These are not jobs working for the Tether [such as IC or OOC Staff], but simply examples where one might find themselves working. For information about jobs for the Tether, please visit here.


- While being a slave technically isn't a job, it is nonetheless a position about half the population of the island holds for various reasons. Some are indentured servants who will be freed after their debt is repaid, and some are lifetime slaves with little hope of ever obtaining freedom. There is no pay for this position other than food, water, and shelter for a slave. Even those things are not mandatory and are up to the owner's discretion. The Golden Tether tries to present slaves at their best because they will sell at a higher price. Generally, slaves will not be placed into the pen smelling bad/unbathed, or obviously bleeding because it's hard to sell unattractive merchandise. More information about slaves is found here.


- These are those people who take a slave for whatever reason. They are the reason the Tether even exists. A slaver is responsible for any slaves they own. There is no standard pay for this position unless you work for someone as a slave trainer or breaker. Full time slavers make money by buying untrained slaves at a bargain, training the slave and cleaning them up, and then selling the slave for a profit. An untrained slave can sell for between 50 and 100 gold depending on the slave. A pleasing, well trained slave can sell for over 300 gold, netting a profit of at least 200 gold. One just has to be willing to put the time and effort into it. The majority of slavers on the island have other means to support themselves and only want slaves for personal reasons.


- Slaves in this position are unpaid unless owned, then the owners receive any proceeds. Gladiators are usually only paid when they fight. If it is a Tether run event, the gladiators receive a portion of the profits (between 5 and 10%) likely no more than 50-100 gold per fight. Gladiators actually employed by the Tether generally get a slightly higher portion of the profits than freelance gladiators. If participating in a tournament where a cash prize is offered, that prize is the gladiator's only payment. Those who lose receive only free medical treatment and no pay.

Medic / Healer

- Slaves in this position receive no compensation unless owned. Many medics are employed by the Tether to care for slaves, gladiators, and patrons who have had a little too much to drink. These medics (if not slaves) receive steady pay and supplies. The Tether is responsible for collecting from patrons for medical care of either themselves or their slaves. Any other medics may use the Tether's infirmary as they wish, but they are responsible if they want to charge patrons for their services.

Guard / Bodyguard

- This is one of the easiest jobs to pick up in Guildereim. Gladiators often turn into bodyguards after they retire. There are many visiting dignitaries and other nobles (and even sometimes prized slaves) that can require protection. Some of them prefer to buy slaves for such endeavors, but it is sometimes hard to find true quality in this manner. Some patrons will prefer to fight their own battles. General pay for a bodyguard ranges between 100 and 200 gold a week, depending on who is being guarded and how dangerous the job is.


- These people work the land of Guildereim and can generally make about 1,000 gold per year per acre of land that they plant with crops. This is not clear profit, but must be used to cover operating expenses (seed, water, etc) and pay for any hands that are not slaves. A farm hand can expect to make 10 to 20 gold a week on top of room and board.


- The oldest of professions has a hard time in Guildereim and especially inside the Tether. They have to compete with literal slave labor. Their survival depends on those who will not rent slaves for whatever reason or convincing a patron that they're simply better than anything available in the pens. Whores can expect to make between 8 and 50 gold a lay depending on their skills and the patrons they're plying.


- The Tether has people from all over coming through their doors and many of Guildereim's inhabitants need tools as their old ones wear out. All in all, there is a demand for all kinds of goods and services, both for the patrons and their slaves. This position holds no steady pay unless you're working for someone. The amount you can make is limited only by how much people want to pay for your goods and how hard you want to work.


- Sailors are the backbone of the Tether's economy. They bring goods, slaves, and food to the island and spend much of their pay on slaves, rooms, and booze while they're docked at the Tether. Depending on cargo and danger, a sailor can expect to make between 10 and 40 gold per week plus room and board. Some pirates operate under a share system so that the crew receives a share of whatever plunder the pirates come across. The pay under this system is highly irregular and you can go from feast to famine in a short amount of time.

Treasure Hunter / Adventurer

- These brave souls have heard stories of the sunken treasures around Guildereim and the riches some of the tribes hold in the form of idols of their gods. This particular job has a high mortality rate and payment is not guaranteed because treasure can prove too difficult to obtain or information can simply prove to be false.


- These metalworkers are always in demand at the Tether to produce shoes for their equine guards, chains and restraints for slaves, repair bars, and create armor or weapons for gladiators. They often work in conjunction with merchants to sell more of their wares. Like the merchants, black smiths set their own prices, but people must be willing to pay them.


- These scholars are often used to transcribe books and other records that need to be kept. Scribes can expect to make between 30 and 100 gold a week, or more depending on the quality of their work.


- Small fishing boats are often seen dotting the waters around Guildereim, bringing their haul in each morning to the Tether's market where the freshest fish can be found. Pay is generally modest and determined by the amount of fish you bring in.


- This is anything from candlestick makers to carpenters or stone/wood workers. As the island has a growing real estate market people are always on the look out for those specialty craftsman that can aid in building homes or putting the finishing touches on mansions or cottages. Those that work in the trades are currently in high demand.

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