Slave Pricing F.A.Q.

So you're a slave in the Tether.
What happens next?

A new slave would go through processing, sorted and graded like a piece of meat, regardless of status. After being removed from the ship and herded up the docks, a slave can expect to be stripped completely naked, scrubbed down, and to get a cavity search for purity and contraband. Many slaves had been found with weapons and jewels hidden in the most interesting places. After thoroughly cleaned and inspected, the slaves will be redressed. If the clothing they came in with was too worn, it'd be burned and replaced with more appropriate clothing that accented the positive attributes of the slave.

Any personal effects will be catalogued and stored. Possibly melted down or sold if the ones processing the slaves feel like it. The slave will then be evaluated first for any sort of magical abilities that may need to be suppressed and fitted with a collar or bracers that will keep the slave from harming other slaves or patrons with their powers. Slaves that act violent will be muzzled, tied, or shackled as the need arises. Finally, the slave will be interviewed so their papers can be filled out, though the papers may be filled out without any input from the slave whatsoever. After that, the slave will be priced and sorted to a pen and sent in with the general population of that pen. New harem slaves are on trial and any minor disobedience will have them moved from the harem pen.

Those that are deemed to have potential are given minor training in what's expected of them, primarily going over the rules of the establishment. Some are broken in entirely, even trained as pleasure, companion, or fighting slaves. And some deemed utterly worthless are killed on sight or sent back to the slave boat that brought them because the Tether will not pay for stock that will never be bought. Regardless, every single slave that comes through the Tether will have one of the handlers or guards establish authority to minimize later problems.

Here is a guideline for what The Golden Tether charges for slaves. Please decide on a specific price. For example, you play a Trained Slave and the price ranges between 180 to 220 . Perhaps your character has qualities that make it a bit above the rest, thus more expensive to rent - she'd be 210 or 220 , on the higher side of the price range, compared to being 180 or 190 .

Unbroken, Untrained, Damaged,
or Disobedient Slave

These slaves have zero to limited training. Newly captured slaves typically fall into this category. They may have been a slave that had fallen from grace or are incredibly disobedient. They may also be damaged slaves, such as disfiguring scars or deformations or even missing limbs. They are the lowest of the low.
Location: Barred cages, regular and unbroken slaves.

Please pick a cost between these ranges:

  • 1 Night Rental, 5 - 10 or 1
  • To Own, 50 to 100 or 5 to 10

Trained, Average Slave

Your typical, every day slave. They are average to attractive in looks, or to balance that out, they are trained. They still require more training and are typically obedient.
Location: Barred cages, regular and unbroken slaves.

Please pick a cost between these ranges:

  • 1 Night Rental, 10 to 20 or 1 to 2
  • To Own, 180 to 220 or 18 to 22

Exotic, Well Trained Slave

These slaves are of an exotic breed and highly trained. They may have unique abilities and skills. They know their place, they are not spoiled, they do not speak back.
Location: Harem Pens.

Please pick a cost between these ranges:

  • 1 Night Rental, 20 to 30 or 2 to 3
  • To Own, 280 to 350 or 28 to 35

Damaged Slaves, Where as damage is defined as any visible physical damage, or mutilation, or mental handicaps (ie. insanity) a reduction of 5 to Rent and a reduction of 20 to Own.

Prices may change due to demand, the skills or traits of the slave, or as seen fit by a Staff Member of The Golden Tether.

Payment can be made at time of purchase - in most cases we suggest making the payment to a [NPC] Guard if staff are unable to complete the purchase/rent, or a Guard [NPC] can be dispatched to retrieve payment from the patrons room if the sum is large.

