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Mayve [Unowned] 
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Post Mayve [Unowned]
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Mayve; no official last name on record, though will take a surname of the house she serves.

Nicknames: 'Lily' -She; 'Whisper' - Emperor

Name on Identification: Mayve

Age: Roughly 26; she has no exact number, nor date of birth.

Gender: Female; Presents herself as such.

Species: Bipedal Feline; Mother of Ocelot blood, Father of Snow Leopard

Sub Species/Breed: No sub-species known.

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Thin, bordering on lithe; lacking in much physical aptitude within her upper body, forearms are thin and fingers are slender. Shoulders are more narrow while hips remain broader than such, giving for good balance.

Physical Details: Hair is a pale blonde, ending around her lower back but often held back with braids, or pinned back and away from face. Fur is short and soft throughout body, barely but fuzz along her stomach and breasts, and a tad longer over her back and along her hips and legs. Long tail can meet the ground if desired so, but is often held seamlessly up and away from the dust of cobbles or dirt, oft times draping around a leg or over her lap when seated. Eyes are bright and reflective of the ocean, flecks of darker and lighter blue reminiscent of stars in the evening sky.

Physical Markings: Those of her brethren Ocelot, though far paler than typical. In their darkest of spots, stripes and spots are of a darker grey, particularly along her back and lower legs. Along face, sides, chest and arms, markings are of a soft ash shade of grey, vanishing on her abdomen and hands altogether.

Physical Drawbacks: Physical weakness is expected with such small form, as is constitution. Although not weak-stomached, finicky eating patterns lead to lacking of muscle; one would rather go without food than consume something that is perceived as spoiled. Such leads to fatigue and mild listlessness when not properly eating.

Current Infliction(s): Hunger, listlessness, insomnia; no physical ailments.

Physical Defenses: When in prime form, agility and dexterity are key to surviving extreme circumstances; cool tongue and even more agile mind keeps one typically out of the placement of physical danger, however.

Appealing Attributes: A quick wit and ability to think on her feet gained her position within the House of Arrietti, although potential buyers seem insistent on indulging within her more physical of attributes. Being of such pale coat, one can see the lack of any scars or markings, save a single tattoo on her lower back from her former house.

Clothing: Clothing is minimal, little more than a cotton shift needed in the island heat.

Other Items: Mayve owns no personal possessions, and was sold with no such items.


Feral or Cultured: Highly cultured; eloquently spoken and well-versed

Phobias: No hard phobias are known, though fire is often avoided when able and long trips over dark water are feared after the loss of a friend and fellow slave along her journey to Guildereim.

Disorders: None known.

How do they present themselves: Mayve presents polite and intelligent, with little want or need to speak out of turn or offend any given company- whether free or enslaved.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Mayve has accepted position in life and finds safety in having loyalties to proper individuals; former status as Ancillae gave a sort of position in former household, holding reason to believe expectations within servitude to be a bit disillusioned.

Overall Attitude: Optimistic, well-mannered and overall willing to please.

Quirks: Yet to be observed.

Hobbies / Interests: Has expressed adoration for both reading and arranging gardens, though time has allowed for neither since captivity on Guildereim.

High or Low Maintenance: Moderate maintenance. Need for pampering is low, as is need for attention; shows a penchant for catering to others, though may need delicate diet.

Diet / Allergies: Land game, primarily; maritime catches seem of little interest with the exclusion of shellfish. Wheat-based items such as breads are disregarded, as is rice and fruit.
Updated Note: Slave shows severe allergic reactions to cinnamon; such spice any any related should be profusely avoided.

Language(s) Spoken: Common is spoken eloquently, although most tongues surrounding the mediterranean can be at least understood, if not spoken well.

Can they Read / Write: Common can be read and written- knowledge came from speaking first, and then written/read. Other mediterranean languages were learned primarily from books and passing speakers, and then spoken. Common is the only written language known.

Can your character produce magic: No magic known.

Talents / Skills: Written/Read/Spoken word, accounts keeping for small funds, cosmetics and beautification of others, bathing of others, event coordination, personal management

Training: Before arrival to Guildereim, Mayve held role of Ancillae and body slave to the late Domina of the House of Arrietti; she worked her way to such position through hard work, loyalty, and a willingness to learn. She was under the guidance of her Domina for roughly a decade, learning to read, speak publicly, and teach simple task and knowledge to the remainder of the house slaves. She began this journey at the position of a sort of handmaiden for the woman, bathing her, pampering her, brushing out her hair and wigs, and learning the finer details of beautification via khols and pigments.


Current Owner: The Golden Tether

Previous Owners: Cassidia Lyra Organa di Arrietti

Previous Usage(s): Personal Attendant, Ancillae

Previous status: Free person prior to age 10.

For Rent or to Own: For rental only.

25 G per rental.
Permanent ownership unavailable.[/size]

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: 2 Full-ish days per week, with various nights. (More nights will clear up after the holiday season!)

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: The ability to grow Mayve as a character, push her limits and also interact with other patrons and slaves within the Tether; private dreams are enjoyed but private and public play within the Tether is preferred.

What are your allowances for your character: Any, even death- circumstances are important, as character death need be impactful and formative to another's storyline.

Long Term/Short Term: Both are enjoyed! PMs are welcome, as are offline whispers; my posts can get wordy, and my online time may be short some weeks.[/size]

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Post Re: Mayve [Unowned]
Slave in question is now sworn into the Harem, Mayve now has minor freedoms such as mingling with the Patrons, serving whom ever needs her services and aiding staff and house slaves with other duties. Price of her rental is unchanged. Ownership offers are suspended for the time being pending evaluation of potential buyers in current loggerheads.

Signed Handler Rothscomb.

Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:23 pm
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