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Johari - Owned by Biers 
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Post Johari - Owned by Biers
Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Johari

Nickname: Jo, Maestro, Spots, Stretch, Tadpole, JoJo

Name on Identification: Johari

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: Zebracorn(zebra/unicorn)

Sub Species/Breed: Giraffe

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Mild hourglass

Physical Details:
-Hair is long, slight waviness to it, black and white striped like a zebra's
-Eyes are amber brown in color, bright, shiny and healthy, good eye sight
-Pelt is black and white like that of a zebra's, kept clean
-Tail is six foot long, leonine in design with the end hairs being long and silky, resembling the traditional look of a unicorn.
-Horn is crystalline in appearance, every now and then glows if she's happy

Physical Markings: Though she is black and white like a zebra and has the equine look to her, she has the markings of a giraffe, but they are black.

Physical Drawbacks: Her height can sometimes make her seem clumsy and she might on occasion bump her head on a doorway if she forgets to duck.

Current Infliction(s): None

Physical Defenses: Horn, hooves, fists, teeth(even if they are not like a carnivore's, she will bite)

Appealing Attributes: Her eyes, her markings, her voice holds a slight accent to it

Clothing: Harem like attire of violet blue top, azure blue pants and carmine open fronted skirt like sash adorns curved form. Pretty much looks like the noble feline digo attire, just minus the sleeves. Silver necklace around slightly elongated neck with a heart shaped locket charm hanging from it, raspberry red rhodolite heart embedded in the middle, silver upper arm cuff encircling both her right and left arm, each embedded with the same raspberry red gems

Other Items: Sewing kit, violin, fiddle, plush zebracorn, sketch book, paints, brushes, colored charcoal sicks, rosin for her bow, extra strings for her violin and fiddle, brushes for mane and pelt, small mirror, small music box, extra clothing.


Feral or Cultured: Cultured

Phobias: Spiders, breaking something, losing those she cares about

Disorders: May tend to overwhelm herself with a task

How do they present themselves: calm, outwardly friendly, eager to serve if there is a chance

Feelings towards being owned / rented: She enjoys it and hopes to find another master to be with.

Overall Attitude: Friendly, caring

Quirks: May fall into speaking Swahili, but she'll be sure to translate. May also tend to pet her tail as it is a bit of a comfort to her.

Hobbies / Interests: Sewing, cooking, playing violin/fiddle, singing, drawing/painting, talking to plants

High or Low Maintenance: Low I'd say

Diet / Allergies: Fruits and vegetables, grains, breads, she does like sweets, though she has found that she can eat some seafood like shrimp, crab, lobster, some fish, and clams.


Language(s) Spoken: Swahili(may use some words and phrases, will translate for those who do not understand it), Common

Can they Read / Write: Yes /yes, in both

Can your character produce magic: Being unicorn, she can do some healing, she can also sometimes be found talking to or singing to plants

Talents / Skills: Sewing, cooking, playing violin and fiddle, singing, some healing, bit of serving, companion(mainly escort and cuddle), drawing/painting, often groomed horses, some massage

Training: Not much really in the proper slave etiquette.


Current Owner: Biers

Previous Owners: Rowan Sterling, a noble in Kasuria(once lived in Albion, then moved to Kasuria, this was three years after he obtained Johari and her father), Arjun

Previous Usage(s): Escort, cuddler, seamstress, cook, horse groomer, entertainer by way of singing or playing violin or fiddle

Previous status: Free

For Rent or to Own: For rent

Cost: 35 gold a night to rent

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: If you see me on, feel free to poke ^_^

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Someone that she gets along with, someone who won't use her for a whipping post. Would like a touch of fun of course.

What are your allowances for your character: Depends on what you have in mind.

Long Term/Short Term: Long preferred, must be active

General Information

Character Description: Is she white with black spots or black with white lines? One could only guess with the seven foot tall savannah beauty. White and black come together like yin and yang to give the appearance of zebra, yet the giraffe like markings could make one wonder. Even more is the ten inch crystalline horn that spirals from her forehead. Amber brown eyes take in the world around her and often a smile is upon her lips. Silver necklace around slightly elongated neck with a heart shaped locket charm hanging from it, raspberry red rhodolite heart embedded in the middle, silver upper arm cuff encircling both her right and left arm, each embedded with the same raspberry red gems. Harem like attire of violet blue top, azure blue pants and carmine open fronted skirt like sash adorns curved form, leonine like tail flicked behind with each sway of hips. Black and white striped hair is pulled back some with the rest hanging loose, a couple of locks kissing sweet cheeks. A curious blend, but still eye catching to be sure.