Harem Pens

Are expected to be:

  • The best the tether has to offer it's paying public in terms of slave stock.
  • Role-models to the untrained, and the trained looking to become a harem slave.
  • Well trained, displaying proper behavior, posture, presentation, and speech.
  • Have a variety of skills, unique or interesting, to ensure their clients (patrons) are well taken care of.
  • Not necessarily mindless, broken slaves, but show their personalities in ways that compliment their conditioning/training.
  • Pleasing to the eye. They are groomed, clean, well dressed, and considered attractive in some from.
  • Able to offer their services openly to the public, such as fetching drinks, or offering company to those in the pen room.
  • Able to teach, instruct, or even advise an untrained, or trained slave in their skills or training if requested.
  • Give their full, direct attention to those who address them and be available for interaction at any point while on display.
  • Able to perform in the main hall upon request. (If they are trained in music, or dance this is more likely)

Are allowed to:

  • Wear nicer clothing such as silks, jewelry, and other accessories to help compliment their appearance.
  • Help and Assist staff, but only when called upon by a staff member. (No NPC supervision)
  • Have more options when it comes to bathing and grooming.
  • Are allowed free time within the Gardens, beach, library, and other recreational areas while under the supervision of a guard. (NPC supervision allowed)
  • Sometimes have better choices when it comes to meals.
  • Have items within the pens to help them attract interest. Such as Sewing kits, leather working kits, musical instruments, sketchpads with drawing utensils, etc. These are however only given with permission and under the supervision of a guard. (Staff, or NPC supervision required)
  • Talk among themselves so long as they give priority to free persons who approach, address, or interact with them

They Cannot:

  • 'Freewalk' they must be escorted by a guard at all times to and from the pens.
  • Sleep while on display. (Expect to be dismissed to the under hall for shut eye)

Can be demoted for:

(These can get your character removed from the harem pen until further notice)
  • Back talking, confrontational, or disruptive behaviors both verbally and physically.
  • Refusal to cooperate with staff, or refusal to follow orders given to them.
  • Causing damage to the pen, or their pen-mates
  • Actively avoiding interaction with free persons interested in them. (OOC reasons are acceptable)
  • Insufficient training. Such as lacking basic, or intermediate level training. (These apply to things such as behavior, presentation, speech, etc. You can be learning new talents/skills and still be in the harem)
  • Spoiled or entitled behavior.

Untrained Pens

Are expected to be:

  • A melting pot between Trained, Untrained, and harem slaves that are unfit for placement in the harem pen.
  • Obedient to some degree, and likely broken.
  • Either be lacking, possess only basic, have limited training, or some mixture of the three.
  • Restrained if they are violent, or have a reputation for causing harm to other slaves.
  • Getting treatment for injuries and illness if any are present. (Often handled by NPC Healers)
  • Clean. (Basic bathing is given by the guards within the under hall, specially when there is blood or other substances that may make other slaves sick)
  • In basic clothing, or clothing provided to them by staff.

Are allowed to:

  • Talk among themselves. If they become disruptive, or begin to cause trouble they will be commanded to stop.
  • Have items within the cages ONLY if directly permitted, or given to by a member of staff. (Staff supervision is then required)

They Cannot:

  • Have freedoms unless earned through interaction with a staff member.
  • Have items, personal or otherwise. (Slaves are searched upon entering the pens, any items aside from clothing and required restraints are removed)

Can be Promoted for:

  • Showing that they are capable of serving to the expectations of those placed upon the harem.
  • Earning enough merit through staff interaction, patron comments, or rental evaluations. (Have these written on your slave papers. If you don't have them, you can make them here)
  • Actively making an effort to be involved with things in the pen room. Such as asking staff if they can offer services, or taking care of their pen-mates.

What about 'feral' slaves?

Feral creatures are not sold as slaves by the tether, and thus are not placed within the cages along with the other slave stock. Instead, they are simply treated as exotic animals, and sold as such to interested patrons through one of two methods. Creatures who cause no trouble, are harmless, and generally well mannered are permitted to wander the isle under supervision and interact with the public. Usually with a collar, or some form of identification to show that they can be purchased. Creatures that are violent, unpredictable, untamed, and generally unable to be trusted around the public are kept caged within the under hall until sold, or put into the arena as a gladiatorial beast.

What are the NPC guards like?

Most often equine, with the occasional accepted Minotaur these guardians of the isle are not as lazy, dim-witted, or brutish as some expect. They are in fact quite the opposite. Selected often from Ex-cons, mercenaries, bodyguards, and military soldiers they are skilled combatants, street wise, cunning, perceptive, and most of all unquestionably loyal to the establishment. They are vigilant, they do not allow things to pass by them unnoticed, and will not hesitate to step in and see a matter dealt with when situation calls for it. Nor will they abuse and damage a slave because they feel like it or without reason. They are not couriers, they are not errand boys, and they do not put up with your shit. That's what the house slaves and servants are for.

