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Aten -- Owned, For Rent. 
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Post Aten -- Owned, For Rent.
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Aten or Akhenaten.

Nickname: Feathers, Birdboy.

Name on Identification: Aten.

Age: Young to middle twenties.

Gender: Undoubtedly male.

Species: Winged humanoid.

Sub Species/Breed: Unknown variant.

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Mesomorph -- a true pinnacle of fitness, masculinity and virility. Broad shoulders, narrow waist with a rectangular body shape, proportioned limbs and washboard abs.

Physical Details: His skin is lightly tanned, like a mocha that has just a little too much cream in it. From the center of his forelimbs downwards his skin fades into a natural sooty black, and both arms bare tribalistic tattoos. He has a handsome, classically masculine face with pale, icy blue eyes. His hair his cropped short and ombre in color, from dark brown at the roots to a lighter brown at the tips. At the top of his head he's around 6ft6", and the crest of his wings easily puts him to seven feet or taller.

Physical Markings: Tribal tattoos.

Physical Drawbacks: His wings take up a lot of space.

Current Infliction(s): None.

Physical Defenses: Strength, wings.

Appealing Attributes: Handsome, unusual, well trained.

Clothing: A decorative blue shawl around his waist, golden bracelets on his wrists and ankles, several necklaces and a diadem made from antler.

Other Items: Egyptian fan axe and bronze armor for the arena.


Feral or Cultured: Cultured.

Phobias: Losing/Injuring his wings.

Disorders: Temper problem but nothing serious.

How do they present themselves: Friendly, out going, sometimes a little too forward for a slave.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Puts up with it.

Overall Attitude: Aten is sociable, friendly and personable, however often acts as a free person more than a slave. It's clear he's yet to understand the nuances of thralldom however it's not done out of malicious tactic. He's somewhat gullible and not the best liar in the world as he likes to believe first impressions.

Quirks: Ruffles his feathers with strong emotion, regardless of what it might be.

Hobbies / Interests: Fighting culture in Guildereim, opium (an excuse to get into the den), jungle exploration, swimming/deep sea diving, carving bone/wood/stone etc, eating a ridiculous amount of food.

High or Low Maintenance: Medium. Needs a good diet and constant training to stay in tip-top shape.

Diet / Allergies: Preference for seafood and fruits but can eat just about anything. Raw red meat makes him sick.


Language(s) Spoken: Egyptian/Coptic Arabic, English/Common.

Can they Read / Write: No and no.

Can your character produce magic: Yes.

Talents / Skills: Gladiator fighting, warfare, hunting, tracking, basic crafting, carpentry, flight, massage, entertainment.

Training: Aten has trained for many years in the art of warfare and battle. Not so much as a slave.


Current Owner: Horus.

Previous Owners: None.

Previous Usage(s): Unknown.

Previous status: Unknown.

For Rent or to Own: For rent only.

Cost: 15 gold.

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Sporadic.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: I'm not looking for anything 'hard core' slave related with Aten, though perhaps with the right character I might be willing to. Aten's meant to be a little more of a relaxed character with a little more basic freedom than your average slave, but at the end of the day he is still a slave. He's meant to get into trouble, cause a bit of mischief (intentional or otherwise) and generally meant to be a good friend to people he likes.

What are your allowances for your character: No killing, no yiffing, and ask to do serious harm or other major things to my character. No punishments unless it's sanctioned/approved by his Master. That's it!

Long Term/Short Term: Either or.

General Information

Character Description: Descs are for chumps.

Website: RPR.

Images: On RPR.

Contact Details: On the alt name Aten.

Notes: N/A.

Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:14 am
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