Harmony Decryst (rent)

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Harmony Decryst (rent)

Post by Harmony » Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:51 pm

Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name:Harmony Decryst

Nickname:Emerald (others are secret)

Name on Identification:Harmony




Sub Species/Breed:Fox

Physical Appearance

Body Type:Lithe/tone

Physical Details:Black straight hair, emerald/green eyes, pale skin. (Hair/Eyes/Skin/Etc)

Physical Markings:Tribal tattoos around her neck. Large wing tattoo's on her back. Other tattoo's along her thigh and left ankle.

Physical Drawbacks: When arieum (magic) reserves depleted, she's quite lithe, short and weak. If she expends all of her energy, she could die.

Current Infliction(s):Left Arm dislocated in atrium fight. Healing, bandaged. Several weeks to heal. Damaged 1/17

Physical Defenses:None.

Appealing Attributes:Mechanical Engineer. Brilliant mind, risk assessor. Adventurist, daredevil.

Clothing: Single sleeve dress. Full Ref -> Here.

Other Items:Earring.


Feral or Cultured:Cultured.


Disorders: Obnoxiousness, no real mental disabilities.

How do they present themselves: Frustrated however, will follow Tether laws begrudgingly.

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Serving out a sentence for murder. In order to clear out her name, has to earn salary for the guards she had murdered. In regards to owernership/rental, she'll do what's necessary to abide to Tether law and inevitably earn freedom.

Overall Attitude: Positive, however mostly neutural. Non-politically biased either way. She'll kill if you want her to. Sing bed time stories if you wanted. Depends on the renter's ask.

Quirks: Her intelligence.

Hobbies / Interests: Machinery, engineering. Even more specifically, firearm weaponry.

High or Low Maintenance: Low maintenance.

Diet / Allergies: Normal, expected diet for the most part. Tries anything. Mostly a carnivore. Even enjoys hunting.


Language(s) Spoken:One of her greatest strengths, heavy multi-linguist. Common, elven, draconic being her strongest. She could be caught speaking a dead language. If it was even dragonlands native, would be incredibly questionable.

Can they Read / Write:Both, very well.

Can your character produce magic: Being made entirely out of arieum (magic) - Yes, she can produce.. anything. However, inside the pen, she's bound by shackles preventing her from casting.

Talents / Skills: Hunter, worker. Bounty collector. Sharpshooter. Mechanical engineer, very good problem solving with her hands. Resource management skills. Survivalist.

Training: Her exact role within a Secret Society is unknown. However, it would be clearly evident she's acquainted with several different schools of magic. Strenght's being black magic, divinity and arcane. Capabilities varied among each school. Wouldn't never be considered a master to any of them.


Current Owner:None

Previous Owners:None (If known.)

Previous Usage(s):Har: Nightly Basis, Tether Tab. Monster Killing, Guard for base. Provides a place of rest and food some nights.
Darkness: 15G Travel. Exploration.
Arana: 15G Travel and Adventure.
Rhianna: 15G Business exploitation.

Previous status:Free

For Rent or to Own:Both

Cost:15g to rent - 200g to own

OOC Info/Notes

Availability:Daily, US-EST is the time zone. I have a laptop I can use/login from work for the furcadia client. But anything earlier than 3PM, Id prefer discord cause it's just easier to track and keep up. Available most times. Sure.

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Creative, fun, exploratory RP. Manipulative/story arch bending RP would be entertained for certain. I am an entirely no-consent player. Anything rules related wise, you can find on my main page. This character is immortal but there's plenty of way's she can be killed and if figured out, I even consent to her death. It doesn't bother me.

What are your allowances for your character: No consent. Be 18+, that's a personal preference. Dark/Adult themes are fine as long as their story related and follow story-arch principles.

Long Term/Short Term: Both, long-term definitely preferred and appreciated.

General Information

Character Description: Codename: Emerald, with eye's to match. White locks mixing about and around long white fox ears. Earring over her right ear only jewel to grace her body, other than the areium based tattoo's that covered her neck and body. When her large batty wings weren't on display? Replaced with large tattoo's as well. Dynamic nature of their existence. Single silk sleeve dress that mainly fell off the shoulder. Black leggings ending with running shoes. Demeanor was always free spirited and ready to showcase her rather nonlinear lifestyle.

Website: https://www.rprepository.com/c/harmonythedjinn/

Images: https://www.rprepository.com/c/harmonythedjinn/

Contact Details:Furcadia: Harmony Decryst - My RPR above. You can also find me on discord at k2kstar#6333
OOC Note: Rumor that Harmony is running a moderate underground blackmarket contraband scheme within the Tether and using the codename Emerald. Several slaves are employee's being used as mules with a guard or two well aware of her antics. This information isn't public knowledge, however if need-be, a definite plot device for RP can be used for any patrons/slaves interested in this plot device. Feel free to approach.

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