Thueban - Untrained, Unbroken, Unowned

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Thueban - Untrained, Unbroken, Unowned

Post by Thueban » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:41 pm

FULL NAME: His full, proper name was taken from him when he was enslaved.

NICKNAME: Thueban, Thue, Snake

NAME ON IDENTIFICATION: Thueban, meaning simply Snake in Arabic.

AGE: Appears to be mid-adult


SPECIES: Naga; The Naga were live in primitive tribes and are highly aggressive toward the Tether inhabitants who stray too far from the protection of the establishment. Their culture has a pantheon of snake-like gods who they worship extensively.

SUB-SPECIES: Carpet Viper / King Cobra

BODY TYPE: Mesomorph

PHYSICAL DETAILS: Thick plating that covers him from head to toe, as well as a myriad of tinier, more vestigial scales. Sharp black spines that run down the length of his back, ending around the bottom of the height he holds himself at. Black claws that match these spines. A plated underbelly, starting from his neck to the very tip of his tail.

PHYSICAL MARKINGS: Spotted reddish-brown-black markings spanning his entire body, from crest to tail-tip.

PHYSICAL DRAWBACKS: Hard hitter, but a slow one. Still very quick for his size, but unable to outspeed most smaller slaves. Missing an arm that had to be cut off due to infection, has a prosthesis.

CURRENT INFLICTIONS: A painful looking wound around his hip where a harpoon gun had hit him. His missing arm.

PHYSICAL DEFENSES: His powerful tail, sharp claws, and nasty bite. Also contains a respectful amount of venom.

APPEALING ATTRIBUTES: Scales glimmer and reflect off warm lighting. Very warm to the touch. Covered in sharp, mostly unmarred spines. A long tail.

CLOTHING: Reddish armor with gold accents. Collar.

OTHER ITEMS: (Remember slaves cannot have belongings let alone have them on them, they may be made available when rented / purchased.)

FERAL OR CULTURED: Somewhere toeing the line between the two. Primitive, but still highly intelligent.

PHOBIAS: None documented.

DISORDERS: Possible anger disorder.

HOW DO THEY PRESENT THEMSELVES: Large and imposing. Will often draw himself up to make himself seem even bigger than he already is. When he's sleeping or wants to be left alone, will curl into a tight ball.

FEELINGS TOWARDS BEING OWNED / RENTED: Doesn't like it, and is still incredibly bitter about being captured. Prone to fits of rage regarding this, although he has the potential to become a highly skilled gladiator or body-guard. ( Very, very protective in nature; in time, this will be useful. )

OVERALL ATTITUDE: Feral, aggressive, and unwilling to cooperate. That said, he isn't stupid and won't provoke patrons / masters / mistresses.

QUIRKS: Hissing, curling into a ball, scuffing his scales, puffing himself up.

HOBBIES / INTERESTS: Fighting and hunting. Crafting primitive but competent weaponry. Likes drawing, but is reluctant to admit it.

HIGH OR LOW MAINTENANCE: Low maintenance, for the most part. Most times he will curl up and go dormant when left alone, assuming he doesn't hate who is renting him.

DIET/ ALLERGIES: Carnivorous, prefers to feast on meats, primarily fish and birds. Doesn't appear to have any allergies thus far.

LANGUAGES(S) SPOKEN: Rough common, Fluent Arabic

CAN THEY READ / WRITE: Only Arabic. Has a very tenuous grasp on common.

CAN YOUR CHARACTER PRODUCE MAGIC: Yes, is capable to some degree of "mind control", not unlike a snake charmer (pun intended). Requires extended eye contact to do this, and if successful, can put his victim into a trance.

TALENTS / SKILLS: Illusion magic, fighting, hunting, traditional dancing (very similar to belly-dancing), drawing.

TRAINING: None. Entirely untrained, only barely past being aggressive.




PREVIOUS STATUS: Second in command of the Sahar Village. You could call him some degree of nobility to his people because of this, albeit this nobility is gained by prowess, not blood.


COST: 7Image to rent.

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AVAILABILITY: My timezone is MST, I am most active in the early to late evenings.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN A SLAVE / SLAVER ROLEPLAY: Quality character development and story-telling.

WHAT ARE YOUR ALLOWANCES FOR YOUR CHARACTER: Do whatever, just don't kill him.

LONG TERM / SHORT TERM: Both, preferably long-term, but I'm not picky in this regard.

CONTACT DETAILS: Whisper Thueban. Feel free to ask for my Discord as well.

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