Lilivera - For Rent

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Lilivera - For Rent

Post by Embalm » Mon Mar 30, 2020 12:04 am

Slave Form

Basic Information

Full Name: Lilivera

Nickname: Lili

Name on Identification: Lilivera

Age: 300+

Gender: Female

Species: Sloth

Sub Species/Breed:
Earth Elemental

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Lanky, slim

Physical Details: Pin straight, greyish lavender hair; Smoky grey eyes; Silvery grey fur with very long finger nails

Physical Markings: Dark blotches around eyes, pillars of dark fur along both hips

Physical Drawbacks: Previously broken wrists make it hard for her to lift/carry much

Current Infliction(s): None

Physical Defenses: Sharp nails that are borderline talons

Appealing Attributes: Slim, flexible, talented dancer, soft spoken and pleasant

Clothing: Harem finery

Other Items: Nothing more than a gifted book on potion making


Feral or Cultured: Cultured

Phobias: Apiphobia

Disorders: None

How do they present themselves: Prim, proper and very demure

Feelings towards being owned / rented: Enjoys rentals, aims to please

Overall Attitude: A very pleasant being, Lili is very soft spoken and its very hard to rile her up. It's a rare day that there isn't a sleepy smile on those sweet features.

Quirks: Constantly rolls wrists in circles, fusses with ends of hair when anxious

Hobbies / Interests: Horticulture, potion making, dancing, entertaining

High or Low Maintenance: Low

Diet / Allergies: Allergic to bees, omnivorous


Language(s) Spoken: Common, French,

Can they Read / Write: Yes

Can your character produce magic: Yes, elemental earth magic

Talents / Skills: Horticulture, dancing, entertaining, potion and poison making

Training: Formal, previously owned and broken over the expanse of time


Current Owner: None

Previous Owners: Marcos Havershaem {npc}, Felicity Holmes {npc}, Helene Pettipas {npc}

Previous Usage(s): Companion, entertainment, pleasure

Previous status: Free being

For Rent or to Own: Rent only

Cost: 15 gold

OOC Info/Notes

Availability: My availability is sporadic due to irl stuff, but just message me on discord if need be!

What are you looking for in a slave / slaver Roleplay: Plots and planning, someone to help Lili grow and learn more beyond her already existing skill set

What are your allowances for your character: Lili is mostly non consent, actions have consequences, but for certain stuff I'd like to properly discuss person to person.

Long Term/Short Term: Long and short term plots welcome!

General Information

Character Description: -


Images: -

Contact Details: Whisper me on Serath in game or get at me via Discord!

Notes: This character is going to be a learning experience for me so please bare with me, I'm learning and developing a feel for her as I go!

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