The TGT Battle Dice System is created by Weremagnus. Modifications and updates have been made by Quietus Redux and Weremagnus.
Standard Dice Aspects Automated Battle System Post Duration Leveling, Experience and Rewards F.A.Q.


    *fight - Brings up the visual fighting controls. However, you must get permission to fight from a staff member.
    *resetattack - Resets an attack if you've accidentally attacked the wrong body part
    *stats - Shows your stats, including level, and xp
    *hp - Shows the HP of all the fighters at any time if you have permission to fight
    *end - Turns off the automated fight system


  • You can also remove your weapons or armor by clicking the weapon/armor buttons on the visual fighting system. You can click the button again to put your armor or weapon back on. This really only comes into play if you're disarmed during a fight or if you're not attacking with your weapon.
  • If you don't use your aspects for two months, they will be cleared from the PS Database and you will have to have them re-entered by a manager. If you want your xp from your previous fights to be re-added, you will need to link the manager to each of your fights in the credited thread.

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