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|| Sherelle || [FREE]

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:28 pm
by Shanantina
Sherelle is no longer a slave.

** Please note: these papers are written as if a guard had taken a look at her, asked a few questions, and wrote down their findings. This does not necessarily mean that all information is accurate or all there as she did not offer-up all details. The Guard worked with the most 'true' information available and provided.



Full Name: Sherelle Rocque

Nickname: Sea Flower, Elle, Shell, Sher

Name on Identification: Sherelle

Age: Eighteen

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Sub Species/Breed: None



Body Type: Slender, lithe. A swimmer's body with some short distance running athletic ability.

Physical Details: The slave possesses distinguishing qualities. Her hair has a brown main colour with an almost violet tone to it. The slave's skin is very light and smooth, free of most blemishes. Meanwhile, the slave's eyes are silver.

Physical Markings: The slave does not have any natural markings such as a birthmark or freckle. Instead, she does possess a sea-themed tattoo on her back.

Physical Drawbacks: Small, has no physical strength, would be a poor choice for anything labor intensive.

Current Infliction(s): Clean health.

Physical Defenses: Not applicable.

Appealing Attributes: Attractive, youthful female.

Clothing: The slave is best suited in light coloured fabrics, neutrals or light colours. The slave has been allowed to choose certain outfits due to her comfort level, and while attempts at placing her in more 'revealing' clothing have been made, it should be noted that her skills are demonstrated best in articles of clothing that allow decency. The slave seems to favour anything sea-themed, feminine, and lacy.

Other Items:
- Possessions: One pewter octopus necklace, and a few articles of clothing from her previous owners.




Feral or Cultured: Cultured. Polite and well-mannered.

Phobias: Afraid of medical practices.

Disorders: None to be noted.

How do they present themselves: Polite, and with a friendly, eager demeanor.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Submissive. High willingness to serve. Ideal obedient.

Overall Attitude: Positive outlook on most situations.

Quirks: Sensitive. A firm hand is not needed nor proper for this slave. A firm hand may harm the slave's mentality; caution required. -- The slave works best on praises and affection.

Hobbies / Interests: The slave demonstrates interest in general household tasks, jewelry making, map making, sea navigation, swimming, anything beach or ocean related, and singing.

High or Low Maintenance: Medium.

Diet / Allergies: Slave will eat anything. Omnivorous.



Language(s) Spoken: English, Frrench, Common, and **Draconic. **Learned by past master's majority being dragons.

Can they Read / Write: Yes, but spelling and grammar needs improvement.

Can your character produce magic: None to note.

Talents / Skills: Household (cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc), jewelry making, sea navigation, swimming, singing.

Training: Most training was gained through the slave's life experience prior to her arrival at the Tether, but classes and lessons are often granted to this slave due to her attitude and willingness. Mentoring has been offered by House Slaves, and the slave regularly volunteers to assist the house slaves in their duties.




Current Owner: Graham Weber

Previous Owners:
- Keno Black
- Aiden Minalha
- Renfrew

Previous Usage(s): Companion slave.

Previous status: Free -- Sold to the Tether by merchant ship.

For Rent or to Own: Rent only at this time.
Cost: 50 Gold per rental.



Availability: I'm available most evenings/days before midnight EST. My schedule is random, but I attempt to meet my RP partner's schedule!

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: [s]I do not want an owner for Sherelle at this time, unless it is an established and long-term existing character/player. Sherelle is my baby. My favourite brainchild. If I feel your character will abandon her, or isn't a good fit-- our RP will not work out! She's a sensitive girl, and I do not want her broken by someone who isn't a right fit.[/s] :)

What are your allowances for your character: Sherelle does not require a firm hand, period. Anything excessive or outright cruel or humiliating isn't appreciated. While she is a slave, she's still able to receive punishment at the will of her superiors, but her sensitive and affectionate personality should be remembered at all times. Even being told she's been 'bad' is enough to send her into tears or scrambling to make things right. She aims to do nothing but please!

Long Term/Short Term: Long term, but I do not mind passing main hall posts!



Character Description: Devotion, dedication, and innocence were some words that could summarize the petite human. Modest and humble both in her personality and presentation. Unruly curls framed the youthful portrait of doll-like features: naturally pouted lips, rosy cheeks, and doe-like eyes surrounded with politely downcast eyelashes. Feminine dress of pastel sashes and lace hemlines maintained her dignity, never too revealing. Submitting to both the ocean and the market; eternally bound and willing.


Images: See above.

Contact Details: Furcadia only, unless I know you on a more personal level. :) I'm not unkind, I'm very friendly, but I keep boundaries. It's nothing personal!

Notes: None at this time!

Re: || Sherelle || [FREE]

Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 8:13 pm
by Shanantina
UPDATE: Sherelle is no longer a slave, although her papers will remain on-file with the Tether.