Tresor - Unowned

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Tresor - Unowned

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Papers written up from the viewpoint of an NPC Handler
Basic Information

Full Name: Trésor
Nickname: None noted
Name on Identification: Trésor
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Vulpes zerda (Anthro)
Sub Species/Breed: Fennec Fox

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Delicate/Feminine
Physical Details: Sandy blonde hair that falls to the knees, it is straight and silky to the touch. Irises appear black, with white scleras. Fur is a cream color with white on the front and underside of a very bushy tail. Large ears finish off the physical look.
Physical Markings: None noted
Physical Drawbacks: Short stature
Current Infliction(s): No injuries noted
Physical Defenses (If any.): Sharp teeth, and razor sharp nails
Appealing Attributes: Plush thick fur, willingness to work, please and learn
Clothing: Refer to gallery here.
Other Items: Refer to inventory list here.


Feral or Cultured: Cultured
Phobias: Autophobia (afraid of being physically alone with no one visible)
Disorders: Depression, anxiety, OCD
How do they present themselves: Eager to please and wanting to serve or learn right away
Feelings towards being owned / rented: Neutral
Overall Attitude: Generally just happy-go-lucky
Quirks: Her tail will start wagging profusely the more excited she becomes. Secondly, she seems to do certain things in fours.
Hobbies / Interests: Cooking and trying out new recipes
High or Low Maintenance: Relatively high due to needing consitent interaction
Diet / Allergies: Diet consists of mainly meat, whether cooked or raw makes no difference. She also seems to be fond of strawberries, sweets, and spicy foods espcially. Avoid conact with all types of poison at all times. Handlers are advised to keep a close watch on her if she somehow gets ahold of it unknowingly. Ingestion or prolonged contact will cause cardiac arrest.


Language(s) Spoken: Common
Can they Read / Write: No/No
Can your character produce magic: No
Talents / Skills: Cooking, cleaning, sewing, mending and a bit of foraging
Training: Clean slate


Current Owner: The Establishment
Previous Owners: Mr. Jukinson (NPC), Mrs. Quint'His (NPC), Mr. Sonj (NPC)
Previous Usage(s): House keeper, cook, handmaid, caregiver
Previous status: Slave since birth
For Rent or to Own: Rent only. (OOCly I may change this if I feel the potential owner is capable enough to be long-term.)
Cost: 5 Image per five hours at a time

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: This varies due to real obligations, but I will try my hardest to be there. If I cannot and have to go in the middle of RP for whatever reason I will let you know. I won't leave abruptly without warning. (Now if my internet clicks out for a brief period of time I can't help that!)
What are you looking for in a slave Roleplay: I am looking for new experiences, some challenges to overcome, plot development, and structure. If I decide to go with a long-term owner then someone with a steady but firm hand would be appreciated.
What are your allowances for your character: No death, otherwise have at her. Mutilation is a bit iffy, just discuss it with me first and we'll see if it's a go or no.
Long Term/Short Term: Long-term is preferable, but short-term will suffice.

General Information

Character Description: Wrapped up in plush, thick cream and white fur. Straight, sandy blonde hair easily runs to the knees in regards to length. Small stature of 4'8" in height, and light in weight at only a mere 85 pounds. A very bushy tail finishes off the physical appearance, aside from large ears typical of a fennec fox.
Website: RPR
Images: None currently aside from slave silk reference pictures in gallery
Contact Details: RPR
Notes: Nothing that I can think of right now

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