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Tykari [Owned] 
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Post Tykari [Owned]
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Tykari

Nickname: Ty, Tyty

Name on Identification: Tykari

Age: Appears mid twenties

Gender: Appears female

Species: Trys'tet

Sub Species/Breed: Sun Clan, appears as a panther

Physical Appearance

Body Type: curvy, yet fit

Physical Details: Pink petals that cascade down to her rear, eyes are silver with a ring of blue around each iris, scar over right eye running vertically with a burn scar, left cheek has a burn scar

Physical Markings: White bio-luminescent markings along her spine

Physical Drawbacks: Blind

Current Infliction(s): Blindness

Physical Defenses: Claws, bite

Appealing Attributes: Appealing form, exotic species, polite, good dancer.

Clothing: Blue harem silks (see website for further look!)

Other Items: Diamond serpent collar


Feral or Cultured: Very cultured

Phobias: Fire

Disorders: PTSD, depression, anxiety disorder

How do they present themselves: Regal and well-mannered

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Despises the fact that she has once again been made a slave, but knows fighting against it is useless and escape only means she will be caught once again/

Overall Attitude: Cordial and polite

Quirks: Doesn't understand most forms of humour

Hobbies / Interests: Sewing, dancing, singing

High or Low Maintenance: Medium maintenance

Diet / Allergies: Requires regular consumption of blood, but otherwise only needs sunlight, soil and water. Food is irrelevant


Language(s) Spoken: Common, Japanese, German, Plant, Chinese (Manderine)

Can they Read / Write: Yes and no, cannot read due to blindness and never learned braille. Does know how to write, though

Can your character produce magic: Psionic capabilities. Vambraces inhibit her abilities and prevent shapeshifting.

Talents / Skills: Cooking, singing, dancing

Training: Dance (various forms), etiquette, posture.


Current Owner: Cayden

Previous Owners: Unknown, though numerous

Previous Usage(s): Pleasure, companionship

Previous status: Free

For Rent or to Own: Rent only at this time

Cost: 25g

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Evenings after 8pm PST, Mondays and Tuesdays all day

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Someone that can take control of her and utilize all her talents, both psionic and mundane

What are your allowances for your character: Anything but scat, vore, watersports, though out of respect for my partner, if a scene goes towards sex, I will fade to black. Other things are acceptable

Long Term/Short Term: long-term

General Information

Character Description: Pink petals were held back by a vine that kept them in a tight, long ponytail of blossoms and cascading petals, a stark contrast to the charcoal fur. Silver eyes had rings of blue encircling them, and large ears poked out of petals, a combination of wolfish and feline-like appearance to them, as was her muzzle, sturdy, yet slender. A burn scar across her right cheek and another over her left eye, then a blade scar vertically intersecting her right eye. Clothing consisted of a an elegant yukata of indigo with red flowers decorating the garb and a white nagajuban for an added layer of comfort. Strapped to her wrists were a pair of steel vambraces each etched with symbols. About her throat rested a gold <a href="">collar</a> symbolizing her enslavement.


Images: Images on website.

Contact Details: Can whisper me if I am online and if one is on the TGT Discord, they can sent me a DM there

Notes: I'm not looking for her to be freed any time soon, so a Master or Mistress that would take full advantage of her being a slave would be wonderful!

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Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:44 pm
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Post Re: Tykari [Unowned]
There is a note left with her papers, signed with Lux Dawnbringer's signature. It reads as follows:

"This slave shows unrelenting obedience, and has plenty of potential. Why she is still in the untrained pen, I do not know. But I would like to state that I enjoyed having a positive rental with this one. She is skilled both in sadomasochism (receiving pain) and pleasure, and has agreed to allow me to teach her Braille. Those wishing to rent her will not be disappointed."

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Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:16 am
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Post Re: Tykari [Unowned]
Lacuna writes..

Tykari was phenomenal when I rented her today, and I greatly enjoyed her time in the baths with me.
Make this one a harem slave already.
--Lacuna M. Wolfhound

Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:06 am
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