Slave Badge Workshop

You can find all of the information for this new system here!

(23:58:32) You say, "Hello everyone!"
(23:58:45) Branded: Hello Biers!
(23:58:49) Muunokhoi: Oh hi :3
(23:58:55) Ryuo: Ayyy
(23:58:57) You say, "(Hi doctor Nick)"
(00:00:17) You say, "Those of you who are in the staff group with us have seen it before, but to our players, it is my honor to introduce and talk about a new mechanic we've implemented today, which is the Golden Tether slave badge system."
(00:00:34) You say, "(Welcome to my TED talk)"
(00:01:22) You say, "You can find the full explanation of the system on the Library forum on the TGT website. If you'd like to follow along, this is the link:"
(00:02:05) You say, "If at any point you've got questions, feel free to ask them here. We'll do our best to answer them. :-)"
(00:02:58) You say, "The basic concept of the slave badges is simple: in one glance at a characters slave papers or RPR page, we want to make it clear which skills the slave possesses, and which have been validated."
(00:04:11) You say, "In character, this will be candle wax seals, placed on the slave's paper, in either bronze, silver or gold."
(00:05:00) You say, "We've determined a list of 16 possible skillsets to cover the services that might be expected of a Golden Tether slave. The full list can be found in the forum topic."
(00:06:20) You say, "Our of character, the goal of this system is to give a boost to the roleplay possibilities for and with slave characters. Every category of slave is eligible to earn badges: both untrained and harem, owned and unowned, and even house slaves."
(00:07:51) You say, "However, we want to make sure the system allows for our patrons to find things to roleplay as well. Let's face it, our staff is pretty good (cough) but they're going to need some help in assessing the skill level of the many many slaves who wander the halls."
(00:09:05) Muunokhoi: :-D
(00:09:44) You say, "So how will this work? We're going to be working in a two-step process. A patron or staff member will administer a test. When they deem this test is successful, they may nominate the slave for a promotion in the skill tested. A staffmember will then approve or deny the promotion, and assign the badge. (Ic: place it on the papers)"
(00:11:39) You say, "To ensure that higher levels such as gold or silver are more difficult to obtain, a patron may only suggest a slave go up one level in each skill. For example: Biers tests person X on his favorite skill. (pleasure, cough) and suggests she moves up to bronze. This is accepted. In order for the slave to advance to silver, and then gold, there will need to be additional tests, by other patrons."
(00:12:07) You say, "Your patron character may also not suggest promotions for your slave alts."
(00:13:55) You say, "So all of this is about positive reenforcement. Is that all there is? Of course not! If a patron notices that a slave has a golden skill-level for grooming, but the service has been severely lacking in that aspect, they can suggest a demotion, as well. This is one level down in a skill, for example from gold to silver."
(00:16:21) You say, "The last thing I want to explain about the system, before I open the floor to questions and comments, is how this will work OOCly. Promotions and demotions can be posted both on our Discord, in the new #ic-promotions channel, or on the slave paper thread in the forums. A staff member will react with a thumbs up or down react on Discord to approve/deny, or with a reply post on the slave papers. Once a promotion is approved by staff, the slave character's player can add the badge to their own websites."
(00:17:25) You say, "Thank you for listening to me. (I know I can be a pain in the ass). Please feel free to discuss, ask questions, lavish me in praise, etc etc... :-)"
(00:18:03) Arvex Galerian: So, how exactly would a patron go about administering one of these tests, again?
(00:18:07) Muunokhoi: Aweeeeyea badges <3
(00:19:15) Rene Noel-Elsey: ill give u a pain in the ass biers if it gives me a badge
(00:19:19) Rene Noel-Elsey winks at with both eyes
(00:19:23) Branded slaps around Rene.
(00:19:26) You say, "Arvex, we don't want to limit your imagination. Any roleplay that can determine a level in a skill is acceptable. Eventhough staff has to approve the promotion, we want to say that generally, they will not deny the promotion unless there is a valid reason."
(00:19:27) Troll: I like Rene
(00:19:54) You say, "Rene, I think that might earn you the 'manual labor' badge... ;-)"
(00:20:21) Fragile: OH HO HO HO
(00:20:24) Branded smirk emoji.
(00:20:39) Ceirsha: What would be an example of a valid reason?
(00:21:56) Cabalist: For some of the testing, like for magical skills since they wear collars, would that be more staff only or patron as well? or is that going to be something different.
(00:21:58) Rene Noel-Elsey: MANUAL LABOR
(00:22:01) Rene Noel-Elsey: LMFAO
(00:22:39) You say, "Ceirsha: Oocly, if the promotion was made by an alt of the slave character, or if the patron has already promoted that slave on that skill before. Icly, for example if a patron submits a clearly fraudulent promotion request. (could be a fun plot too) Or, for example, if the slave was punished between the promotion being suggested or evaluated."
