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Khloe // Unowned // Untrained 
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Post Khloe // Unowned // Untrained
Brief OOC Note:
This character exchanged hands to me on December 2015. Any previous relations will be considered void from that point onward.

- Rentals. Any. Pamper her, torture her. Any physical changes will have to be approved first.
- Training. Khloe is extremely fresh to life of a slave, and needs to be broken and trained.
- Potentially an owner? Going to be picky on this.

NOT Seeking:
- Sex roleplay with no plot and little to no build up. Sorry, it's not happening.
- I'm not selling this alt, so please stop asking.

Her RPR profile.



Full Name:
Khloe Ashworth.

Kuh-low-ee Ash-wurth.


"Young, blooming."

Name on Identification:

1st of October.


Age Appearance:
Early twenties.

Zodiac Sign:
Libra. As their zodiac signs and meanings would indicate, Libra's are all about balance, justice, equanimity and stability. They easily surround themselves with harmony and beauty, but sometimes go to extremes to do so if their goals are unreasonable or unhealthy. With Venus as their ruling planet, Libra's are very understanding, caring, and often the champion of underdogs.


Gender Role:

She is attracted to masculinity, whether that comes in the form of a man or a woman.

Martial Status:
Single, virginal.
Despite being very confident and arrogant, Khloe is rather shy when it comes to sexual matters. She often lies about her experience because she thinks her lack of education and experience might be seen as a fault.

Olde World, Albion.

Voice Reference:
Keira Knightley.

British; Albion, English.

Preferred Hand:


Blonde and copper Maine Coon.

Sub Species/Breed:
None noted/Pure Bred.

Top notes: Delicious top notes of zesty blood orange, freesia and fresh spring lilac
Middle notes: Intoxicating pink jasmine and the sweet innocence of magnolia
Bottom notes: Precious wood musk, velvety peach skin with just a hint of tiare flower

Five foot and eight inches, easily six foot in heels.

Body Type:
Hourglass, svelte waist with moderate hips and a large chest. Slightly muscular from working out, but nothing obtuse.
She has an ample D sized bust, just a little over a single handful.

Can typically be seen wearing some manner of eyeliner or eye shadow, when given the opportunity.

Physical Details:
A feline of an exquisite saffron flavor, with markings of delicious cream and stripes of rich amber. She has fathomless sapphire eyes framed heavily with dark, coquettish lashes. She has a tail of mythical proportions, reaching to roughly the same length of her entire body. It is heavily dense with plush, incredibly soft fur.

Physical Markings:
Marred with tiger stripes across the outside of her appendages, on the backside of her tail and across her ribs. Cross bolt mark to her calf, the scar from the altercation is buried beneath her plush fur.

Physical Drawbacks:
She is not physically the strongest person around.

Current Infliction(s):
None, healthy.

Physical Defences:
Teeth, claws, even the heels of her shoes.

Appealing Attributes:
Attractive, beautiful, confident, exceptional memory, extremely talented dancer.
She has a very long and very lovely tail; fully drawn out, it measures about six foot tall.

A medley of expensive corsets and an array of fancy undergarments, sheer pants and all things lacy. A typical slave collar coils around her throat, and a chastity belt is fitted beneath her attire.

Other Items:
A selection of necklaces and jewellery, typically made of pearls. Several pairs of high heels. Extra outfits; it is clear by her selection that she adores pastel hues and frilly little things. A priceless necklace made of black pearls, and an elegant diamond ring, received from a lord's slave that she helped escape.



Feral or Cultured:

Amputation, being shaved/going bald.

Perhaps a twinge of narcissism, but nothing major noted.

How do they present themselves:
Confident, showy perhaps a little on the vain side.

Feelings towards being owned / rented:
Khloe fell in a quick descent into slavery; she was formerly free, though she signed a binding contract with a brute and did not understand the connotations of it. She was bound to be his, until he grew bored of her and sold her to the Golden Tether. She loves to impress, though she does seem to regard her slavery with a manner of disdain. She loathes being thought of as nothing but an object or an item.

