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Gahwaji { Unowned, for rent } 
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Post Gahwaji { Unowned, for rent }

Basic Information

Full Name:
Ghiyath al-Din Nejem.


Name on Identification:

Unknown; mature/young adult.

Male, cisgendered/gender conforming.

ICly, believed to be a hybridized unicorn.
(Actually a Nyxie Zuna, a closed species created by the artist Smooshkin.)

Sub Species/Breed:

Physical Appearance

Body Type:
Ectomesomorph. Lean and slender, but packed with tight, corded muscle and very little body fat.

Physical Details:
Hair -- Mane-like, close to appearing like a Mohawk and colored in segments of white and black. Features a feathered tuft at the end of his tail of the same color in a markedly fan-like fashion which starts short around three-quarters of the way up his tail before growing considerably longer towards the end.
Skin -- Unknown, though likely a dark brown shade.
Eyes -- Bright, piercing cobalt blue with slitted pupils.
Extra Appendages -- Two horns, one at the center of his forehead and one little south from it. The first is by far the largest, easily reaching half a foot, while the smallest is only several inches in length. His tongue is also extremely long and prehensile.
Height -- Seven foot even, not counting his largest horn or ears. He's a tall bastard!
Weight -- Appropriate, though may currently be slightly underweight.
Markings -- A base coat of gazelle orange, with burnt umber at his extremities, joints and a dark stripe down his back and his inner legs. White is prominent across his torso, buttocks, under his tail and stripe-like markings across his back and face.
Physical Features -- A keen mixture between equine and cervine; slender and streamlined but powerfully made. He has long, narrow features and horse-like face with a slightly smaller, more elegant muzzle. Humanoid hands, but cloven hooved feet.
Piercings -- Two golden hoops on either ear, a golden cap on his largest horn and a golden septum ring. Jacob's Ladder on the underside of his shaft.
Other -- Gahwaji's blood, as well as his innards and naughty bits (NSFW reference), are all a bright blue color. This includes his tongue and gums. This is because of his horn core, which is made of nuvilite. In periods of high emotion, stress or while using magic, his horn will emit a bright aqua glow from the vents at the side. The smallest horn does not emit any glow.

Physical Markings:
None at the moment.

Physical Drawbacks:
Rather tall.

Current Infliction(s):
None at the moment.

Physical Defenses:
Carnivorous teeth, hooves, powerful legs.

Appealing Attributes:
Extremely exotic and quite handsome.

A simple leather kilt. Currently wears a muzzle and horse bridle.

Other Items:
Bladed trident staff.


Feral or Cultured:
A mixture of both, though it's hard to tell which one rules over the other.

The dark.

Possibly some temper issues.

How do they present themselves:
However they feel like.

Feelings towards being owned / rented:
Dislikes it greatly.

Overall Attitude:
Coarse, rude, but not an entirely lost cause.

Known to growl and roar like a lion or tiger, and hiss like a crocodile.

Hobbies / Interests:
See Talents/Skills.

High or Low Maintenance:
Medium-High. He needs a lot of work and patience.

Diet / Allergies:
Mostly carnivorous, no allergies.


Language(s) Spoken:
Common tongue/English, Nyxie.

Can they Read / Write:
Only in Nyxie.

Can your character produce magic:

Talents / Skills:
Bone carving, botany, alchemy, fire dancing (including poi and fire eating), sword dancing, massage, pleasure, gladiatorial fighting, tracking, hunting, spiritual rituals, guard duties. Slave also adamantly claims to be a 'coffee expert'.



Current Owner:

Previous Owners:

Previous Usage(s):

Previous status:
Free; coffee merchant.

For Rent or to Own:
For rent, ownership must be discussed before hand.

10 Image per rental.

OOC Info/Notes

If I'm sitting in the main hall, then I'm more than likely available for roleplay.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay:
Someone to train Gahwaji to be a decent, if not proper slave. He needs a strong, firm hand and a patient owner who won't simply resort to beating slaves to get their way. I'm also currently not actively looking for an owner for him, unless I come across someone that clicks really well with my schedule/my character. So he's likely going to stay rental only for a while, but don't be afraid to talk to me about owning him if you really want to.

What are your allowances for your character:
Just the usual stuff. I don't mind sexual roleplays or having him being rented for sexual purposes. Just none of the extreme kinks or fetishes, like watersports, scat, vomit, inflation etc. Please don't try and kill him, or maim him without either asking first or talking to me about it.

Long Term/Short Term:

General Information

Character Description:
> Tall, dark and handsome. A sumptuous feast for the eyes in a splendid array of vivid umber orange and dark, roasted brown. The curious stallion was seemingly an exotic mix of equine and cervine - strength formed across a slender, compact form as opposed to bulging muscle and long, powerful legs. The most remarkable thing about the beast was the sheer radiancy of his cobalt blue eyes, like oasis pools upon the desert, which matched the color of his blood.


Here (NSFW warning!)

Contact Details:
Gahwaji on Furcadia.

Please feel free to leave a small log of your encounter with Gahwaji on these papers!
I'd love for him to get some IC feedback from other characters.

Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:18 pm
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