The Golden Tether is the most popular dream in the Furrabian Nights dream hub of Furcadia. Enter our classy atmosphere with a fully customized patch, outstanding visuals and a rich lore. TGT has been around since February of 2005 founded by Skadowee and The Mint Mink. It is currently owned by Siena and managed by Madeleine.
You can find The Golden Tether uploaded just north of the Landing Zone in FurN, it is a red Group Package portal. Alternatively you can send a `join request to our bot TGT for an auto-summon. For a full list of commands, press F3 while in our dream. These include warp commands, local species commands and quick information about which staff members are currently available.

Unique Locations

Within the dream there are a variety of visually appealing areas to Roleplay in including:
  • The Main Hall, where the majority of slave trading occurs
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Library
  • Stage for live shows and slave auctions
  • Patron stage free for all patrons to utilize
  • Three types of slave cages including standard barred cages, silky harem pens and an aquarium.
  • Slaver's lounge
  • Various balcony seating
  • Medical Infirmary
  • Arena
  • The Underhall, where unruly slaves and new stock are kept
  • Smithy
  • Garden
  • Docks
  • Beach
  • Hot springs
  • And many side rooms scattered throughout the dream.
From the main dream you can also access the House of the Golden Moon, a dream full of high-class private rooms to suit a variety of tastes, including torture rooms and baths.

EXPERienced Staff

Our dream includes an active, colorful, competent cast of staff members with both Out of Character and In Character duties such as stimulating group roleplay and ensuring your time in our dream is enjoyable!

Anti-Godmode Battle System

The Golden Tether has a unique Dice Battle System for all of our combative role-play that eliminates the chance to God-Mode or power play for those who use it. We host gladiatorial tournaments using this system and many brawls occur in our arena every week.

Exclusive Local Species

Along with the dream's patch, TGT features a variety of unique local species avatars exclusive to our dream alone! You can use the following anthropomorphic avatars:
  • Naga
  • Slave (female and male versions)
  • Reptile
  • Avian
  • Shark
  • Gargoyle
  • Caprid (goats/sheep)
And more species are on the way! If there is a species you would like to see playable in the dream, please leave your suggestions in this thread. For more information on the local species of our dream, check the Natives and Locals page.
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