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Pyrgos - Harem Slave 
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Post Pyrgos - Harem Slave
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name:

Py, Pyr, Goss, Gossy

Name on Identification:

Age: 20


Humanoid, Spider

Sub Species/Breed:
Peacock Spider (Maratus Personatus)

Physical Appearance

Body Type:
Ectomorph - Slender, Androgynous, Waifish build, Lithe, Nimble.

Physical Details: (Hair/Eyes/Skin/Etc)
Deep black eyes, no hair whatsoever, a vivid blue 'mask' around the eyes.

Physical Markings:
A 'Mask' of blue around the eyes, Dusty stripes around the limbs

Physical Drawbacks:
Light, diminutive build.
Nearly blind in daylight. Becomes listless/Slow moving.

Current Infliction(s):

Physical Defenses: (If any.)
Venomous (Only for defensive purposes)
Urticating hairs on some spidery limbs.

Appealing Attributes:
Slender, curvaceous, confident, respectful, lewd.

A gorgeous red Sarong with red tassels

Other Items:
Brass cockring
Brass Anklets
Brass Bracelets. (May be made available when rented / purchased.)


Feral or Cultured:
Cultured - Raised in the circus around freaks!

Being separated from Syclos (Severe).
Astraphobia – The fear of thunder/lightning
Ombrophobia - Fear of Rain,
Monophobia – The fear of being alone (Even while eating and/or sleeping),
Autophobia – The fear of abandonment and being abandoned by someone.


How do they present themselves:
As an inseparable, sexy, freaky pair.

Feelings towards being owned / rented:
Acceptant and comfortable. Perfectly fine as long as he's with Syclos.

Overall Attitude:
Well-behaved, friendly, good-natured. Freaky!

Addicted to his twin - sexually, and otherwise.

Hobbies / Interests:
Syclos, Painting, Contortion, Dance, Music, Sex, Games of all kinds, modelling.

High or Low Maintenance:
Very Low When together with Syclos
Very High When apart from Syclos

Diet / Allergies:
Diet is extremely broad.
One of the punishments in the circus was to be rationed onto awful food.
The rewards were the opposite - being given large amounts of proper, well-prepared food.
No known Allergies.


Language(s) Spoken:
Common, French, Can learn more if taught.

Can they Read / Write:
Cannot write at all - but capable of slow, deliberate reading. No formal education.

Can your character produce magic:
No. Just an uncanny sense of where Syclos is.

Talents / Skills:
EXTREMELY flexible. Elegant in motion - able to perform sexual dances, artful dances, and deft with hands, legs, and body. Dexterous in the extreme.

Skilled in song, Cleaning, Cooking, Circus dancing, contortion, some acrobatics and aerobics, sexually experienced and mature.


Current Owner:
The Golden Tether

Previous Owners:
The Golden Tether
The Syncetti Brother's Circus and Freakshow

Previous Usage(s):
Circus Performer and Adult Entertainment

Previous status:
Owned - Slave

For Rent or to Own:
Rent Only until further discussed in private!

Rental - Together (18 Gold) Rental
One twin unavailable (15 Gold)

OOC Info/Notes

About all the time! :D

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay:
Character development, plot, fun, lewds, anything! Roleplay with us!

What are your allowances for your character:
Anything except for death!

Long Term/Short Term:
Both! Long Term preferred, Short term welcome too!

General Information

Character Description:
The embodiment of supple curve and slender frame - with smooth skin and warm smolder, the spider is undeniably eye-catching. Playful and an absolute sweetheart. From the center of the circus, to the center of the cage, along with his <a href="">twin</a> Syclos he was quick and nimble all the way. With smooth black chitins, and <b>shocks</b> of bright <b><i>color</i></b> the peacock spider and his brother make a wonderful matching pair. Waifish figure is lacking any hair atop its head, and slender form gives no hint as to gender, even his angelic face leaves no hint 'nor trace. And with an alluring smirk, his pretty, ambiguous looks are sure to thrill! [<a href="">RPR</a>] <a href=";t=19842">#Sx</a>



Contact Details:
RPR Inbox

Notes: If there are any issues or questions feel free to whisper/ask me!

Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:40 am
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