(00:23:59) You say, "Cabalist: Staff will certainly participate and assist in testing. If a test requires the removal or dampening of the magic suppressing collar, staff can definitely assist in such testing. Even NPC staffmembers could be present for such a thing."
(00:24:35) Ceirsha: Oooh okay.
(00:25:44) Rene Noel-Elsey: OK, so, to clarify - its *one* skill level recommendation per patron per skill, correct?
(00:25:45) You say, "How do you guys feel about the completeness of the skill list?"
(00:26:39) Rene Noel-Elsey: I think its a pretty solid list, covers most all the basics
(00:26:44) Arvex Galerian: It seems pretty extensive. I can't think of anything that would need to be added off the top of my head.
(00:26:54) Muunokhoi: I love it :3
(00:26:54) Rosca Santigria stands up
(00:26:58) You say, "Rene: one skill level per patron, per slave, per skill, yes. If you've promoted someone from bronze to silver, and it has been accepted, then you cannot promote from silver to gold for that slave, in that skill."
(00:27:02) Rosca Santigria: I agree with Rene doing manual labor.
(00:27:03) Ceirsha: Nothing that isn't pretty specific is missing.
(00:27:10) Rene Noel-Elsey: no
(00:27:26) Rene Noel-Elsey: dont you - no. ROS YOUR GOING TO MAKE HIM DO LABOR ARENT YOU
(00:27:29) Branded: Be kind to Rene. He isn't designed for this kind of abus-- oh nvm yes he is.
(00:27:34) Rene Noel-Elsey screams
(00:27:35) Rosca Santigria smirls
(00:27:39) Troll gently push rosca
(00:27:57) Rene Noel-Elsey: he would be so angry if his first badge was in manual labor.
(00:27:59) Troll: In the most gentlest way ever.
(00:28:03) Rene Noel-Elsey: Does Hunting fall under Survival?
(00:28:17) Rosca Santigria twerks on Aaron very obnoxiously
(00:28:22) Satine: So.. since this is a new thing for the establishment, even pre-established slaves with skills that are already 'known' will still have to be tested in order to be promoted, right? Like.. staff or patrons can't just slap badges on them from what they 'know' of them, they have to go through tests like new slaves would?
(00:28:51) Remei Aoki: ^im interested in this question for arena pps
(00:29:06) Branded: Ofc rem is interested in pps.
(00:29:13) You say, "Rene: yes"
(00:30:07) Molly Ellys: Not a to be a neighsayer but how would you handle conflicts?
(00:30:12) Rosca Santigria: guns
(00:30:20) Rene Noel-Elsey: first of all, how dare u
(00:30:24) Ceirsha: Does the one skill/patron go towards demotions as well or can a patron demote and promote a skill?
(00:30:43) Troll: Conflict resolution meetups with an adult. (I'm kidding of course)
(00:31:25) You say, "Satine: Indeed. Even pre-established slaves will still need to have their skills verified. Right now, icly, the skill list is made once when the character is first interviewed, and kept up to date with handler notes. There's nothing really obvious on what's already verified, which is what this system tries to make more clear."
(00:32:03) Arvex Galerian: So, I'm assuming a new slave in the Tether wouldn't start with any badges, right?
(00:32:29) You say, "Molly: I know a thing or two about neighsayers. Conflicts can be handled by OOC staff, but we're hoping that people see this as an opportunity to generate rp, and not as something to fight over."
(00:33:11) You say, "Ceirsha: Good question! I don't have an answer right now. I'll write it down, and we'll discuss it! Thank you."
(00:33:35) You say, "Arvex: Yes. New slaves will start in the Tether without badges."
(00:33:52) Rene Noel-Elsey: i recommend a badge in Twerking
(00:34:16) Rene Noel-Elsey eyes Rosca
(00:34:17) You say, "Rene: negative gold in Dance / Performance :-D"
(00:34:28) Rene Noel-Elsey: OMG
(00:34:42) Branded: We'll need a platinum badge for Rosca.
(00:34:47) Rene Noel-Elsey: i was just joking about a black negative badge
(00:35:25) Rene Noel-Elsey: actually it could be an idea. like a strike - an indicator that a slave has had poor behavior re: certain skills asked of them. dunno if people would abuse that tho.