What is a broken Slave?

A broken slave accepts their position in life. They are a slave and they only exist to serve and please others. They are obedient and will respond accordingly to orders.

A note on unbreakable slaves:

They simply can't exist! A person who claims their character is unbreakable either wants someone to try very hard to break them or simply enjoys role playing the struggle that happens when trying to break a slave and never wants their character to actually submit. It's like a dare to potential slavers. These slaves are simply unbelievable and unrealistic. Some slaves can be very, very difficult to break, however all slaves can be broken, but a broken slave can prove to be useless. And in my personal opinion, some of these hard to break slave probably make better hired servants than they do actual slaves. (Taken directly from

Can slaves buy or rent other slaves?

No. A slave is a slave and is property, property cannot buy or rent other property. A slave will be rejected purchase of another slave. (And likely laughed at for trying to.)

Can owned slaves roam TGT freely?

Yes, but under some conditions. It is best that they are always under their Owner's watch (ICly) but seeing as this is isn't always possible, they are fine to be on their own. However, if TGT staff believes they are causing problems they will be put back into a cage, likely bound, until their Owner's return.

Are slaves allowed to make sexy time together (on their own time)?

No. If a slave hasn't been rented out or granted a day/hourly pass (day/hourly passes are only for well behaved slaves, which are typically harem slaves), they will have very little privacy to do so. And if they are caught making the nasty they'd be punished. No one wants to deal with a prego slave, possible abortions or sending a slave off the island - it'd be a loss of income. However, it's not impossible, just highly unlikely and they'd probably get caught instantly. However, the chance that they somehow manage to get nookie in the Underhall.. maybe! They'd have ICly have other slaves around them watching. HOWEVER, sexual roleplays are only allowed in the private rooms and stage, but nothing is stopping you from using a private room in replace of the Underhall for continuity sake.

What about public displays of affection?

This not allowed, at all. Slaves may not cuddle, spoon, or kiss. A slave holding hands isn't so much an issue, but cuddling between slaves in the pens is not allowed.

Can slaves use the seating in the atrium / main hall (*ic)?

The seats in the atrium are for patrons only. Slaves are not permitted to use them, except if invited to or permitted by a patron, and only when that patron is present in the main hall. In case of issues arising, staff has the right to revoke this permission.

I got asked to move! / The cages are full! / What if all the spots along the bars of the cage are taken?

You were probably asked to move because you were sitting in the center of the cage. All slave characters are asked to stay clear of the middle seats and line the walls in the cages. If there are not enough spots move to another cage. There is enough room. If the two regular sized cages are full ICly slaves that are the best behaving, but not normally allowed in the harem pen would be temporarily moved there.
Do not lay in the middle. This blocks traffic and doesn't give potential renters or buyers to be able to RP with your slave character. Staff will ask you to move.

My slave is owned now, but I still want to be for rent in the pens!

This is fine, but a slave using the Tether's pens to make money for their masters must still follow the Tether's rules. The Tether will also be handling any rentals of the slave, though the owner can request that the slave not be rented out to certain types of people or certain people. The Tether takes a cut of the rental (20%) to help pay for food, protection, and possible training/correction while in their pens.

Can my slave character use magic in the cages?

No, they cannot. The bars of the cages are built with iron and magically treated to nullify most magics inside the cage. Any slaves that are found to have magical abilities are always equiped with shackles or collars that will stop them from using magic. Slaves can't simply 'magic' their way out of the cage or use it for similar situations.

My slave character was removed from the harem pens.

They were likely moved for a good reason. Harem slaves are the best of the best, they don't talk back, they are well behaved, and obedient. TGT decides who gets to go into the harem pen, not the slave characters or the slave characters owners. If a slave misbehaves and is in the harem pen, that privledge may be quickly removed from them. If staff decides IC to remove your character from the cage, that's decided and it's final. Slave characters cannot sneak back into the harem pen either as they'd be kept under lock and key in the regular cages.

I have a few other questions!

Feel free to ask staff. We did have an OOC Slave Discussion on August 25, 2012 that you may answer some of your questions.
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