Naial [untrained][unowned][unbroken]

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Naial [untrained][unowned][unbroken]

Post by naial » Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:53 pm

Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name:Naial

Nickname: Naial

Name on Identification: Naial


Gender: female

Species: Mink

Sub Species/Breed: American MInk

Physical Appearance

Body Type: slim ( weasel-ly)

Physical Details: (Hair/Eyes/Skin/Etc)SIlver eyes, REd/pink hair, Charcoal fur with blue patches/markings

Physical Markings: Inside of ears, belly, pawsare blue

Physical Drawbacks: not really strong

Current Infliction(s): beaten down by whoever abducted and enslaved her

Physical Defenses: teeth and claws,

Appealing Attributes: slim,body, shiny and soft fur ( when cared for)


Other Items: (Remember slaves cannot have belongings let alone have them on them, they may be made available when rented / purchased.)


Feral or Cultured:cultured, but semi- feral with fear


Disorders:really scared by change of her circumstances

How do they present themselves:

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Afraid

Overall Attitude:quiet/afraid ( was energetic and livfely before capture)


Hobbies / Interests:reading

High or Low Maintenance:low

Diet / Allergies:carnivore


Language(s) Spoken:

Can they Read / Write: yes

Can your character produce magic: unknown

Talents / Skills: cooking, reading, some basic sewing, good climber, fast and very agile. Studied herbalism and potion making (family trade)

Training: none


Current Owner:none atm

Previous Owners:none

Previous Usage(s): none

Previous status:free

For Rent or to Own:both

Cost: 5 gold rent, 100 to own

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Evenings GMT

What are you looking for in a slave Roleplay: Mostly fun and good chemistry, a good background to a relationship is something that is somewhat important ( she is unbroken, so if you want to go for long term ownership, she might need some... introduction.A patient Master that will discover her weaknesses might gain a faithful follower

What are your allowances for your character:Quite a lot, but nothing permanent without really good reasons and my permission. I am quite flexible, when I doubt, ask! (Not really into scales tho)

Long Term/Short Term: Long term, but short term is OK too ( especially if a long term is established and short term is worked into it:)

General Information

Character Description:BBofore her "accident" she was happy, lively and energetic mink. She loved reading and walking around ( usually at the same time, to confusion and sorrow of everyone around her). Physically she is slim and lean, in the typical weasel-like way. She is not tall, but her body proportions and build make her look taller than she is.

She was the only daughter, her family run a potion shot. With her well being in mind, her parents get her into a marriage arrangement, with a younger son of a quite influential family. It wasn't known to them at the time, but her boyfriend got into gambling habits and one day when she went to bed and woke up tied, rolled in a rug, on a cart on her way to the port. She learned her "boyfriend" drugged her and passed her to slavers to cover his gambling debts. She tried to resist and run but was "pacified" in a very brutal way. This turned out to be a bit of blessing: she was unconscious for most of the time she was on the slaver's ship. She arrived in the Teether in here, chained and displayed in a cage

Website:none yet.


Contact Details:

Notes:new to tether, but in furc for a while
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Re: Naial [untrained][unowned][unbroken]

Post by naial » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:01 pm

[pictures updated]

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