Adam Munchberg [Untrained, Rent Only]

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Adam Munchberg [Untrained, Rent Only]

Post by MoonwalkingZear » Fri Aug 09, 2019 12:54 pm

OOC NOTICE: Adam's slave papers are kept more up to date on his RP Repository page. You can find the slave papers there too.


Warnings regarding the slave are written with red ink.


Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Adam Münchberg
Nickname: N/A
Name on Identification: Adam
Age: Five Centuries(Appears in early 40s)
Gender: Male
Species: Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)
Sub Species/Breed: Vampire


Physical Appearance

Body Type: Slim build. Digitigrade legs.
Physical Details: Black, graying head hair. Mint-colored eyes. Standard Clouded Leopard pelt and markings.
Physical Markings: A scarred failed attempt at staking the heart that's estimated to be at least 150 years old or more.
Physical Drawbacks:
  • Vampiric Weakness to Sunlight (Warning: Do not expose the slave to direct sunlight without protection! The slave will develop symptoms similar to exposure to poison ivy. If exposed, the slave must receive immediate medical attention. An ointment is provided to the slave in the event that he is outside.)
  • Vampiric Weakness to Holy Symbols (Warning: Slave will suffer burns if he makes contact with any holy item such as a handheld cross. Keep all holy items away from the slave.)
Current Infliction(s):
  • N/A
    Physical Defenses:
    • Claws
    • Fangs (Warning: Being bitten by the slave may result in vampirism in the victim. Slave must be muzzled if necessary.)
    Appealing Attributes: Markings. vampiric attractiveness and charisma, wealthy past, interest in writing, stories, and history
    • European peasant clothes(Link).
    • Brown loincloth
    • Black leather muzzle. Worn to prevent bitings.
    Note that the slave is picky about fashion and will request more luxurious outfits. Only accept his demands if the situation is appropriate.
    Other Items:
    • One golden necklace with a center ruby gemstone. It can only be given when requested by the patron renting the slave.


    Feral or Cultured: Cultured. Slave was born and raised in nobility.
    • Hydrophobia(Fear of Water): Slave does not mind rain but will panic if near a body of water that is easy to drown in such as a lake the ocean.
    • Arithmomania: Slave will count the amount of whatever is around him. Has been observed counting people, bars in a cage, candles, etc.
    • Narcissism: Slave is prideful of themselves and is power-hungry.
    How do they present themselves: Slave differs in presenting themselves from patron to patron. From noble and grand or arrogant and difficult to handle.
    Feelings towards being owned/rented: Stubborn and prefers to do tasks his own way, but eager to earn his freedom through any means necessary.
    Overall Attitude: Noble but hedonistic and prideful.
    • If craving blood, he can bite himself to draw a small amount of blood] (Warning: These self-biting sessions must be kept aware of to prevent infection of other slaves in his vicinity)
    • Counts the number of people in the room he is in, including staff, patrons, and other slaves.
    Hobbies/Interests: Writing, history, luxurious lifestyles
    High or Low Maintenance: Somewhat Low Maintenance. The slave can take care of himself but will take extra time to groom into something of his liking.
    Diet/Allergies: Carnivorous. The slave can eat either raw or cooked meals. If blood is being served to the slave, 1 cup of cow's blood or pig's blood should be used. Blood must be served once a month. Take extreme caution when feeding as the slave will still bite for blood.[/color]
    Allergic to Garlic] (Warning: All dishes served to the slave must not contain any garlic as the slave will induce inflammation)



    Language(s) Spoken: Natively speaks in German. Has an advanced understanding of English. Has a basic understanding of French.
    Can they Read / Write: Yes on both
    Can your character produce magic: Yes (Warning: Although harnesses made of silver are known to weaken the slave to that of a normal being, the slave's vampiric strengths are yet to be fully understood and can be unpredictable. Take extreme caution)
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Senses
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Enhanced Healing
    Talents/Skills: Writing, storytelling, Other talents are to be documented.
    Training: Slave was a free person before capture and has zero training. This is to be worked on a soon as possible.



    Current Owner: N/A
    Previous Owners: None. Free person
    Previous Usage(s): None. Free person
    Previous status: Slave was born a free person.
    For Rent or to Own: Rent only
    Cost: 10 Gold to rent


    OOC Info/Notes

    Availability: Schedule to be decided soon™
    Unavailable from 10:30-12:15 AM MST on Tuesdays and 11:30-1:00 PM MST on Fridays

    What are you looking for in a slave/slaver Roleplay: A second try on a slave character. Willing to learn the ropes on life as a slave on Guildereim.

    What are your allowances for your character: Anything will do. Even in between the sheets(nudge nudge). Rule #1is that the death of Adam is prohibited. See the playstyle chart on Adam's RPR page for more information.

    Long Term/Short Term: Long Term is preferred but I'm not afraid to do Short Term one-offs.


    General Information

    Character Description: A vampire felid on the run from prejudice hides amongst the crowd with minty eyes seeing through your soul. Other than his unnaturally long fangs and immortality granted by vampirism, he appears as a handsome Clouded Leopard man in his early 40s. Don't let his small 5 foot 9 frame fool you, for he is a charismatic, albeit narcissistic, man from Germany.

    Website: RPR

    Images: Soon™

    Contact Details:
    • Discord: MoonwalkingZear #0656
    • Furcadia: Adam|Munchberg
    • Furcadia Alt: Zear
    Notes: I have never done vampire characters before in my life and only know the basic details(feasts on blood, dies in sunlight, charismatic bastards, etc). Please bear with me if I FUBAR something up. Did I also mention that Netflix's Castlevania inspired me to make this character?

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