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Neirin [Unowned] 
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Post Neirin [Unowned]

Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Neirin

Nickname: --

Name on Identification: Neirin

Age: 30's

Gender: Cisgender Male

Species: Fey Elf

Sub Species/Breed: Vaasa (Canine demon) / Corvid Shapeshifter

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Slender

Physical Details: (Hair/Eyes/Skin/Etc)
Eyes: Large, lavender in colour; no schera
Hair: Red; Semi-long, curly, soft
Skin: Pale, soft; glows with a soft shimmer; blue undertones
Teeth: Sharp, seemingly nonsensical and needle-like
Legs: Digitigrade, fur-less
Tail: Easily as long as his body, covered in hair similar to his head

Physical Markings: A scar off-center near the middle of his chest, two inches wide, well healed

Physical Drawbacks: N/A

Current Infliction(s): N/A

Physical Defenses: (If any.) A nasty bite

Appealing Attributes: Gorgeous as are most elves, despite being an apparent mutt

Clothing: A semi-sheer mid-thigh length toga with silver clasps; silver wrist cuffs that serve as magic-suppression tools

Other Items: (Remember slaves cannot have belongings let alone have them on them, they may be made available when rented / purchased.) None; this slave came in with no belongings other than what he wears


Feral or Cultured: Cultured

Phobias: None

Disorders: Anxiety

How do they present themselves: Quiet, watchful, eager to serve

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Neirin is content with being owned; he seems to prefer a stable ownership over being rented, or at least to know he has a stable role in life

Overall Attitude: Overall a good attitude; at times he can be sullen, but it is something only other slaves might see

Quirks: N/A

Hobbies / Interests: Birds of any kind

High or Low Maintenance: Low

Diet / Allergies:
Physical food seems to be something Neirin can not consume without becoming ill; instead, Neirin is known to eat only 'magic'. While preferring to feed on creatures who are also of supernatural, fey, or magical origin, Neirin can also consume the magic from trinkets, or other items. A staple of his diet includes gems and other devices used to store magic power.


Language(s) Spoken: Neirin seems to speak a great many languages due to a thorough education

Can they Read / Write: Yes

Can your character produce magic: Yes

Talents / Skills: Strong affinity for flight magic; especially talented with a staff

Training: Various forms of basic magic, various forms of basic combat


Current Owner: Unowned

Previous Owners: Two previous owners, unnamed in documents

Previous Usage(s): Pleasure, general servitude, has the skill for gladiatorial efforts

Previous status: Student

For Rent or to Own: Both

Cost: 20G / 250G

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Currently, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my free days. I am otherwise available after 12:30am most days for a few hours. This is subject to change without much notice.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Stable, continuous storyline. I am not looking to RP every day - it may be limited to my two days off a week, as I am generally not available during 'normal' hours. I am not interested in large group RP, and prefer to keep the main people involved in a storyline from 1-3 people tops.

Exactly what I am looking for for Neirin will depend heavily on your character. Please, feel free to approach! I'll be happy to do the same, if I have an interest.

What are your allowances for your character: I'm open to almost anything. Reach out to me and we can discuss it!

Long Term/Short Term: Both are fine, just prefer no one-shots

General Information

Character Description:

Slender and tall, the pale, shimmering creature can be described as some form of elf-mutt. Overly long ears, thin and delicate features, large lavender eyes, and curly red hair make up his face. A semi-sheer toga is draped on his body, hanging only half-way down his thighs, and clasped with silver; the only other adornment on this elf would be the silver cuffs around his wrists. The tell-tale signs, however, of this elf being a 'mutt' are the animal-like form his legs have taken, and the long, fluffy tail trailing behind him. ...Come to think of it, wouldn't some describe such a creature as some sort of 'satyr'?

Website: N/A


Contact Details:

Furcadia: Neirin
Discord: tate#4203


Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:30 am
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