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Volo- Unowned 
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Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Volo

Nickname: None

Name on Identification: Volo

Age: Unknown, appears early to mid 20s

Gender: Male

Species: Hyooman

Sub Species/Breed: Unknown

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Athletic

Physical Details: Purplish White Hair, White skin with glowing red runes or letters of an unknown origin, sky blue eyes.

Physical Markings: Body is covered in red slightly glowing runes. Unable to find translation.

Physical Drawbacks: None apparent

Current Infliction(s): None apparent

Physical Defenses: Well versed in the ways of combat, but has no natural weapons.

Appealing Attributes: Beautifully exotic, Excellent physical condition, well trained in combat arts, special magical ability.

Clothing: A loincloth to afford some modesty. Golden Manacles inscribed in several languages with the same phrase. Collar with his name on it.

Other Items: Binding Stone, Suit of Armor and a staff are included with purchase, to remain locked away until foreseen need of them.


Feral or Cultured: Cultured

Phobias: Unknown

Disorders: Amnesia, Cannot remember anything before a few months ago.

How do they present themselves: Volo almost always tries to highlight his most eccentric features, the runes, by sitting as straight up as possible, arms in his lap. He usually remains calm in nearly all situations thus far presented to him. The way he carries himself denotes a regal air, though if he is aware of it, he does not show it.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: He despises being beholden to others, but he will not object openly to either arrangement. He knows well he has little say in the matter, and seems to willingly accept it.

Overall Attitude: Volo is amicable, friendly, polite, and nearly always respectful. While his cordial nature is usually appreciated, he does have a rebellious streak. His bindings make it impossible for him to physically act against anyone unless ordered or given permission, so he uses wit, guile, and trickery to perform small acts of rebellion.

Quirks: Seems to find comfort in violence, when allowed to fight, or given the promise of combat he will be more compliant, more straight forward, and eager to serve in whatever way possible.

Hobbies / Interests: When allowed the option Volo will spend any and all of his limited free time physically training, or sparring against other slaves.

High or Low Maintenance: His bindings ensure he is for the most part low maintenance. Just avoid using the word "wish" around Volo.

Diet / Allergies: Normal/None known


Language(s) Spoken: Common.

Can they Read / Write: Yes

Can your character produce magic: The Runes on his skin give Volo the ability to grant wishes. There are limits, the more ambitious the wish, the more likely the chance of something going wrong or Volo being unable to grant it all together. He seems to have no say in how the wish is implemented, thus they are usually free of major drawbacks. Even without his bindings he cannot make use of his power unless requested. He can, however, choose not to use his power when a request is made.

Talents / Skills: Volo's well versed nature in the art of warefare make him an excellent pit fighter, or bodyguard. He also has a sharp wit, an eagerness to learn, and a generally charming demeanor that make him well suited for services of a more social nature.

Training: Volo has had the standard slave training and knows the basics of what are expected of him. If additional uses are desired, additional training will be required.


Current Owner:

Previous Owners: None.

Previous Usage(s): Pit Fighter, Companion Slave, Scribe Slave.

Previous status: Slave for as long as he can remember, which barely covers the last year.

For Rent or to Own: Both.

Cost: 20 Gold a night, or 250 gold to own.

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Central time, most week day afternoons/nights.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Someone to make use of him in the pits, plus the usual accepted slave roleplay.

What are your allowances for your character: No killing or maiming injury, anything else is on a 'I'll deal with it when I come to it' basis.

Long Term/Short Term: Either.

General Information

Character Description: All info on the RPR.

Website: ... age=191940

Images: See RPR.

Contact Details: Whisper me on Furc as Ronan Silver or Volo, or message me on RPR.


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