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Kitty Kitty - Unowned 
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Post Kitty Kitty - Unowned
Slave Form

Some information is unknown due to the Slave's injury causing short term memory loss and some loss of specific details from before the "accident" that destroyed her prior Master's home. A few papers were salvaged that hold information about her and some were gleamed from the Slave herself from memory or demonstration of skills. From what information could be gathered from the Mercenaries who sold the Slave to The Golden Tether, she was a slave to a very powerful house hold who had many enemies. One of these enemies finally managed to strike a mighty blow. The entire manse and grounds were obliterated as if a giant meteor or explosion struck, leaving a crater about two miles in diameter. The Slave was not on the grounds at the time of the attack but was close enough to be struck by the shock wave and suffered a severe head injury.

Basic Information

Full Name:
Slave does not remember her name and the scraps of papers salvaged from the wreckage that was her original Master's home did not contain it

Give her some

Name on Identification:

19 years



Sub Species/Breed:
Appears to be pure bred.

Physical Appearance

Body Type:
Anthropomorphic female feline. Very petite and small.

Physical Details:
Golden brown fur with classic black rosettes and spots clustered upon her pelt. Forehead and face have spots that run together like stripes, two stripes go over her eyes. Eyes are a brownish-gold and very big for her face. Small, rounded ears sit atop her head. Hair is black, very straight, and goes to her mid back.

Physical Markings:
Black rosettes and spots

4ft 10in


Physical Drawbacks:
Small size, delicate in looks

Current Infliction(s):

Physical Defenses:
Teeth, claws, speed

Appealing Attributes:
Kitten-like appearance

Red silks. Single silk strip wraps her chest, twisting between her breasts and tying at her back. Gold chain circles her waist with a scrap of red silk falling in front and behind to mid-thigh.
Note tacked on: Clothing is to remain minimal so Slave is unable to hide anything.

Other Items:
Several weapons currently in the hold of the Tether
6 Throwing daggers
Two curved pocket knives with dragon emblem
One bladed glove with silver dragons head
Four plated finger claws with bladed knuckle. Glove style. Connects to a black leather glove that ties around her wrist.
One curved dagger with dragon's emblem.


Feral or Cultured:

Being alone
She's afraid she'll forget everything and everyone if alone and cease to exist
Being blind / blinding darkness
Will freak out even if blind folded.

Short term memory loss
After weeks of seeing someone daily or doing something daily she will begin to retain it. Think of her disorder like Dory from Finding Nemo

How do they present themselves:
Charming, beguiling, trustworthy
Can come across as naive on first meetings. Despite the memory loss she is very manipulative and beguiling.

Feelings towards being owned / rented:
Stressed and anxious
Due to her memory loss, even if the same renter took her two nights in a row, she may not remember them for another week or so. Because of this, she knows she will mess up and she does not like failure.

Overall Attitude:


Hobbies / Interests:
Dancing, writing, interacting, acrobatics

High or Low Maintenance:
High due to memory loss

Diet / Allergies:
No known allergies


Language(s) Spoken:

Can they Read / Write:

Can your character produce magic:
Yes, but the ability is unknown to be magic. She can do a "you don't see me" glamour which in essence makes people over look her unless specifically looking for her. She can stand in the middle of the street by herself, but if the person in front of her isn't actually seeking her or touches her, they would not remember seeing her.

Talents / Skills:
Sleight of hand
"Street" magic. Tricks in essence. Specializes in card tricks and misdirection.
Thief / Pick pocket

Fire Dancer


Current Owner:

Previous Owners: (If known.)
House of the Dragon
No specific name was written on her papers and the destruction of the house took all those within it that may have known who owned the Slave

Previous Usage(s):

Previous status:

For Rent or to Own:
Rent to own

Cost: (Please see Slave Pricing in the Library for suggested prices.)
3 gold per rental
90 gold to own

OOC Info/Notes


What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay:

What are your allowances for your character:

Long Term/Short Term:

Sexual Preference
I don't mind her being owned by a female, but there won't be hanky panky. This is a player choice and I won't bend.

Kitty Kitty has no name. Feel free to call her whatever you want.
Due to her memory loss, she can be difficult to handle and may get on people's nerves. This is the point.
She's constantly in development. Things will change, she may be cured of her memory loss at some point. BUT IT WON'T BE NOW!

Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:45 pm
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