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In the beginning, there was a group of islands that would become Guildereim when the civilized world found out about them. They were inhabited by savage Minotaur, Naga, and Lizardfolk (Kaio'e) with many reefs and spires around them threatening ships. To this day there is a hoard of treasure hidden beneath the waves. Kate "Red Skull" Morgan and the rest of the crew of The Rose were the first civilized people to step onto the group of islands. There they had a great battle with the Naga, which she stopped the slaughter of the Naga to offer a deal a winner take all fight of her against their best warrior. Kate won and the island inhabitants were indebted to her.

She left, only to return many years later with all her crew dead. She crashed her ship into the reef and moved her gold and treasure of a lifetime of plunder to shore before sinking the ship. The treasure was moved to a mountain cave with a throne set up as agreed by the Naga. She died with her demon pet Scut left behind to protect her body and hoard for decades.

Many decades later, a huge lioness landed on the island in a tropical storm and sought refuge in the cave. Scut attacked the lioness, Skadowee, and was defeated by her, causing him to pledge his loyalty to her. She didn't want to disassemble the hoard, but instead went to the mainland and learned the pleasures of slavery. She met The Mint Mink and together they created The Golden Tether in the cave system of the hollowed out inactive volcano. From the beginning, the Naga were heavily involved with the Tether, but they were fiercely defensive of their lands outside the Tether walls.

As Skadowee's reign came to an end, the Muselings arrived. The otherworldly siblings (Star, Tempest, and others) came to the Tether and went out into the island, meeting with the tribes. Star met with some of the Lizardfolk and allied for their Hua-Hashi festival against the Naga. Since the Lizardfolk were prey, every Spring, they raid the Naga nests and eat the young. With the Tether participating, Lizardfolk numbers soared. Then the Muselings disappear, leaving the Tether in Chaos until a new power came to fill the void – Selene is the new and current owner of the Tether.

The sharks were introduced to the Tether by a slave ship/pirate captain by the name of Sebastian the Grim. The fierce people now know the Tether as a friendly port and many more sharks have come to the Tether with some settling on the surrounding islands.

Most recently, the Antallia Exchange Guild has set up routes between Kasuria to the east of Guildereim and the Olde World to the West. They have bought land at the Tether when it went up for sale and have set up shop for a more permanent residence.

A natural cycle of the island brought magical flares to the surface, attracting thousands of pixies to Guilderem and the Tether to mate in August. The first flare ups resulted in several deaths and nearly a hundred injuries when the golden serpent in the Aquatic cage came to life and wrought havoc in the main hall.
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