Deface/Tingting — Unowned! (But why would you want to?)

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Deface/Tingting — Unowned! (But why would you want to?)

Post by moldling » Fri May 31, 2019 12:56 am

Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: The creature claims to have no name.

Nickname: Tingting, Tolorro

Name on Identification: Deface

Age: Apparently ageless.

Gender: The individual has no genitals to speak of and its... voice is made up of many voices. We have been referring to it as... It. The human portion of its body seems to be male.

Species: ... Centaur? Yet to be determined.

Sub Species/Breed: Perhaps a demon of some sort. Bird.

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Upon arrival to Guildereim, emaciated. Efforts to bulk up the subject have been unsuccessful.

Physical Details: (Hair/Eyes/Skin/Etc) It has no hair or fur, but it’s skin is a greyish green. It’s feathers and talons seem to be very healthy and shiny black with slight iridescence. The equine portion of its body appears to be just a shell with no organs. Its skull has no eyes or tongue.

Physical Markings: Nothing of note.

Physical Drawbacks: Quite tall. Eleven or so feet. Four very sharp prosthetic legs. These things make it unsuitable for bed-sharing and most smaller rooms.

Current Infliction(s): ...Perhaps some advanced wasting disease.

Physical Defenses: Its drawbacks also double as defenses. It seems to not experience pain. We wager it can’t be killed either.

Appealing Attributes: ...Its horns are nice and it seems to be polite.

Clothing: None.

Other Items: The slave arrived with a bow and a quiver of unusual arrows. It has been observed carrying around bits of trash, bugs and straw it digs out between the stones of the pens.


Feral or Cultured: Cultured. Very cultured.

Phobias: Seemingly none.

Disorders: Displays some symptoms of generalized anxiety.

How do they present themselves: Despite its gruesome appearance the slave is very pleasant and eager to please. It often offers assistance to anyone it comes across and conducts itself with compassion for others and respect for patrons. It follows orders without having to be punished or threatened.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: It appears to be eager to be rented and owned and has been observed encouraging and advising other individuals to accept and appreciate their position.

Overall Attitude: Positive, bubbly almost. Unsettlingly is at times.

Quirks: It often flexes its talons and digs between floor tiles with its feet.

Hobbies / Interests: None, by its own admission, but it has been observed making up elaborate stories and majoring about a variety of topics from cooking to art to gardening. It has shown an interest in tattoos and piercings.

High or Low Maintenance: Very low.

Diet / Allergies: As of yet, it would appear that food falls through its chest cavity as soon as it eats.


Language(s) Spoken: Common. It has not offered further information.

Can they Read / Write: Yes.

Can your character produce magic: It has not confirmed any magical powers, but it has been alleged that it has animated a dead rat. A suppression collar has been placed on it as a precaution.

Talents / Skills: It can reach very tall things without a ladder. No skills have been volunteered.

Training: None.


Current Owner: The Golden Tether

Previous Owners: It claims it was not and cannot be owned by any one person, that it was created to help the world.

Previous Usage(s): Unknown. Hunter perhaps?

Previous status: Apparently free.

For Rent or to Own: Currently for rent only.

Cost: 5 Gold.

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Generally every night after 7 EST until 12 EST. But sometimes earlier or later.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Tingting doesn’t need to be “broken” so to speak, it’s very happy as a slave, but I would like for it to be taught correctly.

What are your allowances for your character: Please don’t dismantle it. It can’t die and its parts don’t die.

Long Term/Short Term: Either! I love long term though.

General Information

(I’ll finish this post haste.)

Character Description:



Contact Details:


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