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Chalchuitl (Unowned) 
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FULL NAME: Chalchiuitl Ocelotl. (chalch-EE-oo-IT AWS-ell-OT).

MEANING: First name means "Jade-skirt" "Jaguar"; Surnames are not usually used in Aztec/Nahuatl tradition, but one can be taken using the name of the god in power over the day of one's birth ("Aztec" is a word created by Europeans, and as such, he dislikes but accepts it).

SLAVE NAME/NAME ON COLLAR: Cantando Solo ("Singing Alone" in Spanish/Espallish).

NICKNAME: Chalchuitl (CHALCH-oo-IT), Chalch (the guards that cannot pronounce his name sometimes call him this, though they usually stick to his slave name).

ORIGIN A Nahuatl/Aztec village in the Brazillian rainforest (or the Furcadian equivalent).

AGE: Approximately 26.

GENDER: Transgender Male Spoiler! "(No longer has breasts, retains vagina. Clitoris has enlarged to resemble a circumcised penis. He has no scars under his chest since the transition was magical, not medical. No, this does not make him a hermaphrodite. It makes him a man with a front hole.)"


SUB-SPECIES: Nagual (imbued with the spirit of Tlaloc, he is able to shift into a bipedal jaguar).


HEIGHT: 5'1".

WEIGHT: 115 lbs.

BODY TYPE: Lean-muscled, thick thighed. #3 with #2's hips

Human Form - Angled luminescent emerald eyes. Thick, oily black hair that falls to his mid-back in a tight braid. Wide face with high, round cheekbones.
Jaguar Form - Very short, almost human-like face. Pupils contract to feline-like slits. Muscle is more pronounced with less fat. Digitigrade hind legs and human-like forepaws with slate colored claws. White spots on ears. Short, spikey headfur. Fur has an over-all sleek, oily texture.

Human Form - Russet skin with turquoise tattoos.
Jaguar Form - Ashy fur with deep black rosettes, belly, eye spots, and muzzle markings.

PHYSICAL DRAWBACKS: Some may consider him too skinny, small, or feminine for their tastes, but currently nothing else is obviously wrong with the slave.


PHYSICAL DEFENSES: In human form, if forced to fight, he uses his bone daggers or fists. Slave prefers to fight in jaguar form and shows much more proficiency as well.

APPEALING ATTRIBUTES: Exotic appearance, prime-of-life fighter, well-toned muscle, speaks several languages. The slave is sexually a virgin in all senses.

CLOTHING: (Slave's clothing was repaired upon arrival and given to him once he proved her obedience) Teal ceremonial loincloth, arm bands, Macaw-feather pauldrens, gem-encrusted gold collar, emerald and ruby encrusted gold belt and bracers. In human form he wears his tribal sandals.

OTHER ITEMS: When in the arena and forced to fight in human form, slave is permitted to use the bone daggers he was captured with.



SEXUALITY: Given a choice, Chalch is entirely homosexual, but panromantic. This means he can fall for anyone, regardless of gender, but is only physically attracted to men.

FERAL or CULTURED: Mostly cultured unless pushed.

PHOBIAS:Fire, white men, armor, Spaniards/Espallians.

LIKES: Fighting, training, dancing, singing, nature, night-time

DISLIKES: Slavery, sexism, despotism, egomaniacs, those who squander nature, being touched inappropriately

DISORDERS:PTSD, Caucasophobia (Fear of White/Caucasian People, more specifically men, and those resembling them), arsonphobia (fear of large flames)

HOW DOES HE PRESENT HIMSELF:Respectful, obedient, though still retains some pride.

FEELINGS TOWARDS BEING OWNED/RENTED:Unknown. Though the slave seems content with his subservience, he sometimes shows a desire for freedom. As he has not acted on these desires, he is permitted to stay in the harem pen.

OVERALL-ATTITUDE:Quiet, subdued, and obedient. In the ring and in his jaguar form the slave seems slightly more prone to instinctual urges. Beyond his quiet obedience, Chalch is prideful of his heritage and beliefs. Given the chance, he would not hesitate to lash out at someone bringing harm unto another living creature, the natural world, and so on. He despises being a slave, but will not act on it of his own volition. Despite his best efforts, sometimes his inner wish to be free slips out in conversation or his actions, though it might not be viewed in such a manner by others (i.e. stating his actual name instead of his slave name).

QUIRKS: Besides shape-shifting powers, none.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS:Singing, dancing, trinket making. Slave has shown innate ability in fashioning simple jewelry out of seashells, bone, etc.

MAINTENANCE: Somewhat high-maintenance. Fur and hair have an oily texture and thus require near constant bathing. Slave's battle prowess must be maintained, thus constant training is also required.

DIET/ALLERGIES: Omnivorous. Chocolate and coffee (whether processed or the beans themselves) are a treat for him. Prefers heavily seasoned meats.


LANGUAGE(S) SPOKEN: Common (Rudimentary), Spanish/Espallish (Rudimentary- slave is resistant to speaking this language), Nahuatl (Fluent). Has a heavy South-American accent.

READING/WRITING: Literacy is rudimentary; though rune-deciphering is surprisingly advanced.

MAGICAL OR NON-MAGICAL: Beyond shape-shifting and expedited healing the slave has not shown any magic powers. The slave claims that with training, some may appear. Slave also claims he can summon rain, though this has yet to be proven.

TALENTS/SKILLS: Shape-shifting, primitive jewelry craft, dancing, singing, hunting, combat, tropical herb knowledge.

TRAINING: Slave has been trained to fight in the arena as well as serve as a companion slave. He has no experience in serving as a sexual partner.


  • Renters: Valience a.k.a. "Shen" x 1, (Female who's name escapes me) x 1, Jaspard x 1
  • Owners: Spaniards/Espallians (NPC)
PREVIOUS USAGE(S): Gladiator, servant, furniture, whipping girl, conversation companion (Valience a.k.a. "Shen"), herb finder (unnamed woman), story-telling/singing (Jaspard)

PREVIOUS STATUS:Priest of Tlaloc (Free person)

RENT OR OWN:Rent to Own

Per Night - 30 Gold/3 Platinum (assuming the slave stays a virgin)
To Own (After two-three rentals) - 270 Gold/27 Platinum


Furcadian Alt Name: Chalchuitl

Face Claim: Face Claim: Michael Greyeyes

Availability: Mostly late afternoon and evening hours (4-11 pm) EST. The character will be played intermittently as he is not my main character. See below.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Anything, though I require consent for severe mutilation (i.e. limb removal) and death. Preferable I am looking for someone to train him in fighting, magic, and his literacy, as well as a kind owner for him to fall in love with/lose his virginity to.

What are your allowances for your character:Go ahead and do whatever you want, though I require consent for some things (see above).

Long Term/Short Term: Both (I have health issues, however, so I require an understanding slaver)


Contact Details: OOC character is Bananasaurus and Mad Cat. Often seen on Ashkost as well.

Notes:I won't be playing this character religiously as he is a side character, but I do enjoy playing him so i hope to be on him a lot. As such, I'll need for his owner to be understanding OoC.

Also known as Candle!
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