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Cultist's Papers 
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Post Cultist's Papers
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Erebos

Nickname: None as of yet

Name on Identification: Cultist

Age: Unknown; appears Mid-20’s

Gender: Agender; Trans Masculine

Species: Equine

Sub Species/Breed: Unknown

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Tall, lean, Ectomorph

Physical Details:
His mane falls in wild inky tresses, in loose curls and waves as does his tail. It’s thick. Terribly thick, and shadows seem to cling to it.
His fur is mainly a dark midnight black, with a paler coal grey coloring from his lower jaw, to his throat, stomach, and inner thighs.
Staticky-looking white-grey stripes stripe most of his body, stopping at his upper arms and fading at his hooves.
His hooves are white in color.
His eyes have some bioluminescence to them, they are pure white with an eerie glow.

Physical Markings: Scars along his upper shoulders/back.

Physical Drawbacks: None known

Current Infliction(s): None Known

Physical Defenses: Sharp teeth and sharp hooves.

Appealing Attributes: He’s a very odd looking creature, a equine with the teeth and grin of a canine. He appears almost wolfish in some aspects. There’s also aura of power around him that seems to attract others. He's charismatic, often drawing people in.

Clothing: Tattered crimson loincloth, upper wolf skulls on each hip.

Other Items: Multiple necklaces with bones and small animal skulls on them. A collection of teeth. A pair of leather bracers and ‘boots’. A pair of twin daggers, both made of the teeh of some very large animal. Said by Erebos to be Wolf Fangs.


Feral or Cultured: A mix of both, though he can speak and appears cultured, he is obviously got some serious feral instincts. Though oddly, they’re not equine feral instincts, but canine.

Phobias: None yet.

Disorders: Hallucinations, both Auditory and Visual.

How do they present themselves: Erebos, for the most part, appears as an innocent but odd young man. He often seems jovial and willing to bend to other’s desires. But there’s an underlying level of sarcasm and darkness to him. Like he is just playing his part until something happens. He delights in chaos.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Cultist has no feelings for or against it. As he sees it, he is here for the time being, he might as well be of some use to someone.

Overall Attitude: Erebos wears a mask. What he appears on the surface is untrue. He is, deep down, a flawed creature. A follower of an Eldritch Wolf God of Old, he has learned how to use his kind exterior for great evil. He loves and revels in chaos and destruction. He delights in nothing more than causing pain to others. He's got odd habits, due to being raised mostly by a cult. He delights in the Occult, Blood, and Sacrifice.

Quirks: He can often be heard talking to himself, either in Common or some Unknown Tongue. He seems fairly twitchy and comforting touch often makes him tense quite a bit. He doesn’t trust easily, and assumes everyone is as twisted as he is deep down.

Hobbies / Interests: Collects teeth, collects skulls and bones, likes scrimshaw. Prone to self flagellation when allowed to attone for ‘Sins’ against his god.

High or Low Maintenance: Low

Diet / Allergies: Primarily eats meat, but does not mind vegetables/fruits/grains. Stomach seems fairly cast iron.


Language(s) Spoken: Common, Eldritch

Can they Read / Write: Yes

Can your character produce magic: Not without ritual/The blessing of his God

Talents / Skills: As a previous high-ranking member of his Cult, Erebos is very good at winning people over. He was often sent out to recruit others, and despite his bizarre and mutated appearance, he oft succeeded. He's naturally warm and charismatic at first glance. He appears to be a kind man.

He is a novice at combat as well, having sparred with cult members for many years. He revels in bloodshed and chases victory with single minded pursuit.

He is practiced in ritual magic, often using it to honor his god. This includes sacrifice and bloodletting along with self flagellation. He has some knowledge of anatomy, to make sacrifices, and he has a budding interest in the medical feild but no skill outside of basic interest and curiosity.

- He has been trained in combat, primarily combat with twin daggers as well as archery to a small degree.
- Though not traditional training, he has been groomed to be a spokesman and salesman. What he sells is salvation and religion. Though this could probably be used for other things.
- He is extremely flexible due to intense yoga sessions, and will often be found striking poses in the pens when not used.
- He has a knowledge of the occult. Mostly in how to make a proper sacrifice to his god, ritualistic bloodletting, as well as basic magic. Though he can not preform the latter without ritual.


Current Owner: None

Previous Owners: None

Previous Usage(s): Recruiter, combatant, priest

Previous status: Free

For Rent or to Own: Rent to Own

Cost: 5 gold to rent, 10 Plat to own

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Whenever I’m online

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Not sure really!

What are your allowances for your character: NC save death

Long Term/Short Term: Long and Short term welcome

General Information

Character Description: A wolfish grin would oft be seen on this Equine’s muzzle, for yes, Equine he was despite the fact that his smile stretched so far. Sharp teeth would show in dark maw, far sharper than anything Equines should have. Curved horns would raise from his brow arching back and coming to a sharp point. Wild mane of inky tresses would fall in loose curls around him. He was a creature of shadows. From his dark midnight-hued pelt, to the staticky grey-white striping across it. He stood bare for the most part, tall and lean, wearing naught but a loincloth of tattered red fabric about his hips. Fastened to wolf skulls at his hips, he wore little. But there was obvious power about him. Around his neck sat the standard issue Tether collar. A slave? Surprising, perhaps to some.


Images: ... 993704.png

Contact Details:




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