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Viscerus [Unowned] 
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Post Viscerus [Unowned]
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Kryx T'aalisk

Nickname: None.

Name on Identification: Viscerus

Age: Mid 30's.

Gender: Male

Species: Wyrmme

Sub Species/Breed: Highborn

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Muscular. Athletic.

Physical Details: Olive scales with ivory throat and underbelly. Whitish, almost opalescent 'hair' and similarly colored feather plumage along his tail. He has two black horns and his facial fins are rather small, streamlined and barely visible along the sides of his face. He has a pair of wings with reddish membranes and although they appear fully functional they are too small for flight.

Physical Markings: Black-stained arms. Unknown if coloring is natural or unnatural but it does not wash off.

Physical Drawbacks: A bit clumsy within the Tether. His body is built for rugged, mountainous terrain and wide open spaces so navigating narrow halls and rooms and walking upon smooth stone/wood flooring causes issue. He is also not that dexterous, with clawed hands used to gripping and tearing things and not really bothering with handling delicate objects.

Current Infliction(s): Infrequent bouts of light-headedness or physical weakness. Written off as anemia and possibly a sign of nutrient deficiency due to a lack of meat while in passage to the island. He will be monitored to assure that he is not carrying any illness although he passed his quarantine period with no issue.

Physical Defenses: Extremely hard and resilient scales cover his body which thicken into a rugged, overlapping armor plating spanning over his shoulders to the base of his wings. Wicked claws and talons have been buffed/blunted and may be capped upon request to lessen risk of danger to his handlers.

Appealing Attributes: Tall (compared to most Furres), muscular, unusual and striking eye color.
Although his wings are rather small the fact that he is a Highborn may appeal to those looking for a somewhat exotic or 'taboo' species.

Clothing: Standard Tether fare. Leather loincloth with a burnished gold emblem displaying the House crest and heavy iron shackles around his neck, arms and ankles.

Other Items: All possessions including his armor, spoils and other personal belongings have been confiscated and sold off with the exception of two fist weapons presumably kept in holding.


Feral or Cultured: "Cultured"

Phobias: Claustrophobic. Loss of vision either by hood, blindfold, or other means.

Disorders: None known, unless being a Drakorian savage is considered a disorder.

How do they present themselves: Condescending to all Furres to the point of instigating conflict regardless of the risk (or delivery) of repeated punishment. Otherwise cold, though somewhat respectful to those with authority who stand their ground against him. Surprisingly genial towards scalies. Basically a reptilian supremacist.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: He is absolutely loath to subject himself to such submissive behavior. Coming from a culture where Furres were merely the slaves and playthings of Wyrmmes, to have the roles reversed revolts him.

Overall Attitude: Threatening. Combative. If removed from the holding pen for any reason he is to be muzzled. After repeated incidents with the Guards from the moment he set foot on the island he is seemingly far from gaining any form of House privileges.

Quirks: Closes his eyes often while speaking. Perhaps less of a quirk but a sign of condescension as a Wyrmme always keeps note of his surroundings, betraying that he feels those around him are not a threat or a thing to be respected.

Hobbies / Interests: None known and none given.

High or Low Maintenance: Low.

Diet / Allergies: Carnivore (formerly a known Sennibal, or eater of sentient races). If he does not consume meat on a regular basis he will become sick.


Language(s) Spoken:
Low Drakorian [Fluent]
High Drakorian [Fluent]
Common [Novice]

Can they Read / Write: He can read an write in both High and Low Drakorian and even some Latin presumably due to his Highborn upbringing. His Common writing and reading skills are at a most basic level and he would require extensive tutoring if one wished to use him for any job that requires literacy.

Can your character produce magic: It is only known that he can produce a type of 'Dark' magic, observed to be related to the tiny scale-sized gem embedded in his forehead during his capture. He is adequately bound in three magic-negating cuffs; one around his neck and one on each wrist.
[For the safety of the Patrons it is recommended that his anti-magic restrains never be loosened, at least without the supervision of a Tether specialist.]

Talents / Skills:
Hunting / Dressing [High]
Tracking / Scouting / Recon [High]
Fighting [High]
Smithing [Low]
First Aid [Low]
Sorcery [Unknown]



Current Owner: None.

Previous Owners: None.

Previous Usage(s): Alleged General in the Drakorian Army.

Previous status: Free.

For Rent or to Own: Rent.

Cost: 20 gold pieces.

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Most evenings/nights [EST].

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Experiences- both good and bad.

What are your allowances for your character: Anything goes. Viscerus is a Non Consent character.

Long Term/Short Term: Both.

General Information

Character Description:
He was all sinew and scale, wreathed in natural armaments and crowned with wicked black horns, a robust predator who exemplified what savagery thrived in the wild wastes of Drakoria. The Wyrmme's severe yet dignified demeanor suited one of great status strikingly unperturbed by capture, an indomitable patrician who wore his slave trappings - old leather scraps and heavy iron shackles - as though they were the finest silks and jewels.



Contact Details: Viscerus in-game.


Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:02 pm
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