Slave Training and Badges

You can find a list of badges assigned to slaves here.

What are slave badges?

The Golden Tether slave badges make it very easy to at a glance gauge the level of skill a certain slave has. They're sigils in wax added to the slave's papers by a staffmember of the Golden Tether, after a test of the skill has been performed. It's the Golden Tether's guarantee that the skills that are mentioned on the papers have been validated. Badges exist in three levels, determined by the level of skill the slave possesses: bronze, silver and gold. The number or level of these skills can have an impact on the slave's rental or sale price.

How are slave badges earned?

All slaves can earn badges, including owned slaves and house slaves. New slaves to the Golden Tether start off with processing, during which a list of skills is determined. These skills are marked as unverified. Badges verify these skills after interaction with staff or patrons, who can assign promotions or demotions based on their experience. Patrons will need to have their badges verified by staff.

A training session by a new trainer will always promote the slave to the next level in that badge. However, if the training session was held by a trainer that has already trained that slave in that skill, it'll take 3 sessions to promote from bronze to silver and 5 sessions to promote from silver to gold.

How to suggest a badge?

After a test performed during a roleplay session, patrons can suggest a slave be promoted or demoted in the tested skill. A staff member will make the mark on the slave's papers, unless there is a valid reason not to do so. This recommendation can be made on Discord (#IC_Promotions). Restriction: Players cannot make recommendations for their own slave alts. Please keep in mind that every level of badge given should reflect a level of skill that matches the badge level. Slaves with a golden badge are the best of the best to be found for the tasks described.

Golden Tether house slaves can suggest a slave go up a rank in a skill they've tested. In character, a free staff member will make the mark on the slave's papers. Out of character, the player of the house slave can make this decision without another staff member's input.

What's in it for me?

Whenever a badge is assigned to a slave, either through promotion or demotion, the training patron will receive a point for the training session that skill. After two sessions, the patron is considered a 'novice' trainer. After five, they become a 'trusted' trainer. After ten training sessions, the patron is considered an 'expert' trainer in that skill.

As a patron rises through these levels, they can expect to become more and more known in the field they are training slaves in. Experts might expect complete strangers to know of their skill, and to be sought out because of it.

Please note that you will only earn levels on the track for each promotion or demotion of a slave to the next level. If you've given one or more intermediate training sessions to a slave, you'll also advance one step on the track when the slave moves on to the next level, no matter who gave the last training session.

Skill Details

Animal Husbandry

Taking care of small and large animals. Examples may include tending to coats, nails and hooves. This skill may also include veterinary medicine.


Any skill in the arts. Examples may include sketching, painting and sculpting. This skill may also include less traditional arts such as body modification and tattooing.


Any and all skills a slave holds in regards to BDSM. This may include the ability to endure or inflict pain, maintain and tie rope, as well as knowledge on BDSM safety.


Skills pertaining to combat. Examples may include martial arts, weapons knowledge and defense techniques.


A general skill for identifying traits that make a slave a good companion, such as the ability to serve drinks, hold conversation and be generally entertaining.

Cooking and Mixology

Skills pertaining to the preparation of drink and food. Examples may include cooking, baking, brewing and mixing drinks, but also the preparation of ingedients and butchering.


This skill is used to denote any and all crafting skill, such as smithing, sewing, woodworking, leatherworking, jewelcrafting, etc.

Dance and Performance

Skills pertaining to dance and performance, except for musical skills. This can include exotic forms of performance such as fire breathing, aeriel silks, etc...


Any skill pertaining to the tending of fields and crops. This skill can include knowledge of weather patterns and crop diseases. Tending of animals does not fall under 'farming', but rather under 'animal husbandry'.


This skill touches on bathing services, care for hair or fur. It may also include skills like manicure, pedicure, dental cleaning, etc.

Herbalism And Alchemy

The ability to identify plants and herbs for usage in medicine making or poison making. And skill in the making of potions or poisons can also fall under this skill.

Household Skills

Skills pertaining to managing a home. This may include such skills as butlering and cleaning, but may also include the ability to manage a staff.

Manual Labor

This skill pertains to any skill that requires heavy physical work, such as cutting lumber, working in the mines or the docks.

Massage and Relaxation

Skills pertaining to relaxation techniques, including all forms of massage. This skill might also include relaxation techniques such as yoga.


Any and all medicinal skill that doesn't touch on the preparation of potions or medicines. This may include healing, both traditional or magical, bedside manners, surgical skills, etc.


Musical talent, including but not limited to playing instruments, singing and composing of music.


Any and all talent a slave might hold pertaining to sexually pleasuring those of the same or other genders.

Scribe Services

Talent pertaining to writing and reading, taking of notes and keeping of records. This may also include such skills as bookkeeping.

Slave Etiquette

This skill encompasses any and all traits that slaves display pertaining to general slave etiquette: the ability to obey, use proper titles, kneel properly, etc...


Any and all skill related to survival in the wild. This skill may encompass things like hunting, endurance, speed but also building fires, tanning of hides, etc...

How to suggest a slave badge:

Post the filled out form in the Discord channel #IC_Promotions:

**Name of Patron Issuing Badge:**
**Name of Slave:**
**Promotion or Demotion:**
**Explain the test performed:**

List of skills

The following skills can be validated on a slave's papers:

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