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Issak Batler - Rentable 
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Post Issak Batler - Rentable
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name:
Isaak Batler

None given

Name on Identification:
Batler, Isaak

Slave is 30 years old

Slave is Male

Slave is Human

Sub Species/Breed:
Slave refuses to say if he is human or not. All he states is that he is a male, of white decent.

Physical Appearance

Body Type:
The slave appears to be Lean muscled

Physical Details:
Black, straight long. Ending mid-back.

Dark brown almond shaped

Creamy colored


Pentagram like star on back of right hand.

Slave has a few, refuses to say where they came from.

None noted, though slave does appear to have earring piercings in both ears.

Physical Markings:
None noted

Physical Drawbacks:
None noted

Current Infliction(s):
None noted

Physical Defenses:
None noted

Appealing Attributes:
Slave is human, rare to find among Guildereim. Well trained. Extensive skills, and obedient.

Black trousers, black polished dress shoes, black socks, black tail coat, white long sleeved button up shirt, black vest, black tie, crisp white gloves.

Other Items:
The following items were taken upon arrival to the island, and will be returned to the slave once full purchase from the tether is completed.

*Silver pocket watch x 1
*Violin x 1
*Violin bow x 1
*Violin shoulder pad x 1
*Reading glasses x 1
*Journal x 1


Feral or Cultured:

None discovered

None discovered

How do they present themselves:
Proper, pristine, an overall tower of perfection from his training.

Feelings towards being owned / rented:
Does not mind. Enjoys serving others.

Overall Attitude:
An enigma

Fidgets when bored, plays with his hair when nervous

Hobbies / Interests:








High or Low Maintenance:

Diet / Allergies:
Normal diet, balanced with all food groups. No known allergies.


Language(s) Spoken:
Slave is well educated in the following languages:







*Vampyric(ooc feel free to ask)

Can they Read / Write:
Slave is able to read and write in all langaugaes spoken.

Can your character produce magic:

Talents / Skills:
Slave has expressed the following skills.









"During my tenure as butler, my responsibilities include:

*Personal Assistant
*Wine concourse
*Overseer of household
*Household management
*Domestic duties
*Child care
*Care Taker
And several other duties

My fee: Upon employer's expiration, I shall lay to rest their mortal vessel.

I am simply one Hell of a butler."


Current Owner:

Previous Owners:
The Golden Tether

Previous Usage(s):

Previous status:

For Rent or to Own:
Slave is available for rent

*To Rent:
20Image or 2Image per night

20Image or 2Image per night for nine rentals costing a total of 180Image or 18Image
- Unavailable at this time

OOC Info/Notes


What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay:
Character Development, storyline, someone who will expand on his training, and put his skills, and training to good use.

What are your allowances for your character:
NC with exception of killing him

Long Term/Short Term:

General Information

Character Description:
Silent monster. Dark as night. Taker of souls. Ultimate delight. Faithful dog. Clever and sly. Always follows. Can never lie. Loyal to his master/Mistress. A feast he awaits. Forever in the shadows. From sleep you won't wake.


See site

Contact Details:
Whisper Isaak Batler in game, or feel free to aproach if you see me.


I am a money purse user.

*slaveclass - Will not earn money since slaves don't earn money for themselves. Slaves can be given money by people with money. We would ask that people not give unowned slaves money as the money would technically be taken from them upon entering the pen

Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:31 am
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