Colel - Unowned

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Colel - Unowned

Post by Summer » Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:11 pm

Slave Form

Basic Information
Full Name: Colel Ti'rah
Nickname: Coco (Disliked)
Name on Identification: Colel
Age: 24 Summer Suns
Gender: Female
Species: Zykla
Sub Species/Breed: Purebred; no stripes

Physical Appearance
Body Type: Thick, ample. Sans ears she stands around 5’6 and weighs eleven stone.
Physical Details:
Golden pupils paired with emerald irises contrast eerily against her black sclera. On a clear day she can see approximately seven times further than the average human.
Mahogany hair cascades in waves and settles just above the start of her tail. It's strong and thick like a horse's mane and silky to the touch.
Tall, straight ears reminiscent of a certain Egyptian deity stand a good foot above her head allowing her to detect the slightest of sounds when stationary.
While her nose is brown, the skin of her paw pads and more intimate areas is soft pink.
She has five fingers and five toes including dew claws that grant her traction while running by stabilizing the carpal joint. They also help her climb. Her nails are clear but often painted.
The fur extending from her fetlocks measures around a foot in length and keeps the backs of her feet dry by funneling excess water.
Long, prehensile tail allows her to carry small to medium sized objects, such as a lantern.
Physical Markings: Mahogany rosettes with cream central spots run along the back of her bronze coat. Her underside and limbs are dipped in cream and the latters' tips (sans fingers and toes) are rust-colored. Below and between her breasts an intricate sun design of Aztec origin is carved through scarification.
Physical Drawbacks: Nyctalopia reduces her vision in low lighting. Sensitive hearing gives her great anxiety in places with a lot of noise.
Current Infliction(s): None
Physical Defenses: Claws, teeth, locking jaw, and tar glands. Even without her tools and weapons Colel is seldom unprepared to defend herself.
Appealing Attributes: Full curves, healthy hair and fur
Clothing: As a Zykla accustomed to hot climates such as the island’s own, her harem attire is most often delegated to materials that breathe and leave just enough to the imagination. She enjoys accessorizing, and decorates her mane with pheasant, turkey, and crow feathers as well as golden or jade beads. Her body is painted with Maya blue, shimmering jade, or chalkstone glyphs reminiscent of her solar deity.
Other Items: Fire opal dagger, obsidian dagger, and many more stowed away aboard Fortune’s Favor

Feral or Cultured: Cultured and eloquent. The only times she has been witnessed falling back on feral tendencies is under extreme duress.
Phobias: No phobias per se, but she’s wary of natural phenomena and views events such as storms, droughts, and famine as outcomes of the gods' wrath
Disorders: Nyctalopia, or night blindness, which is a common condition among her species
How do they present themselves: Brimming with typical Zykla pride, Colel fulfills her responsibilities consistently
Feelings towards being owned / rented: Passive
Overall Attitude: Composed

When offended, she will act expressionlessly cold.
Rarely smiles in a big way, but capable of a terrifying, impish grin.
Oral fixation is offset by chewing on roots that aid in the viscosity of her tar spit.
Pet Amazon parrot, Papan, partakes in some of her performances and is disgustingly spoiled. Who could say no to such a sweet beaky face?

Hobbies / Interests: Peppers, cocoa, quality cuts of meat, spices, gold, jade, colorful fabrics, sunbathing, objects bearing the image of Solis, appeasing her god, parrots
High or Low Maintenance: High maintenance, but she is fully capable of taking care of herself given the opportunity to do so
Diet / Allergies: Omnivore and opportunistic scavenger with a preference for meat. Roots and wood resin contribute to the production of her tar spit.

Language(s) Spoken: Zyvoa, Nahuatl, Common, Spanish. Can also communicate with other Zykla through sound. As an English language learner she speaks with an accent picked up from her previous master.
Can they Read / Write: Literate in the above languages
Can your character produce magic: Yes

Bloodforce - Known by her race as the connection between all livings things. With sacrifices of blood and flesh she is capable of dipping into the pool to obtain powers of her own. Sentient sacrifices are the most palpable. Her Bloodforce manifests as white wisps with a gray gradient and red-orange specks, similar to smoke and fire.

The Bloodforce allows Colel to utilize the following abilities: Glitterdust, wisps, blood-echoes, lumes, & sparklers. There is potential for her to unlock one last power under the tutelage of another of her kind.

Regeneration - Like other purebloods, she hosts a microscopic organism that helps fight off infection and repair wounds given adequate sleep, barring severed limbs. A certain ash bashed topical will draw out the healing process, but its exact ingredients are unknown to non-Zykla.

Talents / Skills: Acting, costuming, sewing, needle work, hair, makeup, body art, disguises, improvisation, exceptional memory, lengthy attention span
Training: Scribing, dancing, singing, pleasure, cleaning & handmaiden tasks

Current Owner: Unowned
Previous Owners: Alastor Monroe, an Englishman known as “Gower Blackwood”, and various other slave traders
Previous Usage(s): Sex slave, scribe, companion
Previous status: Free tribesperson
For Rent or to Own: Available for rentals only

Cost: 1 Night Rental, 20Image or 2Image | To Own, 320Image or 32Image

OOC Info/Notes
Availability: Evenings (EST)
What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Short-term roleplay, character development, further training
What are your allowances for your character: Please refer to my guidelines on her website
Long Term/Short Term: Both

General Information
Character Description: Billowing tresses framed the sun-struck portrait of a predator. Colel Ti'rah glowed with the pride of her people and at renter's request was frequently ornamented with the glitter of Nahuatl gold. Copper coat alongside copious curves were splayed with coquelicot rosettes of Zykla design, a credo to the slave's exoticism accented by calcium glyphs beget from reverence to the life sustaining star so that the old gods may once again be born new.
Images: Check website for gallery
Contact Details: /Colel on Furcadia
Notes: None

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