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Cheshta [unowned/untrained] 
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Post Cheshta [unowned/untrained]
Basic Information


Full Name: Cheshta

Nickname: none

Name on Identification: same as above

Age: Unknown, Apparent early 20's

Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Sub Species/Breed: Incubus

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Athletic

Physical Details: Long auburn hair, red eyes with cat-like pupils, fair skinned, small gold antlers.

Physical Markings: None.

Physical Drawbacks: None noted.

Current Infliction(s): None noted.

Physical Defenses: Fangs and claws, healing and bodily integrity to serious wounds far above average. Notably stronger than he looks.

Appealing Attributes: Would be pretty if he got some rest.

Clothing: One intricately embroidered robe, nothing more.

Other Items: Various obscene items ranging from pornographic materials to insertable sex aids. Several leather bound journals meticulously chronicling trysts. Professional grade embroidery kit. Shoe shine kit, provided by the House.


Feral or Cultured: Cultured.

Phobias: None.

Disorders: Insomnia, nymphomania.

How do they present themselves: Intelligent, articulate, obscene. Highly sexually motivated. Can be blithe and challenging as easily as he can obedient and genuinely submissive depending, apparently, on his attraction toward the patron.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: He enjoys it; seems to relish the idea as the culmination of some deeply held fetishistic fantasy. Though he largely lacks protocol training, he is comfortable in the role of a servant. See special note below for further information.

Overall Attitude: Challenging but easily redirected. Enthusiastic. Extremely eccentric. At times highly affectionate. Intensely motivated by praise. Prone to bouts of flirtatious whimsy.

Quirks: Oral fixation. Chews and sucks anything that can fit in his hand. Slight Ukrainian accent.

Hobbies / Interests: Writing, embroidery.

High or Low Maintenance: High.

Diet / Allergies: Omnivorous, sweet tooth, penchant for consuming raw meat.


Language(s) Spoken: Common, feral, Ukrainian.

Can they Read / Write: Yes.

Magical abilities: Yes. Nothing which would in any way be useful to a prospective owner. Can influence arousal in others supernaturally, can appear in the guise of unrequited or dead lovers.

Talents / Skills: Claims that he tells a good joke, mixes a good drink, and is good in bed -- in other words none.

Addendum: Upon further forcible interview the slave seems to be highly skilled with embroidery. Vain, he has a keen interest in his own appearance and the appearance of others. He has a talent for maintaining wardrobes, and might make a good body slave or personal servant with appropriate training. He is, also, in fact, of high value as a pleasure slave.

Focused interest in boot blacking. **Has been provided a shoe shine kit by the House to make use of this proclivity.

Training: Minimal and basic, needs further review.

Ownership history

A special note on previous status, mental health, comportment, and training -- Please read.
Cheshta self reports that he was as a free individual prior to capture. However, upon further strict interrogation Cheshta revealed that he directly serves (or served, given his current status as property of the Tether) the lord of lust, Asmodeus, an apex demon.

Those familiar with demonology and lore will know that very young demons such as Cheshta are often taken under the "protection" of older, more powerful demons as they learn to gather souls, and function on the surface. These relationships are comparable to that of a pimp to the workers in their stable.

Given his history, this was true of Cheshta's experience. He was driven hard and harshly punished for any failures to meet soul harvesting quotas. In light of his extensive solicitation and travel, it can be surmised that Cheshta was intentionally isolated. He has never had a home or established stable relationships. He has no true identity outside of his "work".

His fidelity and obedience to his previous master is noted to be complete and unquestioning. He is hardened, and does not view himself as a victim. Rather, he seems to take great pride in the diligence of his service to his previous master.

Futher, Cheshta rather blithely reports that he views his new status as a slave as a "vacation" from his previous lifestyle. He may genuinely view slavery as an escape.

Unstable and given to violent sadistic tenancies, there is no question that Cheshta is damaged goods. However, he has already been broken once. With the right master, given a balance of affection, a stern hand, and liberal use as a carnal servant, Cheshta should be re-broken and re-trained with relative ease.

Current Owner: None.

Previous Owners: Asmodeus, apex incubus [NPC]

Previous Usage(s): Itinerant sex worker

Previous status: Indentured servant

For Rent or to Own: 5 gold rental, 50 gold purchase. It is suggested that prospective owners rent several times before making final purchase.

Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:11 pm
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