Images: See site

Contact Details: Feel free to whisper me on furcadia, or leave a private message on rpr or an offline whisper.

Notes: Please be sure to read the rules on her site. It makes it easy. Also, please do not rent her for the sole purpose of sex. If that's all you want her for, she's not for you. I do not mind if it happens, but not if that's all she'll be used for.

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Post Re: Johari - Unowned
Another paper was attached to her papers is a list of rentals and events that she has managed to gather/participate in.
(Please note, anything marked as 'very early morning' is from rp's that happen between 1am eastern US time and 5am eastern US time.)

February 20th.
Renter: Basilo
Payment/Use: 15 gold, free time on his time
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

February 24th.
Renter: Gabriel D'archange
Payment/Use: 15 gold, fetch drink and foo(and one other thing kept between them)
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, treated to meal a the bar

March 1st.
Renter: Rah Muunokhoi
Payment/Use: 15 gold, fetching a drink
Patron Satisfied?: Partially, needs to learn to pay closer attention to he patron who rented her and not over extend her services one a patron has already rented her.

March 3rd(very early morning).
Renter: Entertainer Erimear
Payment/Use: 15 gold, served drinks
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 4th(very early morning).
Renter: Gabriel D'archange
Payment/Use: 15 gold, make a cup of coffee to convince him it's not all that bad, but serve it to a fellow penmate. It was his companion, Lariel that tasted it instead
Patron Satisfied?: Yes...though something was a little off and she's still confused about it. Gabriel what did you do? Earned an evening of merriment next time he was able to

March 4th(evening).
Renter: Deviltry(seeking help for his master, Gabriel)
Payment/Use: 1 platinum
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, Gabriel was healed and recovered. Treated to some fruit

March 5th.
Renter: ----
Payment/Use: none, used to help clean untrained pen by order Handler Maewood
Patron Satisfied?: Satisfied with her cleaning skills, rewarded with treat of her choice

March 7th(evening).
Renter: Grunt the Orc
Payment/Use: 15 gold, fetch food and drink, polite conversation
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, he enjoyed her company

March 8th(very early morning).
Renter: Taneesta Loraen
Payment/Use: 15 gold, turning down the bed, feeding the hearth, preparing a basin to wash her and Guard Cross' feet in and bringing an ewer for the bedside table
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 8th.
Renter: Erinna Silvermane
Payment/Use: 15 gold, brief conversation
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 9th(evening).
Renter: Entertainer Erimear
Payment/Use: 15 gold, fetch and serve tea, then offer service to other patrons
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 10th.
Renter: Kasathria
Payment/Use: 15 gold, took her to game of Wheel of Reward and Punishment, allowed her to participate, then spent rest of time with her, returning to Tether on the 12th of March.
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 12th.
Renter: Kasathria
Payment/Use: 15 gold, companionship and conversation
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 13th.
Renter: Guard Latikara event in the garden
Payment/Use: no payment, was a little event for the slaves
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 15th.
Renter: Guard Jacob Cross
Payment/Use: 15 gold, to offer her services to the patrons, though fetched drink and food for him, also served Taneesta Loraen some wine when she arrived
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 17th.
Renter: Gabriel D'archange
Payment/Use: 15 gold plus another 65 from auction. Enjoyed her company in the garden with conversation with her and another of his companions, escorted her and said companion to slave auction held by Handler Maewood to which Johari was actually part of. Spent 65 gold during the auction to win her.
Patron Satisfied?: Yes with both, though patron wound up leaving before rental was complete

March 18th/19.
Renter: Taneesta Loraen Cross
Payment/Use: 15 gold, serve drinks to patrons at arena match, heal her and her mate, Guard Cross
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 19th.
Renter: Festival of Color event held by Arouse(Lao)
Payment/Use: no payment, took part in Lao's event, had fun
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, he enjoyed her spirit in the game and that she participated, though she was the first one out of the game. Though she does have self bragging rights that she was the FIRST to hit a certain lioness with a dye pack in the game ;3 She also offered a prayer, song and dance when he bonfire was lit. Also during a small and friendly altercation between two patrons who came to watch, she wound up wearing a pair of red swim trunks on her horn and was dubbed 'Princess of Shorts' XD

