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Dasan's Papers 
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Post Dasan's Papers
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Dasan Chayton Knoton. The slave refuses to say if there is a surname, or not. He has simply given the names Dasan Chayton Knoton, when he is asked his name.

Nickname: Slave refuses to answer.

Name on Identification: Slave has simply stated that his first name is Dasan.

Age: Slave appears to be thirty years old.

Gender: Slave is clearly male.

Species: Slave is human.

Sub Species/Breed: Slave has expressed that he is a "Skin Walker".

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Slave is humanoid.

Physical Details: Slave has mahogany colored eyes, long raven colored hair, reaching his mid back. He also presents with tanned skin.

Physical Markings: Slave appears to have none.

Physical Drawbacks: Slave appears to have none.

Current Infliction(s): Slave is perfectly healthy.

Physical Defenses: Slave has a vast knowledge of fighting techniques that use only his hands, and feet as natural defenses.

Appealing Attributes: Slave is human, exotic in appearance. He presents as a native to the mainland.

Clothing: Slave has been given a simple tan colored silk to cover his lower half in a loin cloth fashion. It is held in place by a golden chain about his waist. He has been fitted with a Tether issued collar. Nothing more.

Other Items: Slave was brought to the island with the following items. All items listed here have been confiscated into Tether custody and will be returned to the slave upon his purchase.
1 tribal loin cloth made of animal hide.
1 tribal set of shoes, made of animal hide.
1 tribal necklace, consisting of beads, leather, and bones of various small animals.
1 tribal arm band, consisting of feathers, and beads.
1 container of red paste. Usage unknown.
1 container of white paste. Usage unknown.
1 leather pouch, decorated with various beads, and feathers.
1 hunting dagger, with animal hide sheath.


Feral or Cultured: Slave is neither feral, nor cultured. He seems to understand, but so far his tribal upbringing, seems to have left him a bit savage.

Phobias: Slave refuses to say.

Disorders: Slave presents with no known disorders.

How do they present themselves: Slave presents himself as calm. He seems confused, yet curious of his surroundings, and those within the establishment's halls. Has no sense of personal space, and has been known to touch and invade personal space at random.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Slave does not seem to understand.

Overall Attitude: Slave is overall curious, yet confused. He has a desire to learn, but does not seem to comprehend his status, or what is expected of him.

Quirks: Slave seems to tilt his head to one side if something is foreign to him.

Hobbies / Interests: Slave seems to hold interest in several things. From what we could gather from him, he enjoys the following.
Craft work

High or Low Maintenance: Slave is relativly Low maintenance, he is capable of taking care of himself, though if left to himself for to long without supervision, he may just get into trouble as it seems he does not understand many of the concepts of the island's establishment.

Diet / Allergies: Slave seems to have a balanced diet, though favors more exotic meats over anything primarily venison. Slave seems to have no known allergies that we know of at this time.


Language(s) Spoken: Slave is able to speak Common tongue, though it is broken. Slave speaks an unknown native language.

Can they Read / Write: Slave seems to be unable to read, or write.

Can your character produce magic: Through various studies of this "Skin Walker" title. It has been determined that the slave is capable of taking on the form of both a monsterous garou form. As well as a feral wolf form. Slave has been fitted with a supression collar, to keep him in human form. It is not recommended that this collar be removed under any circumstances until the slave is purchased from the establishment in full.

Talents / Skills: The slave seems to have a variety of skills. That have been listed below.
Food Preservation
Fresh Water Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing
Identify Plants/Fruits
Leather Working
Lore: Farm
Lore: Flora
Ride & care of horses
Building Construction
Fashion Tools/Weapons
Herb Lore
Wilderness Survival
Animal Training
Knife combat
Spear combat
Unarmed combat
Animal Cries identification
Skin/Prepare Animal Hides
Trap Animals

Training: Slave has had no formal slave training since coming to the island's establishment.


Current Owner: The Golden Tether

Previous Owners: None known

Previous Usage(s): None known

Previous status: Free person

For Rent or to Own: Slave is available for purchase, or rent

Cost: The price for the slave can be found listed below.
1 night rental will cost 10Image or 1Image per night.
To own will cost 100Image or 10Image to purchase fully.

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: I am available most days/nights. Unless otherwise stated.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Someone who will expand on his skills, he requires a stern hand to keep him in line. I am not looking for him to be freed at this time, though such could of course be arranged though I am looking to have him get involved in a long term story line. He has potential to become a fighter in the arena, though would need proper training. He also needs proper training that would come standard for any slave. There is no restriction as to gender of a potential owner.

What are your allowances for your character: NC except death. Mutilation/dismemberment please talk to me before hand.

Long Term/Short Term: Both. Long term preferred.

General Information

Character Description: Plain and simply.. The draw is stronger than alcohol. Stronger than the next fix. Stronger than that last drag. It is more than just a phase. More than a fad. It's not something you grow out of. The need to please is all consuming. It is soul defining. It is as elemental as breathing. There is just something that clicks in your brain. When the collar comes on. When the leash comes out. When you see your true master/mistress. To be without them is a fate worse than death. You would rather not eat. Not sleep. Not breathe. Than to ever cause them displeasure. You would walk through hot coals. Crawl over broken glass. Face your greatest humiliation. Just to please them. Submission is not a role for me. It's not a game or a fantasy. ..It is who I am.



Tether Issued Collar

Current Attire


Full body



Contact Details: Whisper Dasan in game, or approach ICly. Please bold my name, so that I know you're posting at me though.


Mon May 14, 2018 4:19 pm
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