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Basic Information

Full Name • Songay Al'Hapi
Sewn-yay Al-Hah-pee

Nickname •

Name on Identification • Songay.

Age • 21.

Gender • Female.

Species • Human.

Physical Details

Body Type • Human.

Physical Details • 5'6". Seafoam/light mint-green hair that falls down to just above her buttocks. She keeps it well-groomed and cared for. She usually either wears it loose or has it pinned up and braided within various styles. She will decorate her hair with beads, feathers, bells and intricate headdresses. She has beryl-coloured eyes, that she often accentuates with kohl. Her lips are small and soft. Her septum is pierced, as is her nose with a stud on the left side. Her skin is moderately tanned; dusky. She often adorns her hands, hips and feet with floral mehndi. Her figure is that of a dancer; slender curves and subtly defined muscle, with some softness in her thighs. She moves gracefully and she has a high degree of bodily awareness.

Physical Drawbacks • She is weak when it comes to instinctive fighting skills; she freezes rather than flees or fights. She has a slightly weak right wrist due to an old injury.

Current Infliction(s) • -

Physical Defences • None.

Appealing Attributes • She is aesthetically pleasing,

Clothing • Varied ornate outfits.

Other Items • -

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image Image Image


Feral or Cultured • Cultured.
She is from a people with a rich and varied history. While some might look down on them, their oral traditions, elegant and detailed dances, ritual mehndi and jewellery craftsmanship is near-unrivalled and highly sought after.

Phobias •

Disorders •

How do they present themselves •
Shy, demure and servile. She is distinctly submissive in how she carries herself. She genuinely enjoys pleasing others.

Feelings towards being owned / rented •
She is still quite nervous of enslavement overall. While she does not fight it and cannot be considered to be rebellious, it is still something that she is adjusting too.

Overall Attitude •

Quirks •

Hobbies / Interests •
Dancing - singing - making incense - making perfume

High or Low Maintenance • Medium.

She can fend for herself in most senses of the word. She can find food, groom and will generally get enough sleep to not be considered as neglecting the property of another. However, she finds it exceptionally difficult to say no to someone who is in a position of authority and would be too afraid of resisting the orders of another even if ordered to do so.

Diet / Allergies • Omnivorous.
She is not picky. She does tend to prefer smaller meals than not, and likes sweet things.
She has a particular love of coffee.


Language(s) Spoken • Common. Arabic. Farsi.

Can they Read / Write • No / No.
Looking for a tutor.

Can your character produce magic • No.

Talents / Skills •
• Dance; raqs shardi, raqs baladia, shamadan, almeh, schikhatt
Schikhatt - erotic, women only
Almeh - 'courtesan dance'
Shamadan - dance with a large candelabrum balanced on top of her head
• Incense-making
• Beautification; hair-styling, grooming, bathing, manicure, make-up
• Massage; acupressure, full-body, hot stones
• Companionship
• Teaching other slaves; dance, make-up skills

Training •



Current Owner • -

Previous Owners •
NPC 1 - open to be played
NPC 2 - open to be played

Previous Usage(s) •
Dancer. Household entertainer. Attendant to courtesans.

Previous status • Born free. Nomadic.

For Rent or to Own • Rental only.

Cost • Exotic, Well-Trained Slave

These slaves are of an exotic breed and highly trained.
They may have unique abilities and skills.
They know their place, they are not spoiled, they do not speak back.

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