Marlu - Unowned

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Marlu - Unowned

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Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name:
Marlu Nakara


Name on Identification: 



Red Kangaroo

Sub Species/Breed:

Physical  Appearance

Body Type:
Heavily muscled legs and thighs lead up to strong hips. Muscled chest, back and shoulders, with equally strong arms. Hands are considerably more dainty; long-fingered and dexterous.

Physical Details: (Hair/Eyes/Skin/Etc)
Your standard, every day, red kangaroo. Nothing special about Marlu aside from that he is a rather unusual sight. The male is large for his kind, however, and largely muscled especially on his legs and back/shoulders. Dust red fur covers his entire body, with grey fur colouring his underbelly, forearms, and forelegs. Long legs lead to long feet, useful for the way he travels. Balancing himself is a long, thick tail, which the tip of is slightly prehensile, but not dexterous enough for anything truly astonishing. The tips of his fingers and toes are a much darker brown colour, with toes ending in large, sharp claws. The claws on his hands are much smaller and dull. His face is covered in the same red fur, with ears leaning more to the same grey of his underbelly. Friendly, dark, brown eyes are framed by long lashes, and an easy smile is often seen on the macropod’s features.

Physical Markings: 
A few long scars on his chest, which, if one was given the opportunity to look closely, could be matched to the same claw width of his own feet. Clearly an infliction from another of his kind.

Physical Drawbacks: 
Large legs and feet can get in the way, and are not suited to doing anything which requires fancy footwork (dancing). While Marlu can walk like a ‘normal’ furre, he much prefers to hop or jump, which is more efficient for him but can prove difficult in enclosed spaces.

Current Infliction(s): 
Recovering from seasickness.

Physical Defenses: (If any.)
Large feet can deliver a powerful kick, which, coupled with sharp claws, can leave nasty gashes in the intended victim. Also, strong arms are suited for hand to hand combat.

Appealing Attributes: 
- Unique species
- Strong build
- Able to perform heavy labour
- Skills as a jeweller

Owns one pair of brown trousers, a white poet’s shirt, and a green waistcoat.
Currently wearing standard tether issue loincloth.

Other Items: (Remember slaves cannot have belongings let alone have them on them, they may be made available when rented / purchased.)
- Set of magnifying goggles; different lenses for different levels of magnification. Also, provide protection of eyes when dealing with metals.
- pocket watch – solid gold and silver, with different gems in place of the numbers
- Various jewellery making tools kept in a wooden box inlaid with opal
- Tobacco pipe – wooden, with the same opal inlay as his toolbox


Feral or Cultured:
Cultured, as much as one from Down Under can be. Has many different mannerisms and points of speech which some patrons may find feral.

None noted

None noted

How do they present themselves:
Currently recovering from seasickness, but also melancholic about being in slavery. Miserable, but will attempt to put on a ‘brave face’ when approached by others. Appears not to want to let others be brought down by his own mood.

Feelings towards being owned / rented:
Cane from a community where slavery does not exist. Still hesitant about rentals and his new status as property. Marlu is still not accepting of his current position.

Overall Attitude:
Attempting to remain positive, despite his lot in life. May give cheek to patrons.

Will often use local slang in his speech. Patrons are advised to instruct Marlu to speak in ‘High Common’ if they do not understand.
Can be forgetful. Names mostly, though he will remember a face. Can get distracted.

Hobbies / Interests:
- Skills as a jeweller
- Able to sketch fairly well, though portraits are not his strong point

High or Low Maintenance:
Low. Marlu has no interests in fancy garments or baths. He’s happy with a solid meal three times a day, and something to keep him occupied. Though he does like some tobacco to smoke if someone is kind enough to give him some.

Diet / Allergies:
Vegetarian only. Has a soft spot for tropical fruits and honey.


Language(s) Spoken:
Common. And whatever slang he picked up from his home country.

Can they Read / Write:
Both, fluently.

Can your character produce magic: (Slaves that can produced magic will be bound in such away they can't use it unless rented / purchased.)

Talents / Skills:
- Jewellery crafting
- Sketching
- Floor acrobatics – uses his powerful legs to perform backflips and various other tricks.

None at all


Current Owner:
The Golden Tether

Previous Owners: (If known.)

Previous Usage(s): 

Previous status:
Free Person

For Rent or to Own:
For rent only currently

Cost: (Please see Slave Pricing in the Library for suggested prices.)
One night rental – 5 gold

OOC Info/Notes

Usually weekends, or late afternoon/evening on weekdays. My schedule is sporadic at the moment, but I'll do my best to be more regular. Please whisper me for my attention.

What are you looking for in a slave/slaver Roleplay:
Interesting storylines which will lead to Marlu learning new skills, or making new connections. These connections can be positive or negative in nature. A possibility of him becoming owned.

What are your allowances for your character:
No death, permanent extreme physical mutilations/damage. Scarring is permitted. 
No extreme sexual kinks; ie. Scat play, watersports, blood play, etc
Other than that, go for it! Feel free to punish the roo as you see fit if he doesn’t perform to your character’s standards!

Long Term/Short Term: 
Long term and short term welcomed!

General Information

Character Description:
Standing at seven feet even, the large red kangaroo with warm and friendly brown eyes was a little out of place on the island. Though well-suited for the heat and climate of Guildereim, the marsupial was built "like a brick shit-house", and had about the gracefulness of one. Hailing from the southernmost country of the Olde World, Marlu is a long way from home, and his strange accent and idioms only reflect this more. A jeweller by trade, the Marlu now finds himself under a collar in the halls of the Tether.



Contact Details: 
Marlu on Furcadia
SleepyPlatypus#4932 on Discord


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