March 20th(very early morning).
Renter: Kalpana
Payment/Use: 15 gold, healing of her companion Acaeus
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 20th.
Renter: Monstrum
Payment/Use: 15 gold, serve free samples of some new Spring menu items
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, though he had to leave before she finished, rewarded her with allowing her to finish off any leftover samples. Wound up being backhanded by Entertainer Mikaeyla Renard before serving due to a little look Johari had given the woman over something the woman had said. Mental note made to never do that again.

March 21st.
Renter: Biers
Payment/Use: 15 gold, model for a sketch
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, very

March 22nd/23rd(very early morning).
Renter: Kasathria
Payment/Use: 15 gold, refresh her coffee, conversation
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 23rd.
Renter: Kasathria
Payment/Use: 15 gold, assistance in dwelling she was working on renovating
Patron Satisfied?: Yes

March 25th/26th.
Renter: Cutlery
Payment/Use: 15 gold, conversation, song, massage, pleasure by oral stimulation
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, very satisfied. Had rented fellow slave Serafiana to tend to both his and Johari's hooves. Cuddled a bit with Johari while her hooves were done, also gave her a bit of a massage.

March 28th-29th.
Renter: Cutlery
Payment/Use: 15 gold, healing, sleeping companion
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, very satisfied. Had rented fellow slave Serafiana to retrieve certain items and place them in his room, took Johari to arena so she could watch arena match he was in. Took her back to room where she healed Grunt the orc after arena match while Shi helped tend to him. Once Grunt and Shi were no longer in room, took Johari to bedroom, rewarded her with a little oral reward before pulling her into bed for a 'sleeping with nude male' lesson.

April 1st.
Renter: Guard Jacob Cross
Payment/Use: 15 gold, Healing of wounds
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, very satisfied, earned a nice little treat

April 4th(afternoon).
Renter: Biers
Payment/Use: ---, helped to clean pens, was tasked to scrub pen of harem pen after moving pillows, then was to change the pillow covers.
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, thought she did well, allowed her to remain in the harem pen till Sura's event.

April 4th(evening).
Renter: Sura
Payment/Use: ---, was a bather during her 'Get your groom on' event
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, thought she did well, despite being threatened by a dragon

April 6th(afternoon).
Renter: Biers
Payment/Use: 15 gold, drink lesson
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, believed she learned well in how to mix two drinks and pour beer

April 6th(evening).
Renter: Entertainer Erimear
Payment/Use: ---, pleasure lesson
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, satisfied that she learned well with the others in the lesson

April 7th(afternoon).
Renter: Biers
Payment/Use: 15 gold, to play music for him in the main hall
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, very satisfied, allowed her to continue playing in the main hall till she was unable to play any longer or was rented.

April 10th/11h.
Renter: Arjun
Payment/Use: 15, conversation, offer was made
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, satisfied that she may fit what he is looking for, made an offer to her to work for him

April 11th.
Renter: Kasathria
Payment/Use: 15 gold, to help with a small ritual
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, very happy to have her help.

April 12th
Renter: Arjun
Payment/Use: 20 gold, conversation
Patron Satisfied: Yes, enjoyed her company.

April 13th.
Renter: Kasathria
Payment/Use: 20 gold, to help with some things around her dwelling
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, very happy to have her help once more.

April 15th
Renter: Loraen
Payment/Use: 20 gold, serving during the beach party after naga hunt
Patron Satisfied: Yes.

April 16th.
Renter: Tarnassus/Biers
Payment/Use: 20 gold, serving
Patron Satisfied?: Yes(on Biers' account)

April 16th
Renter: Biers
Payment/Use: ----, ran in his Not your average hunt event
Patron Satisfied: Yes, even if she hadn't made it to the finish line, was happy she participated

April 16th-17th(evening into mid morning).
Renter: Arvex Galerian
Payment/Use: free rental won in Biers' event mentioned above, serving food and drink, company for evening which included massage, escort back to room.
Patron Satisfied?: Yes, very satisfied

April 17th
Renter: Phylia Stone
Payment/Use: 20 gold, footpaw washing and massage of said footpaws as well as serving dinner to her and a fellow patron
Patron Satisfied: Yes, very satisfied

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Post Re: Johari - Unowned
Given satisfactory service in the Atrium, display of skill, even temper and good behaviour, rental price has been increased to 20 gold per night. Under consideration for promotion to harem cage.

