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Author:  Rilla [ Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:53 am ]
Post subject:  Tahari

Slave Paper Information

(Before you read this please know my character's ultimate goal in character development is to become a skilled surgeon and familiar with the Tether's Culture in means of speech, dress, and demeanor. I am not interested in her becoming a pet, lap creature, or a slave that dances and gives massage.

Also please note this character has now fights for the arena.)

≈Full Name: Tahari
≈Nickname: Little Miss Double A's
≈Name on Identification Papers: Tahari
≈Age: 18
≈Gender: Female
≈Species: Homo sapiens
≈Sub Species/Breed: Dothraki

≈Body Type: Petite

≈ Details: Chocolate brown hair, bronzed skin, hazel eyes
≈ Markings: A scar on her forearm, light scars on her back
≈ Drawbacks: Stubborn and scrappy
≈Defenses: Nails, teeth, body

≈Appealing Attributes: Healthy teeth and bones, does not slouch, pretty face, working arms and legs


  • Standard Slave Issue Clothing
  • Standard issue collar
  • Chastity belt
  • A feather from Teltrix braided into the end of her hair

≈Other Items: (In storage)
  • A bundle of wooden kabob sticks leftover from a meal
  • A golden scarab beetle from Aphrodite's scavenger hunt
  • A book of science
  • A wooden pipe
  • A box of rocks with painted faces on them
  • Inux steel surgical tools (created by Ryuo)

≈Primitive, but has the ability to become cultured if taught/trained

≈Superstitious such was magic or phenomena not explained
≈Water, cannot swim

≈Disorders: None

≈How do they present themselves: Aggressive, bullying, tough girl in the pens

≈Feelings towards being owned / rented: If there is food, she is okay

≈Overall Attitude: Where to start with this one? Aggressive, energetic, bullying, antagonizer, clever. Patrons and buyers beware! Untrustworthy, mean, and loud.

≈Quirks: For one so small, she can make an ally or an enemy in a matter of moments. Parrots words or phrases quickly, learns quickly. Has an affinity for food.

≈Hobbies / Interests: Eating, Skinning animals, starting fights, learning other cultures and things she has yet to know about, outdoor activities

≈Low Maintenance: Feed her and she will be your friend!

≈Diet / Allergies: Prefers meats over anything else, will not eat rat, will skip on vegetables and fruits too.

≈Language(s) Spoken: Well versed in Dothraki, thorough Common, one word in French

≈Read / Write: Proficient in Common

≈Magical affiliation: None

≈Talents / Skills: Dexterity, healing (herb, salve knowledge, wound treatment and bandage application, surgery). Mimicking phrases and words easily. Bullying.

≈Training: Some manners, strong training in the Tether's infirmary to become a surgeon

≈Current owner/property of: The Tether
≈Previous Owner: Viro
≈Captured from: Unknown land, vast grasslands of primitive, nomadic peoples
≈Behavior: Aggressive, stubborn but trainable: desires to learn to become adept in new surroundings
≈Prices: 75 Silver for rent

Attached to papers are records of the slave's doings, some are missing

≈6/20 Forced to wash by Biers for uncleanliness in the pens
≈6/20 Tied by Biers to the side of the pens by the wrists to prevent from attacking another slave
≈6/21 Poisoned by another slave (Benjamine) by way of eating a badly cooked plague rat with Guard Cross present to investigate, treated by patron, Dr. Rhet until well
≈Chastised by Guard Cross not to yell at patrons and to behave
≈Rented by Shanantina for correction in not to yell witch at her
≈Reprimanded by Guard Cross not to steal clothes from other slaves
≈7/10 Hogtied by Taneest Grimm for trying to attack another slave
≈7/12 Separated from Layla by Biers after Tahari calls him Grandpa and offers to trade him sticks for his cane
≈7/12 Bullies down Raine Lock who surrenders his magical gray cloak to her
≈7/12 Collects kabob sticks, stashed away safely in the underhall
≈ 7/14 Tries to give Taneest Grimm her loin cloth
≈7/14 Rented by Taneest Grimm to serve him and the Ludus after Layla attacks Ryou and is placed in special rubber horse shoes. Tahari gets a meal, cleaned up, and a serving tunic for the night

≈ 8/9 Mangled and chewed upon by Taneest Grimm in female form during the fairy migration
≈ 9/1 Fae'iqa has punished Tahari, her meals are rationed to be just enough for survival
≈ 9/8 Fae'iqa has lifted her punishment, given her ill fitting clothes after Lady Annestasia took hers!
≈ 9/11 Healed!
≈ 10/9 Purchased by Viro of House Sovereign

≈ 1/5 Contracted scurvy
≈ 1/20 Scurvy treated and healed
≈ 2/1 Lost first arena fight to Remei
≈ 2/4 Sold back to the Tether
≈ 2/11 Scraps with Benjamine in the pens
≈ 2/12 Lost fight to Taneest Grimm

OOC Info

Contact: Whisper Tahari or PM on RPR
Availability: Varies each week, contact for info

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