Naial [untrained][unowned][unbroken]

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Naial [untrained][unowned][unbroken]

Post by naial » Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:53 pm

Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name:Naial

Nickname: Naial

Name on Identification: Naial


Gender: female

Species: Mink

Sub Species/Breed: American MInk

Physical Appearance

Body Type: slim ( weasel-ly)

Physical Details: (Hair/Eyes/Skin/Etc)SIlver eyes, REd/pink hair, Charcoal fur with blue patches/markings

Physical Markings: Inside of ears, belly, pawsare blue

Physical Drawbacks: not really strong

Current Infliction(s): beaten down by whoever abducted and enslaved her

Physical Defenses: teeth and claws,

Appealing Attributes: slim,body, shiny and soft fur ( when cared for)


Other Items: (Remember slaves cannot have belongings let alone have them on them, they may be made available when rented / purchased.)


Feral or Cultured:cultured, but semi- feral with fear


Disorders:really scared by change of her circumstances

How do they present themselves:

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Afraid

Overall Attitude:quiet/afraid ( was energetic and livfely before capture)


Hobbies / Interests:reading

High or Low Maintenance:low

Diet / Allergies:carnivore


Language(s) Spoken:

Can they Read / Write: yes

Can your character produce magic: unknown

Talents / Skills: cooking, reading, some basic sewing, good climber, fast and very agile. Studied herbalism and potion making (family trade)

Training: none


Current Owner:none atm

Previous Owners:none

Previous Usage(s): none

Previous status:free

For Rent or to Own:both

Cost: 5 gold rent, 100 to own

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Evenings GMT

What are you looking for in a slave Roleplay: Mostly fun and good chemistry, a good background to a relationship is something that is somewhat important ( she is unbroken, so if you want to go for long term ownership, she might need some... introduction.A patient Master that will discover her weaknesses might gain a faithful follower

What are your allowances for your character:Quite a lot, but nothing permanent without really good reasons and my permission. I am quite flexible, when I doubt, ask! (Not really into scales tho)

Long Term/Short Term: Long term, but short term is OK too ( especially if a long term is established and short term is worked into it:)

General Information

Character Description:Bofore her "accident" she was happy, lively and energetic mink. She loved reading and walking around ( usually at the same time, to confusion and sorrow of everyone around her). Physically she is slim and lean, in the typical weasel-like way. She is not tall, but her body proportions and build make her look taller than she is. She got into a relationship, but unknowingly to her, her boyfriend got into gambling habits, and one day when she went to bed and woke up tied on a cart on her way to a port. She learned her "boyfriend" drugged her and passed her to slavers to cover his gambling debts. She tried to resist and run but was "pacified" in a very brutal way. This turned out to be a bit of blessing: she was unconscious for most of the time she was on the slaver's ship. she came up in here, chained and displayed in a cage

Website:none yet.

Images: upon request

Contact Details:

Notes:new to tether, but in furc for a while
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Re: Naial [untrained][unowned][unbroken]

Post by naial » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:01 pm

[pictures updated]

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