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Tybalt "Tipper" Ratte 
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Post Tybalt "Tipper" Ratte
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Tybalt Adela Ratte

Nickname: Tipper, Tip, Tyb, Wormtail[negative]

Name on Identification: Tybalt

Age: 23

Gender: C-boy

Species: Rat

Sub Species/Breed: Dumbo

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Slender, yet toned. Hips are slightly wider than most males'. Stands at only 4'10" [approx. 148cm]

Physical Details:
-Though his fur comes to an end at his extremities, as it does with all rats, what short, white fur he has is soft and smooth as silk, with paint-like dabbles of light cinnamon spots freckling his form. The skin of his nose and extremities is of a soft, light pinkish tone.
-His hair is a light cinnamon color; thick, wavy, and just long enough to be pulled back. It is as soft as his fur.
-His eyes are a bright green, like that of new-grown leaves. He is somewhat near sighted, and sensitive to harsh light; though both come as a standard trait of his species.
-His long fur-less tail is as long as he is tall.

Physical Markings: [see above description of fur, italicized]

Physical Drawbacks:
-Due to his slender form, he is not exceptionally strong, nor can he take a heavy beating.
-As previously stated, he is somewhat nearsighted and sensitive to harsh light.
-Long slender tail can be easily broken if he finds himself in an unfortunate run-in.

Current Infliction(s): None

Physical Defenses: Agility, naturally scissor-like rodent teeth[incisors]. Would prefer to flee than fight.

Appealing Attributes:
- Bright, attentive eyes
- Gentle voice with a slight German accent
- A practiced singer

Clothing: A Harem outfit comprised of varying shades of green silks and satins meant to bring out his eyes. Gold bangles and a choker accentuate his green draped form.

Other Items: Ribbon collar gifted by previous owner, bearing the nickname "Tipper".


Feral or Cultured: Cultured

Phobias: Spiders, Heights, failing his master

Disorders: Occasionally overthinks an issue and will become frazzled in his attempts to fix it.

How do they present themselves: Generally calm and pleasant. He will often times try to entertain patrons from the cages.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: He is accustomed to being owned, as it is all he's known through his life. Though, being rented is new to him and he's taking some time to adapt to it.

Overall Attitude: Curious, good-natured, and content to serve. Though, occasionally a bit moody if treated particularly poorly.

-Will occasionally drop German words in his sentences, especially if he is unsure of the common word for something. May mix up words.
-Often wrinkles his nose in thought.

Hobbies / Interests: Singing, art, care-taking.

High or Low Maintenance: Mid-maintenance. He is accustomed to being a servant/pet rather than a slave, so he can occasionally become moody notably if treated or cared for particularly poorly.

Diet / Allergies: An omnivorous diet allows him to eat the vast majority of things. However, he has allergies to raw sweet potato, licorice, and beans.


Language(s) Spoken: Common and German

Can they Read / Write: Not literate, though he can write his name.

Can your character produce magic: No

Talents / Skills: Singing, cooking/baking, sewing, painting, child and animal care.

Training: Though he lacks what would be considered traditional training, he was broken and trained to be a caretaker and pet to the family of his late master by the family's staff. Accustomed to being a pet, may need additional training to be a slave.


Current Owner: None

Previous Owners: The late Lord Halsey -deceased-; sold by the family.

Previous Usage(s): Pet and caretaker to the Halsey family, general home upkeep, child and animal care, seeing to family's needs and entertainment.

Previous status: Pet

For Rent or to Own: Both, tho purchasers will have had to have rented prior to purchase.

Rent: 28 Gold
Purchase: 218 Gold

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Whisper me whenever you see me on, I don't bite.
-side note, I just finished a move recently and am still settling in. I may or may not be a little spotty on here, so feel free to ask for other forms of contact.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Someone who can own Tybalt/Tipper as a pet rather than a whip'em when they're down kind of slave. Someone with the capability to be kind when he's good, and appropriately firm if he acts up. Tybalt is more than happy to learn if shown the way.

What are your allowances for your character: Varies on a case-to-case basis. Whisper to verify limits.

Long Term/Short Term: Either works. Though, if your character intends to purchase Tybalt/Tipper, please ensure that it would be long-term.

General Information

Character Description: With his small stature and gentle features, Tybalt could have easily been mistaken for a full-blooded female - were it not for the open chest of his garb and boyish voice, that is. In fact, this was part of what made him such an appealing caretaker for his previous family, and particularly to the late Master. After the Master's passing, though, he was sold off to help pay off the family debt and quickly found himself in service of TGT. Though he would grieve for a short period, he adapted quickly to his new home, catering now to the continually changing Masters and Mistresses that made up the local patronage. Not once though would he stop looking for a new home, or at least admission to a better position among his peers.

Website: None as of yet

Images: Art in progress

Contact Details: Whisper me any time. If we've spoken before and are on good terms, feel free to ask for other forms of communication.


-I will not put up with drama.
-OOC issues should be dealt with OOC. If they leak into IC territory or affect the rp, I will immediately bring an end to our rp.

-Feel free to rent Tybalt/Tipper for sex, an F-list will be provided soon with a list of things I'm comfortable with, as well as Tipper's personal preferences if you would like to make him a happy rat. Renting for purpose of company, etc... is also more than welcome.
-As stated before, if you want to purchase Tybalt/Tipper, PLEASE ensure that we will be doing a long-term rp. Also, if you intend to purchase him just to glue him to the whipping post, please look elsewhere. Unless we explicitly plan out the events and you have express permission from myself.

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