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Beguile || Rent Only [Not Owned] 
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Full Name:
Ligeia Tou-molpe
Name on Identification:
Siren (Sea)
Sub Species/Breed:


Body Type: Hourglass. Short stature, D-Cup breasts, not overly muscular but fit.
Physical Details:
The sea siren is a prismatic display of pale purples, pinks and golden peach accents. Her markings shimmer in the light when she moves.
The colors offset by her platinum blonde hair and monochromatic eyes. Her color variances punctuated by faint white scales that run along the
length of her tail, upper arms and the corner of her eyes.
Eye color: Silver with black sclera
Hair color: Shimmering white
Skin/Scales: Prismatic – As she moves, the colors vary slightly between pale pinks, blues, purples and gold.
Horns: Cool blues at the base leading up to warmer pale gold.
Fins along ear ridge
Physical Markings:
White scales dapple along her back, tail, thighs and face.
Variant scaling on skin.

Physical Drawbacks:
When submerged in salt water her legs disappear and she reverts to a mermaid body.
Low upper body strength
Needs to have access to water.

Current Infliction(s):
None – Currently healthy.

Physical Defenses: (If any.)
Claws: Typically kept trimmed and neat and used more for beauty than for defense.
Venomous Bite: Fangs secret a venom that paralyzes the body. One bite will cause the body to stop moving. Typically used in hunting to stun prey before devouring.
Various bites can cause organ seizure and death by suffocation.
No weapon knowledge beyond being a long time spectator of gladiators. She can tell you what weapon it is but she couldn’t begin to use it herself.

Appealing Attributes:
Mysterious/ Eye catching
Soft, feminine physique.
Sensual but sophisticated
Attention seeking


*Enjoys being given jewelry - especially pearl baubles and golden embellishments.

Other Items:
*Confiscated upon arriving on the island, only given to her by patrons who allow her access.
One hand carved Flog'hera || Beaded lava rocks
Carved spearhead wrapped in silk. || White/Crystal Wentletrap shell
Various size jars filled with sea shells and black sand. || 3 small canisters of perfume.
Velvet pouch of Jadeite and opalized sea glass


Feral or Cultured:

Xerophobia – Fear of dry/arid environments

Histrionic personality – Not full blown but has an intense need for attention.

How do they present themselves:
Sensual and submissive, inviting others to delve in to the mysteries of her exotic nature and background.
Prefers to submit towards masculine men or strong women. Has a soft spot for gladiators and warriors.
Can be somewhat condescending to those she might consider soft.
Enjoys teasing, she doesn’t come off as hyper-sexual but enjoys flirting and savoring the interplay of seduction more than the carnal act itself.

Feelings towards being owned / rented:
Absolutely loves it, she rebelled against it once upon a time but found she greatly enjoyed the attention and freedom she found in submission. Each patron is a
new challenge or puzzle to unravel and she enjoys finding the things that make them happy and keep them coming back to lavish time and attention on her. She
often thinks of rebellious slaves as slaves who just haven’t realized how much fun and enjoyment you can get from submitting to someone.

Overall Attitude:
Sensual, graceful, somewhat selfish/vain but overall well intentioned.

When submerged in ocean water for a short amount of time her legs reform to a mermaid tail.
Meticulous hygiene - uses pumice stones to sheer off excess scales.
Puffs out her cheeks when she is frustrated but not when she is full blown angry.
Loves pearls.
Sings beautifully above water but under water her music is akin to a banshee's wail and can stun small fish.
*Songs were used in her freedom to lure mariners towards the water, she would then bite them to paralyze and drag them down to the depths to consume.

Hobbies / Interests:
Playing music/singing.
Hookah smoke and bubbles.
Gladiator matches
*Is a huge fan of watching the gladiatorial matches and often times will wander towards them while doing her chores in the Tether - this sometimes lands her in trouble.
Water dance

High or Low Maintenance:
High – the sheen on her scales requires daily scrubbing and she needs to have access to water.
Requires a good deal of attention if ever purchased.

Diet / Allergies:
Lactose intolerant.
*Was originally a man eater but has since learned that's not such a good idea as a slave and just prefers near raw meat and fish with occasional fruits/vegetables. Absolutely loves roe.


Language(s) Spoken: Latin, Kasurian (Common)

Can they Read / Write: Literate in both languages

Can your character produce magic: (Slaves that can produced magic will be bound in such away they can't use it unless rented / purchased.)
Yes – Magic is bound by the collar unless it is removed, or permission is given.
Songstress: Her songs can effect emotional/mental states and can cause strong sensory illusions/hallucinations once one has been listening to her sing for a while. This is an active component to her songs meaning it is something she has to put effort in to. The siren can also decide what is seen or she can let the mind run through its own psyche.


Entertainment: Dancing (Water), Floghera, Singing
Personal: Companionship, Spa (Grooming, Hair braiding, Hot Stone massage, Acupuncture), Bathing
Services: Bartender/ Drink /Service, Weapon/Armor cleaning and maintenance, Battle Medicine (she can get someone moving again but it would usually be best to go to a doctor), Embellishments/Beautification & Tattooing
High Flexibility and speed.

Previously owned by a successful gladiator and as such as had training in the following:
Slave training: Posture, appeal, obedience and language (etiquette)


Current Owner:
No individual. – The Golden Tether currently keeps her.

Previous Owners:
Suripedes (NPC)

Previous Usage(s):
Servant, Entertainment, Pleasure, Gladiator’s Assistant

Previous status:
Free born until pulled from the sea by Suripedes.

For Rent or to Own:
For rental only for the time being

Nightly: 20 Image ; 2 Image
Damage fee: 6 Image

Extended rentals beyond 3 nights currently unavailable.
- If rented for more than one night, patron is responsible for providing suitable water to the siren.


Typically evenings/weekends. (PST)

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay:
Use of her services beyond pleasure. Character development and drama (IC). Sprawling plot lines where everyone has fun and learns new things about their characters.
Focusing on things like service, submission and delving into character’s pasts. Developing relationships with regular patrons who enjoy her somewhat vain personality.

What are your allowances for your character:
Always: Patrons/Rentals | Master/slave | BDSM training | Chance encounters | 18+ | TGT Continuity
Never: Powerplay | Modern Tech | Death | Freedom |OOC =IC | Pure smut | Pregnancy

Long Term/Short Term:

Character Description:
A delicate silken thread; her colors were eye-catching among the various shades of grey. Feminine form decorated in pale almost sheer silks to accentuate the prismatic colors of her scales. Each movement within the light altering the shades of her body just a bit. Adorned in pearls along her horns, dangling trinkets made to accentuate her natural shades. White-silver locks falling past her shoulders and gently licking at the small of her back, often lined with intricate braids or delicate pins. Her smile comes easily and her body moves with a tantric sway that is inviting to the eyes and hands.

Under construction..

Contact Details:
Beguile via Furcadia


Somewhat quiet and not always paying attention to the furcadia window. So if you do post at me, be sure to poke me with a whisper so I don’t miss you!


Sun Feb 04, 2018 3:37 am
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