Mon Apr 11, 2016 1:44 pm
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Post Re: Johari - Unowned
Johari has been sold to Arjun for 30 platinum. Papers are signed over to Arjun, by Biers.

Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:36 pm
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Post Re: Johari - Unowned
A note would have been attached to the slave's papers, a written review of the slave:

To current, and future owners,

The slave Johari, was rented by myself to provide a footpaw wash and massage in the Main Hall of the Golden Tether, this is after her having offered her services aloud to anyone interested. She handled the public setting very well for such an intimate and what some might call, humbling, experience. Every action was tender, and she was very aware of not only myself, but the other patrons I gave her leave to interact with during her duties. She held multiple conversations at once, recognized when she came across sensitive areas of my footpaws and proceeded to either lessen or strengthen her efforts accordingly for my pleasure, and was rather patient when she was not being interacted with and continued her duties with great effort. I also gave her some soft affections, hugs, kisses to the forehead and such. She reacted with calm embarrassment, but did not shrink away at all and seemed to overall enjoy such small personal interactions. In a small test, I asked her to meet me for a kiss and she complied, though it was in the middle of the main hall. Judging by the fact she had a rather sharp blush and a very adorable giggle, I would say she handled it quite well.

Upon the summary finish of the primary purpose of her rental she was given the choice to come serve dinner to me and another patron, as well as having the choice in further aiding us in the process of bathing and possibly intimacy in bed. Johari decided to serve us dinner, but not join us for the more personal activities afterwords. Her small talk is quite well developed, not only taking our orders and delivering them post-haste, but helping to keep us entertained without interrupting my conversation with my fellow patron.

*I would look into having her undergo a formal examination by a handler to see if she meets the standards of being in the harem pen. Even if she does not, I feel she would not be far off, and the owner of this slave could ask the handler what skills she needs to improve in to meet those standards. It would be beneficial for both the owner of this slave in prestige being added to them in owning a harem quality slave as well as the increased gold for rental purchases. But, also for the slave by being able to further round out their skill base and perhaps even acquire new skill that allow them to better ease and fulfill the life and needs of their owner.

*Though Johari seemed able to handle more humbling activities and smaller affections in a public setting, she did seem quite intimidated by the prospect of any more advanced intimate affairs. For myself and my fellow patron this time, it was the idea of aiding in a full body bathing of us, even without further activities, seemed to make her quite nervous. While one can think of sex as well in this regard, I would also be concerned if anyone were to rent her for something such as a full body massage that does not lead further into the bedroom. If her owner might intend to allow her to be rented in the future for uses in any of the realms of pleasure or very personal duties, I would suggest seeking the aid of an Entertainer, or another pleasure slave of the harem pen that could help her get over these insecurities and teach her how to handle herself in these situations. Not simply to have the skills to perform what is asked of her, but to avoid any potential situations of panic attacks or the like. If the opportunity arises, I would also highly suggest getting her training in handling all genders, both in the skills to pleasure, but also to check for any issues she might have in terms of sexuality when it comes to different genders, so those issues can be worked with and she can at the very least, be able to service all equally, even if it is not of her own highest personal enjoyment.

Phylia Stone

At the bottom of the letter was given contact information for Phylia, if any questions were to be had.

Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:10 pm
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Post Re: Johari - Unowned(for rent for a time)
An official note had been added to Johari's papers, written in Crowling Maewood's hand

As of July the 5th, Johari has been promoted to the Harem Pen and is given all the duties and expectations one requires from a harem slave. As of such, her price will go up to 30Image to rent and 320Image to own.

A proper deal is to be worked out if one is interested in purchasing Johari through a Handler, preferrably.

Handler Crowling Maewood

Tue Jul 05, 2016 4:13 pm
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Post Re: Johari - Unowned(for rent for a time)
Biers has not added a note of his own, but his signature did appear alongside of Crowling's on her note.

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Post Re: Johari - Owned by Biers
A note was added to Johari's papers:

As owner of Johari, I am temporarily putting a stop to the possibility of renting this slave. - Biers

Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:23 pm
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