Weremagnus is our official patcher and developer. They have completely reworked The Golden Tether, using designs originally created by The Mint Mink. With these designs as a base, they were able to completely bring the dream up to date. The arena was specially designed by Weremagnus so that it would best optimize the space and allow for a larger viewing audience for arena fights. Weremagnus also did a great deal of the dream weaving and DSing for the new TGT. They are also responsible for the initial setup and design of the Battle System and they were also our long time Arena Master on Blaclan before becoming our official Developer. They have also created nearly all the local avatars, designed the website and the current skin for the dream.

Fera is our official coder and also a manager. She has worked quite a bit with Dragon Speak and Phoenix Speak to put in quite a few amazing features in TGT. Using Weremagnus�s fight system as a basis, she completely automated the Battle System, removing the need to add and subtract dice rolls manually. She also coded all the games (Slave Chase, Obstacle Course, Spin the Wheel) and has perfected our Idle System. Fera heavily edited and reworked a money purse based of off DS put together by Ashlock for Shipwreck Cove and other money purse examples on the Furcadia Forums.

Hooke is our second patcher and developer. They are the newest member to the development team. They have aided in creation and patching NPCs in TGT. They will also be working on new local avatars to add to the wide variety already in place. With Weremagnus they have designed a memorial pillar for those that ICly perished in the End of Days dream wide plot. Hooke also moonlights as IC Staff: a gladiator known as The Englishman.

Chipper Longtail and Crunchward provide help and technically support for our website and our forums. Chipper provides us with some amazing hosting and Crunchward was been a huge help in getting the TGT website up and running, as well as aiding with any forum issues we may have.

Vel is an incredibly generous patron. She donated a Dream Package for Life to the dream, ensuring that TGT will always have a spot and all the amazing, wonderful extras required to keep the dream going. Thank you for your generosity!

Muunokhoi is our newest Developer, working specifically on the website. They have helped with updating the coding for the website and creating a new staff application submission form.

We extend our thanks to Aaron, who has helped us when we've had issues with dragon and phoenix speak or when we just couldn't get something to work and needed an extra set of eyes.

Extra thanks to all of our staff and volunteers who spent quite a bit of time helping hunt for bugs and look for any errors or mistakes in the making of the new dream. The time you spent running around like mad searching for bugs was a big help to fine tuning the final version of the dream. A final, massive thanks to everyone who comes to TGT. You've helped make The Golden Tether what it is today and without you we wouldn't be here. Thank you for taking part in our events and helping make history with our dream wide plots. Thank you for the constructive feedback you've provided. We couldn't have done it without you.

The Golden Tether is the brainchild of Skadowee and The Mint Mink. The Mint Mink, also known as Minty, did completely custom patches for TGT in a time when such customization was rarely seen. Skadowee helped with the designing of the Tether and ushered in the luxurious atmosphere we see in the dream today. Both have since retired. Alabaster Sea and Simplify have both worked on the portraits and Alabaster Sea has done previous previous art and skins for the Tether.
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