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Shear {Unowned} 
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Post Shear {Unowned}

Shear's Papers

Basic Information

Full Name: Unknown

Name on Identification: Shear

Age: 19 yrs

Gender: Female, in body and temperment

Species: Mother was purebred wolf, father unknown

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Strong, yet soft. Femme has thick thighs, a taut stomach, DD cup breasts, and strong, childbearing hips. Legs are long and torso is a bit on the shorter side. Tends to be a bit bottom heavy.

Physical Details: 5'10" // 140lbs - Shear is tall, body is proportional. Arms are long and fit, stomach is tight, and back is strong. She seems to have natural strength and also seemed to be very dexterous. Those seeking intimacy will be happy to note that not only is Shear beautiful in the face, but she is curved beautifully, with a full rump and large breasts. Legs are notably longer than torso and they are strong, yet soft. Cloven hooves. Wool is a light cream in color, and extremely soft to the touch, although not quite as soft as her underfur, which is velvet-like to touch and black in colour. Eyes are upturned,
and a golden colour. She has dark, long lashes that naturally curl upwards. Face is hear-shaped, and muzzle is canine--wolf in similarity.

Physical Markings: None. Has only black fur and cream wool.

Physical Drawbacks: Horns get heavy for the femme sometimes, so she is prone to neck aches.

Current Infliction(s): No wounds have been inflicted upon the femme, and no scars are present.

Physical Defenses: Ram-like horns.

Appealing Attributes: Virginity is still intact.

Clothing: Used to wear lovely gowns when she lived in the Lusk household, now will wear harem slave silks.

Other Items: Given by Miss G. Lusk ~
one leatherbound journal
one golden locket
charcoal drawing set


Feral or Cultured: Very cultured. Attended a girl's school as a young child with her dutied companion, and helped her with homework and such. Well mannered and kind.

Phobias: Acrophobia (the fear of heights), Athazagoraphobia (the fear of abandonment), Entomophobia (the fear/distaste of bugs)

Disorders: Mild depression, mild general anxiety

How do they present themselves: Generally comfortable with small crowds, but gets slightly uncomfortable in very large crowds, especially if she is the center of attention. Has a general grace about her. Femme is gentle in nature, and truly kind-hearted. Unskilled with flirting, and get's shy when talking about anything sexual.
She is quiet unless spoken to.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Enjoys it. She has accepted her place long ago, and takes it in stride.

Overall Attitude: Gentle, quiet, friendly, submissive, sweet.

Quirks: Soft french accent.

Hobbies / Interests: Has shown long-term interest in both painting and charcoal sketching. Has shown recent interest in calligraphy.

High or Low Maintenance: High. Wool will grow all over her body other than her face if not sheared off. She prefers to style it herself, and is skilled at it.

Diet / Allergies: No known allergies at this time.


Language(s) Spoken: Common, French

Can they Read/Write: Yes, slave is very literate.

Can your character produce magic: Not to previous owner's knowledge.

Talents/Skills: Femme is skilled in exotic dancing, the grooming and upkeep of women and wardrobe, cooking, cleaning, sewing, music and song. Seemed to be naturally strong and dexterous.

Training: Attended a girl's school as a young lady's companion from the ages 9-19, and picked up most of her learned etiquette, manners, and literacy. From age 10-15, she served as a household maid and child's companion, learning the importance of common skills such as how to do hair and apply makeup, prepare clothing, sewing, cooking, music, song, dance, and storytelling. From age 15-19, she was trained in exotic dancing while she also served as a Lady's maid.


Current Owner: None.

Previous Owners: Earl and Countess of Lusk

Previous Usage(s): Child's companion, household maid, lady's maid

Previous status: None. Slaveborn.

For Rent or to Own: Both.

Cost: Rent - 20Image || Own - 240Image

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Often! Shoot me a whisper. Please don't be offended if I don't have the time for RP. I am a busy person.

What are you looking for in a slave/slaver Roleplay: Seeking someone who will be a bit rougher with her. Shear has had a spoiled life, and she has yet to see a very firm hand.

What are your allowances for your character: No death. No mutilation. Keep gore to a minimum.

Long Term/Short Term: Both!

General Information

Character Description:
Slave girl was an odd mix of things. A wolf in sheep's clothing or was it the other way around? No, there was no wearing of another's coat here. That wool was real, as were those yellow eyes. Ram horns curled around her wolf ears, just another mark of the strange creature she was. Little hooves clicked upon stones and sunk into sand, but she'd trail along, happy to serve. The mess of wool on her head was somewhat contained into thick braids, framing such a pretty face that didn't look quite in place, but it did. Surely, she was unique enough to draw eyes upon her this far. Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Website: RPR

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Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:13 pm
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