Muunokhoi is the current jack of all trades. They are the main patch artist, dragonspeak creator, website coder, maintanence, ect.

Vel is an incredibly generous patron. She donated a World Package for Life to the dream, ensuring that TGT will always have a spot and all the amazing, wonderful extras required to keep the dream going. Thank you for your generosity!

Biers has been an incredible help with both dragonspeak and web coding. They are responsible for a huge number of features on the website. They're also the regular troubleshooting go to friend.

ALCHEMIST has helped greatly by providing graphics to use on the site.

Website content and lore is a combined effort of staff icluding: Muunokhoi, Biers, Jacob Cross, Sabaoth, Laurent, Fanfare, Tijan, Rosca Santigria.

Erimear is responsible for many touchups on improvements on the exclusive localspecies seen in the dream.

The male and female human slave local avatars were commissioned from Alluvial, along with their matching portrait sets.

We extend our thanks to Aaron, who has helped us when we've had issues with dragon and phoenix speak or when we just couldn't get something to work and needed an extra set of eyes.

Extra thanks to all of our staff and volunteers who spent quite a bit of time helping hunt for bugs and look for any errors or mistakes in the making of the new dream. The time you spent running around like mad searching for bugs was a big help to fine tuning the final version of the dream. A final, massive thanks to everyone who comes to TGT. You've helped make The Golden Tether what it is today and without you we wouldn't be here. Thank you for taking part in our events and helping make history with our dream wide plots. Thank you for the constructive feedback you've provided. We couldn't have done it without you.

Legacy TGT

The Golden Tether is the brainchild of Skadowee and The Mint Mink. The Mint Mink, did completely custom patches for TGT in a time when such customization was rarely seen, and their unique style is still unforgettable. Skadowee helped with the designing of the Tether in it's first days, and ushered in the luxurious atmosphere we see in the dream today. Both have since retired.

Siena was formerly the main dreamweaver. They provided many different layouts that constantly reflected player wants, efficiency, and new features.

Chipper Longtail was formerly the website host for, and provided a huge amount of service and maintanence. Crunchward was the original webmaster for the dream, and was responsible for originally getting the website up and running.

Fera Was formerly the head coder for the dream. They are responsible for coding the old fight system, all of the original in dream games and old money purse system.

Hooke has aided in creation and patching NPCs in TGT. They have also worked on new local avatars to add to the wide variety already in place. With Weremagnus they have designed a memorial pillar for those that ICly perished in the End of Days dream wide plot.

Weremagnus was formerly the official patcher and developer for the dream. They had reworked all of The Mint Mink's patches to greatly update the dream. They also had a large hand in the dream weaving and DS for older versions of the dream. The initial fight system was designed and set up by Weremagnus. They created the website, which is still represented in majority today. The majority of the dream's local avatars were created by Weremagnus, or use their work as a base. They also created former skins for the dream.

Alabaster Sea and Simplify have both worked on the portraits and Alabaster Sea has done previous previous art and skins for the Tether.

Althea and Aaron have been huge amounts of help troubleshooting DS and aiding in problem solving.

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