(00:36:56) You say, "I'd like to take the opportunity to give mad props to Blot. The idea was suggested first during the townhall meeting two years ago, and they helped in finetuning it. Furthermore, we also need to acknowledge Campy for her help in this aspect, as well as Remei and Rosca for their artistic help when it came to generating the badges! Thanks guys! (Oscar acceptance speech music starts to play)"
(00:37:23) Satine applauds
(00:37:32) Muunokhoi: You guys are awesome <33
(00:37:42) Molly Ellys: Very well done :>
(00:38:03) Rene Noel-Elsey: I STILL GOT QUESTIONS
(00:38:05) Troll claps for all of u
(00:38:06) You say, "Rene: I think your idea of the strike corresponds with what we've called demotions."
(00:38:31) Rosca Santigria: i would like to thank god, my mom, my dad, and aaron for never giving up on me when i was a confused troll youth selling illegal memes on the skreets
(00:38:50) Ryuo: Give yo'selves a round of applause!
(00:39:12) Rene Noel-Elsey: Would owners be able to suggest badges for their slaves?
(00:39:53) Remei Aoki claps.
(00:39:56) Remei Aoki: biers is the mastermind
(00:40:46) You say, "Rene: I don't see why not. We'd still just limit it to one level, same as other patrons. That way, there's still ample opportunity to rp with others."
(00:41:06) Arvex Galerian: Now I'm gonna have to see if I can have Arvex test slaves on any of these. Combat is an obvious one, but I can think of a couple others he might be able to test.
(00:41:26) Rene Noel-Elsey waits to see how many pleasure badges get tossed around
(00:42:41) Rene Noel-Elsey: also good job everyone! its great to see that new mechanics are still being introduced to help rp stay interesting :-D
(00:43:22) Branded removes one of Rene's badges out of spite.
(00:43:32) Rene Noel-Elsey: ill cut u
(00:43:37) Branded: I'll make u eat it
(00:43:41) Rene Noel-Elsey: kinky
(00:44:33) Rosca Santigria: pls dont fight felas
(00:44:47) Rosca Santigria: take it to the arena or detroit pls
(00:44:51) You say, "Perhaps returning to the idea of the testing again. We definitely want to put the ball in the court of you players, so we're looking forward what sort of tests you're going to come up with. We're counting on you to make the tests worthy of the level you're going to be promoting the slave to. Don't make us promote a slave to a gold companionship because he can pour wine without spilling. :-D"
(00:45:14) Rosca Santigria: ^ oops.
(00:45:25) Rosca Santigria: I have a question.
(00:45:30) You say, "Shoot!"
(00:45:42) Rene Noel-Elsey watches ros affix his nerd glasses
(00:45:47) Branded: I'd be down with Aurora helping out testing out slaves in the applicable areas.
(00:45:59) Rosca Santigria shakes mane while Finance Rosca glasses are on
(00:46:09) Rene Noel-Elsey perches on auroras lap, waiting to buried in them. ':3c'
(00:46:34) You say, "(Is it me, or is Finance Rosca hot as fuck?)"
(00:46:37) Branded coos into his ear, "I will drown you in my praise you precious little shit."
(00:46:41) Branded: (It's not just you.)
(00:47:08) Fragile: I like this, because as someone who likes to watch characters grow, it gives a chance to actually have a little "you did a good job" star for them ic, especially if you're someone like myself who likes to have them gain new skills and train IC
(00:47:11) Rosca Santigria: So when it comes to the promotions, I'm guessing there's going to be a monthly or weekly buffer? I'm guessing once every 2 weeks a slave will be considered for promotion. Basically, my question is how long will it take for a slave to get considered for promotion? And how long will it take to rank up from silber to gold?
(00:47:25) Rosca Santigria takes Finance Rosca glasses off and naps
(00:48:08) Rene Noel-Elsey pets sleepy nerd ros
(00:48:20) Remei Aoki: imo-- buffers should be longer than this
(00:48:30) Remei Aoki: sorry-- just my 2 centavos
(00:49:49) You say, "Rosca: We've actually not discussed any limitations to this. I think the biggest factor to take into account is if it makes sense, icly. If the slave is learning, then it'd make no sense to promote from nothing to gold in the span of a month. But if it is a skill they already excel at, but it is only now being verified, then it would make sense that promotion would go faster. We're counting on players' sense of realism to make this system work!"
(00:55:15) You say, "Does anyone have any further questions, or comments?"
(00:57:46) You say, "Alright. Let me thank you guys again. I hope you'll have lots of fun with this system. We'll adapt and make it grow as needed, so if you have further suggestions at any time, feel free to let us know. Class dismissed, now go play some croquet! ;-)"
(00:58:37) Muunokhoi: Thank you Biers! :D This sounds super awesome
(00:58:44) Cabalist: I agree
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