Description: (To be written.)

Website: - WIP!

Images: Available on RPR soon enough. An album may be linked at request.

Contact Details: Janus on Furcadia, PM through TGT forums or RPR.

Notes: Have fun. I know I will.

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Post Re: Janus - Unowned.
The slave in question is known to be violent, disrespectful, and feral. He is not to be taken out the cages without a guard escort present, muzzled and both wrists and ankles shackled until he can otherwise prove not to be a danger to others. I will be conducting a training program in the near future in an attempt to curb his violent energy.

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Post Re: Janus - Unowned.
A small notation written in a flowing cursive ink has been attached to the paperwork for Janus.

"This slave is notorious for appearing dirty, dingy, and covered in his own blood. Upon further inspection of his personal hygiene, I have noted the infestation of fleas. It is with great sorrow that I request far more regular bathing, perhaps with a rough, bristled scrub-brush.

House-Slave Yeva."

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