Hi, new character & slave.

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Hi, new character & slave.

Post by Kitilya » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:08 pm

Hello everyone.

I am playing a ginger cat-girl. Young, cute, playful and innocent, but this is all the light of her life now that she has turned into a slave. She is a new, fresh and untamed slave that makes futile attempts to escape purely for her own entertainment because staying in a cage or being chained to a pedestal are both just as boring as the other.
I don't know the typical thing to post up here but I guess I can say what I'm looking for in a master.

Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Lisa Kit

Nickname: Red furry ball

Name on Identification: Lisa

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Sub Species/Breed: Domestic Cat

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Slim, petite, a little short

Physical Details: Ginger and light ginger fur and brown eyes.

Physical Markings:

Physical Drawbacks: She is only 5'2" tall. Physically weaker than most.

Current Infliction(s):

Physical Defenses: Hands, feet, teeth, claws. Occasionally uses tail

Appealing Attributes: Can be rather fun to take advantage of her rebellious behaviour. Rather soft to touch.

Clothing: Long cream hide heeled boots. White leggings. Long loose red skirt. White loose linen tunic.

Other Items: Shortbow and arrows taken away from her, dagger also removed.


Feral or Cultured: Primitive culture.

Phobias: Snakes, Scorpions, Spiders, Cold water.

Disorders: None.

How do they present themselves: Shy, quiet and bashful.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Rebellious.

Overall Attitude: Rebellious, adventuristic, thrill seeking slave, easily made cautious and shy to embarrassment.


Hobbies / Interests: Has a strong interest for outdoor hunting and adventure.

High or Low Maintenance: Low Maintenance. (I think)

Diet / Allergies: Carnivorous, no known allergies.


Language(s) Spoken: None.

Can they Read / Write: Neither.

Can your character produce magic: No.

Talents / Skills: Minor level in archer, mainly shortbow. Cunning and trap making, huntress.

Training: Currently unknown. Slave approached and surrendered to the slave traders that brought her to the island. She has not spoken of her training.


Current Owner: Rufus Ignifer

Previous Owners:

Previous Usage(s): N/A

Previous status: Free primitive

For Rent or to Own: Own

Cost: -- Untrained cost?

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: Whenever I'm free GMT. I am online a lot to discuss that but I am just able to get on a lot.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Someone partly sadistic. Possibly Female, I just prefer women. Bondage - biggy for me. Possibly turn into a strong dominative relationship because I do like to adventure, over a course of breaking her.

What are your allowances for your character: Don't kill or maim her with certain minor exceptions but that's to discuss. No piercings, tattoos, permanent marks unless discussed. Definitely no oral!

Long Term/Short Term: Long term.

General Information

Character Description: Just plucked from a small village on the outskirts of the wilderness. She knows little of civilization. A pelt of tangerine adds excitement to slender curves and domestic breeding. Decorated in feathery fluffs about shoulders and hair. Though a shy look in her brown eyes suggest a quiet beauty her fiery hair insinuates deep down there is a combustible spirit within. Just waiting for the right hand to guide it out. Sheltered from prying eyes in the form of white tunic and red flowing skirts and heeled boots with a trim of fur around the top.

Website: N/A

Images: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... nknown.png

Contact Details: Whisper me anytime. Discord: Kitilya#7475 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/KittyKitilya/


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