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Brother - For Rent by Owner (Blacksmith) 
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Post Brother - For Rent by Owner (Blacksmith)
]Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Cole Danson

Nickname: "Brother" & "Beast"

Name on Identification: "Cole"

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Chimera

Sub Species/Breed: Human, Barn Owl, Ram, and Red Wolf

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Well Built, Strong; Muscular and Lean

Physical Details:
    -Height: 6'2"
    -Weight: 208 lbs
    -Hair: Mahogany, shoulder length and straight
    -Eyes: Hazel Green, flecked with gold

Physical Markings: Covered in a soft grey fur in various places of his body, but it covers his legs completely. Along his back is a strip of reddish brown that ends just before the tip of his tail. His ears are riddled with small holes and bites from previous fights and hunts he had endured.

Physical Drawbacks: His horns tend to take away from peripheral vision, and the bones in his wings are hollow to enable him to fly. However, this also makes them easier to break.

Current Infliction(s): None.

Physical Defenses: Claws, horns and fangs.

Appealing Attributes: Powerfully built, unique fur/skin pattern, forward-curving ebony horns, deep, powerful voice, uniquely patterned wings, and digitigrade legs with wolf paws whose anatomical structure more resemble owl talons.

Clothing: Other than his leather armor that he had made by hand, the chimera oft walks around in the nude. Unless forced to do otherwise, of course. He has been found wearing a black leather kilt, however, for when working on the forge and delivering products.

Other Items: He wears a thick-banded golden collar with rubies encrusted around it.


Feral or Cultured: Between feral and cultured.

Phobias: Claustrophobia (small spaces/being caged or tied down), hydrophobia (large bodies of water/water in general).

Disorders: Triggered by the scent of blood or the taste of raw meat, drawing out his bestial instincts and making him rather violent in his reactions and/or somewhat feral until he calms down.

How do they present themselves: Regal, noble, like any large beast would.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Indifferent; he cannot yet tell the difference between being employed, or owned. Rental services have not been pursued thus far.

Overall Attitude: Once upon a time, he could have been found stalking about on all fours, brooding and avoiding social contact while lamenting about his tormented past. Now, fully trained to walk up-right as a man, he gained some form of humility. The beast has become somewhat of a stoic gentleman, who would sooner kiss the back of your hand in gratitude than punch your face in. Somewhat of a silent brute, he is very charismatic, charming, and ever the kind, gentle giant.

Quirks: Speaks in broken common, is rather well-behaved, but lacks finer details of a civilized person.

Hobbies / Interests: Is a blacksmith by trade, and enjoys heavy manual labor. He also hunts, and prefers to catch his own meals. Formerly, he was used as a gladiator in the arena before the Tsunami several years ago, and is not opposed to fighting once more. Training is needed, however.

High or Low Maintenance: Between high and low. Mostly low, however, as he can easily entertain himself and occupy his own time. However, keeping him out of trouble due to his low understanding of proper etiquette and sophisticated behavior.

Diet / Allergies: No known allergies. Eats 80% meat-based protein diet, with 20% being plant-based. Prefers red meat.


Language(s) Spoken: Broken Common & Romanian

Can they Read / Write: No.

Can your character produce magic: No, but he can shapeshift into two feral forms. A wolf with the horns of a ram and wings of an owl, and an owl with the horns of a ram and tail of a wolf.

Talents / Skills: Blacksmit; smelts and tempers rare - and not-so-rare - ores and metals into weapons, armor, and sometimes supplies for jewelry-making and other crafting professions.

Training: He has been trained to walk up-right, and to speak basic words. He was also trained in arena fighting years ago, but has since lost practice.


Current Owner: Luminance

Previous Owners: Crea W (Deceased)

Previous Usage(s): Arena Gladiator and Companion

Previous status: Free

For Rent or to Own: Rent Only

Cost: 1 Night Rental: 10Image to 20Image or 1Image to 2Image
To Own: 180Image to 220Image or 18Image to 22Image

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Almost Daily (suffers from anxiety and severe clinical depression, as well as chronic pain; my availability may change, but feel free to ask for my Discord/Skype if you wish to plot with me for future RP or existing RP)

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver roleplay: Seeking trainers for Cole, to teach him proper etiquette and the basics of sophistication, as well as combat training for the Arena. As for potential owners of Cole, I would prefer someone whom has great chemistry with both Cole ICly, and myself OOCly, as well as someone who plans to stick around for longer than a few days/weeks. Long-term is love <3

What are your allowances for your character: See "Territory" on his RPR.

Long Term/Short Term: Preference for long-term, but short-term is also acceptable and enjoyed.

General Information

Character Description: Quite possibly the produce of a warlock's sick joke, Cole is a chimeric mixture of four different creatures, one of which was once human. He has no memories of his past life, or even where he is from, but he has every bit the feral instinct of the beasts he was fused with. This misfortune, however, does not seem to bother him, and has well adapted to life in the wilderness. Shortly after his creation, he washed ashore on the coast of Guilderiem, and has since then become well-acquainted with the island. After the Tsunami that destroyed the facility, however, Cole returned to the mainland upon learning the death of his Mistress, and sought out a life within the woods not far from the shore. With a growing demand for his smithing, the beast has returned to Guilderiem, only to discover he was still registered as a slave within the books. What this means for Cole, now? He will have to find out.



Contact Details: Brother or Dawg (my main alt). You can also contact me via RPR, or ask for my Discord/Skype contact information (for serious inquiries only).

Notes: I swear I am not a scary person to talk to, but I am a bit picky when it comes to who owns Cole. He has been my big, dumb baby for a long time, and I would like to find something that jived with me and my character. I welcome all RP, however, just ask me if you have any questions concerning what I am interested in, what I am seeking, or even what I will allow currently for my character. (Daily moods change, and thus effects the type of RP and content I am searching for)

Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:37 pm
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