Overall Attitude:
Spoiled brat. She - up until very recently - lived a lavished life where everything was paid for her and dancing was a full time hobby of hers. She is rude, resentful, and loathes every other slave and every slaver-type who likely approaches her. Because of this, she is also extremely lonely.

In the BDSM community, Khloe is what's regarded as a "brat". That means she is an aggressive submissive who will be willingly defiant in order to garner attention from others. She is fickle, agitating and sometimes down right nasty if it means eyes will turn upon her. Punishment is also a form of attention, regardless if it's negative.

Hair braiding, whether hers or another.

Hobbies / Interests:
Dancing, beautification, jewellery making, clothes designing, modelling, bondage.

High or Low Maintenance:
High maintenance due to needing to groom excessively to keep her fur perfect and neat, and her occasional cheeky behavior.

Diet / Allergies:
Omnivore, with no known allergies. Has a known preference for red meats.
She now has a growing aversion to cream filled pastries.


Language(s) Spoken:
Native; Kasurian Common/English
Mastered; French
Learning; Spanish, Italian, German

Can they Read / Write:
Yes/yes; though she prefers to sketch her thoughts rather than write them.

Can your character produce magic:
No, nor does she have the capability to do so. She is spectacularly mundane in that aspect.

Talents / Skills:
Dancing; dancing is this girl's passion. Before her descent into slavery the feline was a prominent ballet dancer at one of the most prestigious schools in Albion. She was of the upper crust when it came to talent, though she always pushed herself relentlessly and that wasn't always the best thing for her to do. She is fiercely competitive, but extremely adept.

Beyond ballet, Khloe has also learned a whole variety of different dances. From exotic dances such as belly dancing or poi, to more widely known dances such as the waltz and other court dances.

Due to natural feline flexibility, Khloe is also a very capable contortionist. She can bend and mould into unnatural and near impossible shapes with ease.

Khloe is also very talented when it comes to beautification, both on herself and upon another subject. From make-up, hair styling and cutting, nail trimming and polish as well as relaxation techniques such as massage, she has a natural instinct for what would suit a person best.

She is used to the presence a strict regime as she was trained to be a dancer since she was a kitten, though she is clearly unfamiliar with the regulation of slavery.

Current Owner:
None, unowned. Under the collar of the Golden Tether establishment.

Previous Owners: (If known.)
NPC, she refers to him as "Mr. Ashworth."

Previous Usage(s):
Dancing, serving, cleaning, tending, modelling clothing and lingerie, submissive in bondage.

Previous status:
Ballet dancer.

For Rent or to Own:
Currently only for rent, not available for ownership until otherwise stated.

Twenty gold to rent, two hundred to own.



Feel free to approach me whenever I'm online.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay:
I'm looking for depth and plot, character evolution and development. I'm not looking for someone to use Khloe as a sex toy.

What are your allowances for your character:
Most things are fine by me, but anything dramatically changing appearance wise or physiologically requires an OOC discussion with me first. If you fail to talk to me about it first, your character will not successfully preform whatever it is they wished to do to her regardless of how talented they are.

Long Term/Short Term:


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Post Re: Khloe // Unowned // Untrained
A note has been attached to the slave's papers, it reads:

Khloe participated in Polish your Pole on the 3rd March. Out of 5 participants, she displayed the best held poise of the demonstrated poses, earning herself a hot bath and clean set of clothes.
May I suggest the Handlers or Patrons approach the slave with further dance lessons.


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Post Re: Khloe // Unowned // Untrained
Though unowned, Khloe is under the employ of The Pit, resulting in her taking part in missions that require her presence off of the island. During this time she will be under my rental, and any reward she may receive from her missions will be split fifty percent to myself and fifty percent to the Tether until such a time she is purchased. Discussions will then be had with her owner as to whether or not she may continue her employment at the guild.

Llewellyn Grimm,
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